Cindy D’lequez Sage – The Moons Lament


Cindy D'lequez Sage - The Moons Lament (The Lovely Bones Soundtrack)
Rare track taken from ''The Lovely Bones'' film directed by Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg, original music by Brian Eno.  'The Moon's Lament,' written and performed by Cindy D'lequez-Sage, Courtesy of Opal Ltd.  Who is Cindy D’lequez Sage?
(via Dangerous Minds)


Weekends - A Defining Love (acoustic)

optimistically twisted rock and roll derived from every corner of psych, art, garage, noise pop, surf, drone....

Weekend is Baltimore-based guitar/drum duo, Brendan Sullivan and Adam Lempel. 'A Defining Love (acoustic)' is taken from Friends Records' free compilation "Friends and Friends of Friends".  Their upcoming album "Strange Cultures," mixed and mastered by Rob Girardi (Beach House, Double Dagger, Celebration) will be out soon via Friends Records, Pre-order LP (500 Limited)/Digital.  LP side A is closed out by a seven minute (vinyl-only) version of 'Raingirls,' a live show standard.

<a href="http://friendsrecords.bandcamp.com/track/raingirls-short">Raingirls (short) by Friends Records</a>

photo by RaRah


Welcome Back Sailors from Italy

Welcome Back Sailors - I'll Be There   (via transparent)

Myspace >>

Blue Giant

Blue Giant was formed by Kevin and Anita Robinson, better known as Portland, Ore. indie-pop darlings Viva Voce with Chris Funk (The Decemberists), Evan Railton (Swords) and Seth Lorinczi (The Golden Bears).  Their self-titled debut full-length "Blue Giant" will be released on July 13th via Vanguard Records.  Produced by Kevin Robinson. 

FREE DOWNLOAD ::  'Blue Sunshine' from the debut album.

Blue Giant Take-Away Show produced by One Shot Seattle for La Blogothèque.
June 2008.  Directed/Edited by S. Viehmann.

Twistable, Turnable Man: A Musical Tribute to the songs of Shel Silverstein

"Twistable, Turnable Man: A Musical Tribute to the songs of Shel Silverstein"

Shel Silverstein, as a writer, poet, and songwriter has influenced generations upon generations of kids (and kids at heart) with his brilliant, witty, and touching turns of
phrase. It is Silverstein's oft-overlooked catalog of classic songs that is the focus of this new all-star tribute. As a songwriter, Silverstein penned indelible songs for artists such as Johnny Cash, Dr. Hook, Loretta Lynn, Bobby Bare, and countless others. On this collection, lovingly produced by Bobby Bare Sr. and Bobby Bare Jr., two distinct generations of artists inspired by Silverstein have lined up to pay tribute. From Kris Kristofferson, Ray Price, and John Prine to Andrew Bird, Billy Bob Thornton's band the Boxmasters, Black Francis, My Morning Jacket, Dr. Dog and more, "Twistable, Turnable Man: A Musical Tribute to the Songs of Shel Silverstein" is an eclectic, endearing valentine to this giant of American song.
Release date: June 8th on Sugar Hill Records.

01. Lullabys, Legends and Lies: My Morning Jacket
02. The Twistable, Turnable Man Returns: Andrew Bird
03. This Guitar Is For Sale: John Prine
04. The Unicorn: Dr. Dog
05. The Winner: Kris Kristofferson
06. Queen Of The Silver Dollar: Sarah Jarosz w/ Black Prairie
07. Daddy What If: Bobby Bare, Jr. w. Isabella Bare
08. The Cover Of The Rolling Stone: Black Francis w/ Joey Santiago
09. Sylvia's Mother: The Boxmasters
10. Me And Jimmy Rodgers: Ray Price
11. A Boy Named Sue: Todd Snider
12. The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan: Lucinda Williams
13. The Living Legend: Bobby Bare, Sr.
14. The Giving Tree: Nanci Griffith
15. 26 Second Song: My Morning Jacket

