Chamaeleon Church

Chamaeleon Church hailing from late 60's Bosstown Sound was formed in 1967 by singer/guitarist Ted Myers (The Lost) and multi-instrumentalist Tony Schueren (the Ultimate Spinach), Kyle Garrahan (bass, The Lost) with Chevy Chase (drums). Their self-titled debut LP was originally released in 1968 on MGM.  Produced by Alan Lorber.

Chevy Chase sings .....  'Here's A Song' Chamaeleon Church (1967) 
by Cantabrigidian   Psychedelic pop band remembered today for featuring 24 year old Chevy Chase on drums and keyboards. Chevy got to sing lead on one cut, and here it is.

Instead Chase played drums for a time with the college band The Leather Canary, headed by school friends Walter Becker and Donald Fagen. At the time, Chase called the group "a bad jazz  band", but Becker and Fagen went on to success after they changed their band's name to Steely Dan. Chase is gifted with absolute pitch.[1]  He played drums and keyboards for a rock  band called Chamaeleon Church, which recorded one album for MGM Records before disbanding in 1969. (Chevy Chase Wiki)

Ted Myersはその後ライノ・レコーズへ。Tony Schuerenはナショナル・ランプーンのスタッフに。だからチェビー・チェイスはサタデー・ナイト・ライヴでブレイクしたのかな。チェビーがカメレオン・チャーチ前に大学でウォルター・ベッカーやドナルド・フェイゲンと組んでたバンドはThe Leather Canary。カメレオン・チャーチに入らなければ、スティーリー・ダンに加わっていたのかも .....。

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