Frank Fairfield - Nine Pound Hammer

Filmed in the pool house where Frank briefly lived in the Spring of 2009.
Shot and directed by Keith Musil.

California-based fiddle, guitar, and banjo player, and ardent 78 collector Frank Fairfield has made his living as a musician, often found playing on the streets of Los Angeles. Handpicked by Fleet Foxes to open their U.S. tour last year, Frank released a 7" on Tompkins Square and recorded his self-titled debut album (2009). His 7" won over tough critics and purists like Grammy winning producer Chris King (Charley Patton, People Take Warning box set), Phil Alexander (Mojo) and Greil Marcus, to name a few. (Tompkins Square Records)

Frank Fairfield - I’ve Always Been a Rambler  (via Passion of the Wise

LISTEN :: Frank Fairfield @Daytrotter Session
Sound engineering by Brett Allen and Nick Luca at New Monkey Studio,
Jan 22, 2010


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