Shel Silverstein on "The Johnny Cash Show" (1970)

The Actual '73 Giving Tree Movie Spoken By Shel Silverstein


The Ponys “Deathbed plus 4″ EP

The Ponys - Check The Door

'Check The Door' is taken from The Ponys (of Chicago) “Deathbed plus 4″ EP (digital available now/12" available on May 25th via Matador Records) which is the first new release since 2007's "Turn The Lights Out."  Now The Ponys Consist of Jered Gummere (singer/guitar), Melissa Elias (bass), Nathan Jerde (drums), Brian Case (guitar).

photograph by Colin Smith

Rangers Suburban Tours

Rangers – Glen Carin  (via)

Rangers is former Texas resident, now San Francisco-based Joe Knight's "elevator psyche" project.  'Glen Carin' is taken from the first full-length LP "Suburban Tours," out now on Olde English Spelling Bee, available at oesbee-shoppe.  RIYL: Julian Lynch, Ducktails ...

Rangers 'Out Past Curfew' from the LP "Suburban Tours"


Moondog + British jazz + Joe Meek

Think about it; Moondog, British jazz and Joe Meek all at the same time

"Moondog and Suncat Suites"  kenny graham and his satellites
TRUNK RECORDS:  Release date: 26 Apr 2010

Ad Balloons

"The Sky of Tokyo" (1931)  Shintaro Suzuki 
「東京の空(数寄屋橋附近)」 鈴木信太郎 (昭和6年 そごう美術館所蔵)

"Morning (Advertising Balloon)" (1932)  Yoshio Fujimaki
「朝(アドバルーン)」 藤牧義夫 (昭和7年 東京国立近代美術館所蔵)

それとオダサクの「アド・バルーン」  .....。

Twin Sister - All Around and Away We Go (video)

Twin Sister - All Around and Away We Go
April 23rd, 2010 at 279 Frost Ave Rooftop, Brooklyn
a film by ian perlman / SmartMonkeyFilms.com

MORE : part one: "I Want A House" / part three: "Something About Us (Daft Punk)"
/ part four: "End Jam"

'All Around and Away We Go' from Twin Sister's upcoming release "Color Your Life" (LP/CD Pre-order available on Infinite Best)

DOWNLOAD :: Twin Sister: April 28, 2010 Mercury Lounge, via nyctaper

Cinema Red & Blue

Cinema Red & Blue .... Comet Gain + Ladybug Transistor + Crystal Stilts

Cinema Red and Blue - Same MIstakes (Vic Goddard & The Subway Sect cover)

Cinema Red & Blue is an offshoot of UK indie cult heroes The Comet Gain (of London), featuring The Comet Gains' front man David Feck and Anne Laure, Crystal Stilts' Andy Adler and Kyle Forester (also known as The Ladybug Transistor), Gary Olson (The Ladybug Transistor), former The Comet Gain/now Soft City, Philip J Sutton, via myspace information.  Now they have finished recording an album recorded at Gary Olson's Marlborough Studios in Brooklyn.  This project is due for a sometime in late spring release.

Flac and MP3 Downloads @nyctaper : Crystal Stilts,  March 27/2010 Maxwell's


Youngbloods - Ride The Wind

'Ride The Wind' is the title track of the Youngbloods' live album (Warner Bros. Records, Raccoon/1971).  Jerry Corbitt-penned 'Grizzly Bear' was included in their eponymous self-titled (later retitled "Get Together") debut album (RCA Victor/1967), now available on Sundazed with the other Youngbloods' reissues as CD, LP, 7" format.

Youngbloods - Ride The Wind (1970)
feat. Jesse Colin Young, Banana, Joe Bauer

Youngbloods - Grizzly Bear (air date: 1/14/1967)
feat. Jesse Colin Young, Jerry Corbitt, Banana, Joe Bauer

Thanks to revup67.

Grace Sings Sludge

Grace Sings Sludge - Mirror   (via)

Grace Sings Sludge is Grace Cooper's (of San Franciso's  The Sandwitches) own project.  "Grace Sings Sludge" is limited edition cassette tape containing her nine home recordings, mastered by Ben Tuttle (aka The Sheep Return) on Secret Seven Records (now sold out).

Also The Sandwitches next release, children's EP "Duck Duck Goose" will be out on Secret Seven/Empty Cellar Records.  The Sandwitches are Heidi Alexander, Grace Cooper and  Lance Kramer (formerly members of The Fresh and Onlys, Beat Cops)

Candy Claws "Hidden Lands" update

Band photos by Matthew Sage. Backgrounds and layout by Ryan.

Candy Claws - Sunbeam Show

'Sunbeam Show' is taken from Fort Collins, Colorado-based shimmering dreamy pop outfit, Candy Claws' upcoming second full-length "Hidden Lands," is due to be released on July 20th via Two Syllable Records.  Now the band consists of Kay (singing, samples) and Ryan (singing, sounds) with Marty (guitars), Riley (bass), Jonathan (keyboards), Meghan (keyboards), Mckenzie (percussion), Wesley (drums), via Facebook.

STREAM ::  "In The Dream Of The Sea Life," their first full length.
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Bad Weather California

Bad Weather California - New Religion
Bad Weather California - America
taken from "Young Punks" (States Rights Records/2009)

Bad Weather California - Woody Guthrie's America
via Akron/Family's Woody Project site

Denver, CO-based band Bad Weather California (formerly The Love Letter Band, started as a live vehicle for Chris Adolf's home recordings) consists of Chris Adolf, Adam Baumeister, Joe Sampson and Logan Corcoran.  Their next album will be produced by Akron/Family.


Grubby Little Hands

 Music video produced by Brian Melton / fishingengine.com for Philadelphia-based band Grubby Little Hands. The song is from their debut album, "Imaginary Friends."

Philly's indie outfit Grubby Little Hands are Donnie Felton, Brian Hall, Joseph Primavera.
STREAM ::  Their first full-length album "Imaginary Friends"(2009) in its entirety.

The Farewell Circuit has completed new EP

The Farewell Circuit – I Am A Ghost   (via)

The Farewell Circuit are a four-piece band hailing from Minneapolis/MN, the band consists of Geoff Hartnell, DJ House, & Danny O'Brien, sometimes with George Hadfield, Alex Young, & Dan Lawonn.  'I Am A Ghost' is taken from the upcoming five song EP "The Farewell Circuit," following up to their 2009 full length "The Birdless Sky."
More Information @The Farewell Circuit MySpace

Devolver "Christs Lane"

Devolver - Careful
Devolver - Jaded_Informant

Devolver are a remarkable psych/folk/stoner pop band of Montreal, CA since 1997 and have released five albums and two 7" EPs through Tanssiberian Music co.  Devolver consists of mainly Marc Girouard and Kyra Stefanson.  Their 2010 latest full-length "Christs Lane" (self-released) is available free via here, and here.  Sounds like .... underwater pop.


Pure Ecstasy - Alexandria

Pure Ecstasy - Alexandria   (via p4k
Pure Ecstasy - Dream Over

'Alexandria' is taken from the flip side of Pure Ecstasy's latest 'Voices' limited 7" via Acephale records.

by Elise Oh   pixelhorse.blogspot.com
Pure Ecstasy performing "You're In It Now" at the Tortilla Factory in Bushwick, Brooklyn on 04/17/10. Audio via Matt Johnston.

Also WATCH :: 
Voices” Live at a Tortilla Factory
"Alexandria" Live at the Tortilla Factory

Shaking Through : The Man Suits

The Man Suits - Spirit Oh Spirit

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 – Vol. 1, Number 4 in the Shaking Through 2010 Series features a one time pick-up band of familiar faces called The Man Suits (mems. of MeWithoutYou, BC Camplight, Dr. Dog, Elvis Perkins in Dearland, and featuring Charlie Hall and the Silver Ages). The project is curated and produced by Shaking Through Guest Curator, Scott McMicken (of the band Dr. Dog), who assembled the group to perform one of his songs, “Spirit, Oh Spirit”. Recorded by Jonathan Low and Amy Morrissey, and mixed by Low and McMicken at Miner Street Recordings. Video Produced by Brian McTear and Andy Williams. Directed by Andrew David Watson, and Edited by Bryan Baker. Additional photo and video by Peter English.

For more info, Download 'Spirit Oh Spirit' MP3 @Shaking Through.com

Shaking Through: Recording "Spirit, Oh Spirit"

Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou

Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou - The homeless wonderer
taken from the Album Ethiopiques, vol. 21: Emahoy (Piano Solo) via Buda Musique.

Emahoy Tsege Mariam Gebru, the first classical music composer and solo pianist in Ethiopia. She is an 85 years old nun living in the Ethiopian Orthodox monastery in Jerusalem, Israel.  Emahoy Tsege Mariam Gebru first published her piano compositions in 1973 and used the proceeds from sales of her music to benefit orphaned children in Ethiopia. In keeping with this tradition ETM Foundation gives disadvantaged children access to classical and jazz music genres. Emahoy Tsege Mariam Gebru donated some of her previously published and unpublished music for the use of the ETM Foundation.
VISIT :: Emahoy Tsege Mariam Music Foundation

"Chairs, milk, piano" animation by madelinepoole
'song of abayi' by Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou


Elisa Randazzo - Colors

"Threaded  with  folk and 70s California  rock sounds, "Bruises  and  Butterflies" is a deepand beautiful  singer  songwriter  listen."   (Drag City News)

Elisa Randazzo - Colors
'Colors' is taken from the upcoming Elisa Randazzo's debut solo full-length "Bruises and Butterflies," out on May 18th via Drag City.

Elisa Randazzo is an American musician, songwriter and clothing designer (‘Dusty of California’ and ‘Cameo’) based in California. Her 2010 release "Bruises & Butterflies" was born out of a series of late night writing and recording sessions with guitarist Aaron Robinson.  During a trip to New York in 2007, Randazzo forged a friendship and musical partnership with one of her icons, legendary 1970s British folk singer Bridget St John.  Two songs on this release are a result of their collaboration.

She juggled a range of musical projects, including her own band Fairchild with her then husband Josh Schwartz (ex. Beachwood Sparks, now Painted Hills) and Randazzo Robinson with Aaron Robinson. Her work as a violinist and singer spans releases like UK’s Fierce Panda label and P.I.A.S. While living in Los Angeles, Randazzo met musician-artist Mayo Thompson (of The Red Krayola), she played violin and sang with Red Krayola, joining the band in 1996, and touring the United States, Japan and Austria. She appeared on four Red Krayola LPs (Drag City), including "Sighs Trapped By Liars," which she recorded and co-sang in 2007.

Elisa was born in New York to well-known 1960s famous songwriters, Victoria Pike and Teddy Randazzo (who wrote hit pop songs such as 'Goin’ Out of My Head,' 'It’s Gonna Take a Miracle' and 'Hurt So Bad' and more).  Her Mom was also a prolific songwriter, writing psychedelic classics such as The Third Bardot's, 'I’m Five Years Ahead Of My Time,' (Nuggets collection).

Cyril Jordan, Roy Loney & Sneetches

Cyril Jordan, Roy Loney (of the Flamin' Groovies) & the Sneetches 'Slow Death' Live in 1991

Sneetches - Heloise

"San Francisco's Sneetches, guitarist Matt Carges, singer/guitarist Mike Levy, drummer Daniel Swan and, from Slow on, bassist Alejandro (Alec) Palao are one of the most tasteful, consistently tuneful pop bands on the American scene. Echoes of the Zombies, Left Banke and Easybeats (they've covered songs by all three) abound; simple, uncluttered arrangements let their like-minded originals' substantial charms shine through"    
[Scott McCaughey/John M. Borack] 
(An excerpt from Trouser Press review, read MORE.)

'Heloise' from the Sneetches' third album "Slow" (Alias/1991) containing a cover track of the Left Banke's 'She May Call You Up Tonight.'  They also collaborated with Chris Wilson in 1993 on "Chris Wilson and the Sneetches"  (Marilyn/1993)

Now The Sneetches are now Available on iTunes!


Damien Jurado, Saint Bartlett Trailer #2

The Saint Bartlett Band

Damien Jurado enlisted Seattle-based band Kay Kay and his Weathered Underground (which was created by Kirk Huffman and Kyle O'Quin of Gatsbys American Dream) to join him on tour as The Saint Bartlett Band for his upcoming full length "Saint Bartlett," out on May 25th via Secretly Canadian.

WATCH :: Saint Bartlett band @Flicker    VISIT :: saintbartlett.com

by Secretly Jag plus

Saint Bartlett Trailer #2

And Saint Bartlett's producer/engineer and cinéaste, Richard Swift made a couple of album trailers.

by Secretly Jag plus

Saint Bartlett

Being There

Being There (1979)

Being There is Peter Sellers last movie directed by Hal "Ashbee".

Wilco - Being There (1996)
Wilco named the album Being There after a Peter Sellers film of the same name.

Bound for Glory (1976)

Hal Ashby's movie about the life of Woody Guthrie.

Billy Bragg & Wilco - Mermaid Avenue(1998)
Billy Bragg and Wilco were teaming up to set their own music to Woody Guthrie's unrecorded lyrics.


Pernice Brothers – Jacqueline Susann

Pernice Brothers – Jacqueline Susann
Pernice Brothers – Somerville

'Jacqueline Susann' is taken from Pernice Brothers' upcoming first new album in four years "Goodbye, Killer," out on June 15th via Ashmont Records. 'somerville' is taken from their sixth recording "Live a Little" (2006/Ashmont).

パーニス・ブラザーズ、4年振りのアルバム、ジョー・パーニスにとっては去年出版された初小説『It Feels So Good When I Stop』やそれに絡めたサントラ的な作品を挟んでのパーニス・ブラザースとしての久々の作品。スカッド・マウンテン・ボーイズ以来大好きだったし、変わらない気持ちでこの新しい録音が嬉しいな。ウィルコ(好きだけど)との距離感と違うって、思う。髭ボウボウのリック・メンクと一緒であることも。

Ashmont, Ric Menck, Joe Pernice, James Walbourne, Bob Pernice.  Photo by Mike Ritter


Ducktails - Mirror Image

Ducktails - Mirror Image

Ducktails aka Matt Mondanile (of Real Estate, Alex Bleeker & The Freaks)  'Mirror Image' 7″ is out on May 25th via SHDWPLY Records.

Ducktails - Landrunner
Cut paper collage animation for the Ducktails song "Landrunner" off the LP "landscapes" on Olde English Spelling Bee Records.  Directed by Alice Cohen.


Julian Lynch with Family Portrait, House Jam

Julian Lynch with Family Portrait (via Chocolate Bobka)
Video by Spencer Wells, LIVE April 4, 2010. Madison, Wisconsin.

"It was a family affair in more ways than one last night when Family Portrait stopped into Madison to play a house show with Julian Lynch."

(via p4k)
Julian Lynch - In New Jersey
Julian Lynch - Mare

'In New Jersey' and 'Mare' are taken from the upcoming album "Mare" of Julian Lynch (known for collaborating with his fellow NJ bands, Real Estate, Ducktails, Family Portrait and Alex Bleeker & The Freaks) via Olde English Spelling Bee.

by JulianALynch

'In New Jersey'

Gauntlet Hair – I Was Thinking

Gauntlet Hair – I Was Thinking

'I Was Thinking' is taken from the debut single from Lafayette, Colorado, duo Gauntlet Hair (Andy R. and Craig Nice) as the second release of Forest Family Records.  Their full length album is currently underway.


Clutchy Hopkins - Verbal Headlock

From the new Clutchy Hopkins album "The Story Teller" on Ubiquity Records. This track already awarded among the year's best on Gilles Peterson's Worldwide show on BBC Radio 1. Directed by: Christian Borstlap, he is an amsterdam based art director and sometimes film director, edited by Jorrit Spoelstra.

It’s the most varied Hopkins album to date encompassing lots of vocal textures, and a dash of worldly vibes. Check the Brazilian-psyche-like “No Contact…Contact,” and the mad spooky science of “Miles Chillin,” or the shuffling “Thinkin’ of Eva” which would sound perfectly at home playing in a Parisian café. It’s an album influenced by Hopkins time in jail, where, while in the courtyard, he met many international prisoners waiting to be deported. Lo-fi, acoustic, finger- snapping, hand-clapping, whistle-and-hummed jam sessions gave Hopkins the ideas which he later put to tape. The album booklet will include the entire story, unfiltered. (Ubiquity Records)

Abdel Halim Hafez

Abdel Halim Ali Shabana aka Abdel Halim Hafez (June 21, 1929 – March 30, 1977), was one of the most popular Arab Egyptian singers and actors not only in Egypt but throughout the Middle East from the 1950s – 1970s.

abdel halim hafez - Oulolo

I Am The Dot - Mark Twain

I Am The Dot - Mark Twain   (via Westword)

I Am The Dot  is a solo project of Young Coyotes' Zachary Tipton.  His latest song 'Mark Twain' is taken from the upcoming "Minimal Love" 3 tracks EP, out on May 4th via Brother Bear Records.

I.S.O. – Solaris Bella (feat. I Am The Dot)   (via FMLY)

I Am The Dot @ Bandcamp

"i am the dot" EP (2009) and "rare creatures" EP(2009)


Gray Goods

Gray Goods - Closet Trash   (via Rollo&Grady
taken from "Golden Hour Box Set" (1928 recordings) , Featuring three 7″ singles by the Tijuana Panthers, Air Waves, and Gray Goods. BUY.

Gray Woods  are Brooklyn, NY-based trio, consisting of Ryan Brown, Austin Davila, Trevor McLoughlin (from San Diego, brother of Soft Pack guitarist Matt McGloughlin).  Now Brooklyn's 1928 Recordings have begun taking pre-orders Francis/Give it a Name 7″, Color Divide/Natural Selection 7″, and six-song compilation digital EP named “The Singles EP” self released by Gray Goods at the webstore and insound.

"A King in Milwaukee" Documentary DVD

David Greenberger (a writer and radio commentator best known for his Duplex Planet series of zines, comic books, CDs, spoken word performances and radio plays) transforms interviews with sixty Milwaukee elders into 38 songs, a CD ("Cherry Picking Apple Blossom Time") and an emotionally rich concert performance with the Paul Cebar (known as Paul Ceber and the Milwaukeeans) Stage Ensemble.

"A King In Milwaukee" is a thirty-minute documentary by Nicole Brown and Brad Lichtenstein follows Greenberger through his three-month Milwaukee-based project. Beginning with his conversations at a range of elderly facilities, talking specifically with people who have memory loss – some not even noticeable, others profoundly so; from there it moves to Greenberger's collaboration with Cebar as they worked with members of his band and other Milwaukee and Chicago musicians, creating and arranging the pieces in the studio. The culmination is their triumphant concert at the historic Pabst Theater.

The DVD also includes the one-hour concert film, "Cherry Picking Apple Blossom Time," produced by MPTV (Milwaukee Public Television). The DVD includes additional footage and deleted scenes from the documentary (including one number which isn’t even on the CD).

The DVD is available from UWM’s Center on Age & Community

David Greenberger and Paul Cebar finishing song 'Cookie'
A clip of David, Paul, and Mark Greenberg (of the Coctails) putting the finishing touches on the song "Cookie".

BMX Bandits with Evie Sands - Witchi Tai To (2006)

BMX Bandits with Evie Sands - Witchi Tai To.
Live at the ABC, Glasgow, Scotland 16th July 2006.
The band consists of Duglas TStewart (of course), Gabriel Telerman, Jamie Cameron, Davie Scott,Stuart Kidd, Rachel McKenzie and Jim McCulloch. (geomck)

by sunshinetunes67 (Thanks!) 
'Witchi Tai To' was written by Jim Pepper (1941-1992), he was an American jazz saxophonist, composer, and singer of Native American ancestry.  Here is a description about the song from Wiki,

Of Kaw and Creek heritage, Pepper also achieved notoriety for his compositions combining elements of jazz and Native American music. Don Cherry and Ornette Coleman encouraged Pepper to reflect his roots and heritage and incorporate it into his jazz playing and composition. His 'Witchi Tai To' (derived from a peyote song of the Native American Church which he had learned from his grandfather) is the most famous example of this hybrid style; the song has been covered by many other artists including Harper's Bizarre, Ralph Towner (with and without Oregon), Jan Garbarek, and Brewer & Shipley. Pepper supported the American Indian Movement.


Alex Bleeker - Getting By

Alex Bleeker - Getting By   (via Chocolate Bobka

'Getting By' is taken from the A-side of Alex Bleeker (known from Real Estate and Alex Bleeker and the Freaks), latest 7" single 'These Days' via Group TightenerGet it here.  ('Getting By' b/w 'These Days' 'Never Going Back')

Beach Fossils + Ladislas Starevich

Beach Fossils - Desert Sand
Beach Fossils' "unofficial" video by a fan, but now "officialized" by the label Captured Tracks.  It was made with frames of Ladislas Starevich's 1934 film "Duffy the Mascot."  'Desert Sand' is taken from 'Daydream' b/w 'Desert Sand' 7" (available on Captured Tracks)

Beach Fossils - Youth   (via p4k)
Beach Fossils - Sometimes   (via IGIF)

'Youth' is taken from the upcoming Dustin Payseur's Beach Fossils self-titled debut full-length which is scheduled to release on May 25th via Captured Tracks.
Full tracklist: 01. Sometimes  02. Youth 
03. Vacation  04. Lazy Day  05. Twelve Roses 
06. Daydream  07. Golden Age  08. Window View 
09. The Horse  10. Wide Awake  11. Gathering


Megafaun, "A Take Away Show" Sessions

Megafaun - His Robe

Megafaun appeared La Blogotheque's A Take Away Show in Montreal!
Images by Derrick Belcham / Sound by Nora Bouazzouni / Produced by La Blogothèque
Three sessions was filmed in Montreal with guests, Sharon Van Etten and Elizabeth Powell (of Land of Talk).  Read the story @blogotheque.net

Also WATCH :: Sharon Van Etten performs her song 'Tornado' with Megafaun accompanying her on the last night of a recent tour together.  Live at The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto Monday April 6th, 2010.

Megafaun - Tides

Megafaun - Volunteers

Gold Halo Photograph - Answers

Gold Halo Photograph - Answers
Gold Halo Photograph - Golden Days

Gold Halo Photograph is the latest project from Portland, OR-based Zach Boyle. Having spent years playing guitar for such artists as Graig Markel, Super XX Man and A Weather, Zach is stepping out on his own. Gold Halo Photograph's sound can be described as a blend of Zach's main influences: The Beatles, Elliott Smith and Big Star.  Zach is in the process of putting a band together for live shows and recording.  Photo courtesy of Zach Boyle

Inlets - In Which, I, Robert

Inlets - In Which, I, Robert   (via I Guess I'm Floating

taken from the upcoming Inlets' new album "Inter Arbiter" is due April 20th via Two Syllable.
For a short time, Stream All of "Inter Arbiter"  

WATCH :: Inlets AON Session, 'Canteen'
Inlets - Bright Orange Air (AON Sessions)