Welcome Back Sailors

Welcome Back Sailors - In My Home

Welcome Back Sailors, a duo from Reggio Emilia in northern Italy, now We Were Never Being Boring collective has just released their free download debut single "I'll Be There."  Visit the Blog and download the single.

Akron/Family share "Home Demos"

Akron/Family are currently working on their new album in Detroit at Chris Koltay’s High Bias Recordings, following up to 2009’s "Set ‘Em Wild, Set ‘Em Free," and  posted three demos on their bandcamp site.  Another digital album "OM" released on the same day June 22nd, is also available here which was recorded during 2007's Love Is Simple tour featuring Ak-Ak, Greg Davis and Megafaun.

<a href="http://akronfamily.bandcamp.com/album/home-demos-2010">Light Emerges (Demo) by Akron/Family</a>

il gato – On Feathers & Arrows

il gato - On Feathers Arrows (on Burnt Pine)

'On Feathers & Arrows (on Burnt Pine)' is taken from il gato's forthcoming second full-length “All these Slippery Things” due out on July 13th.  il gato originally was conceived as a performance art piece by Gainesville, Florida native Daimian Holiday Scott while studying architecture in Vicenza, Italy, now San Francisco based il gato (means The Cat) consists of Daimian Holiday Scott  (vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, loop pedal, melodica, etc.) , Matthew Souther (trumpet, flugelhorn, melodica, piano, vocals, etc.), Johnny Major (drums, vocals, etc.), Andrew Thomas (stand-up bass, electric bass, mandolin, vocals, etc.)

Julian Lynch - In New Jersey

Closing track from Julian Lynch's latest full length "Mare" out now on Olde English Spelling Bee.  Video directed by Stephanie Wuertz.


Van Dyke Parks Live at Primavera Sound

Van Dyke Parks @Live at Primavera Sound, May 29, 2010 via WFMU.

STREAM :: here!

Inlets – Junk

Inlets – Junk (Paul McCartney cover)
Inlets – Bright Orange Air

This cover recording of Paul McCartney's song by Inlets is featured on tour-only vinyl in support of his latest album "Inter Arbiter," with DM Stith & Silje Nes.

Track List: 1. DM Stith - Spirit Ditch (Sparklehorse cover) 2. Inlets - Junk (Paul McCartney cover) 3. Silje Nes - Wide Open b/w 1. Inlets - Spotsylvania 2. DM Stith - Riverbody Chorus 3. DM Stith - Lacuna D

How it's done in Italy

His Clancyness - How It’s Done In Italy
My Bubba & Mi - How It’s Done In Italy

Danish trio My bubba & Mi and Jonathan Clancy aka His Clancyness (from Ottawa now he lives in northern Italy) just released a free digital download of 'How it's done in Italy' for celebrating the one-year anniversary of Italian label We Were Never Being Boring.  'How it's done in Italy' is an unreleased song written by My bubba & Mi when they recorded their debut full length "How it's done in Italy" in Italy, available via Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck (benelux) & We Were Never Being Boring.  His Clancyness' latest full length cassette "Always Mist" is available now via Mirror Universe Tapes.

His Clancyness – Summer Majestic

<a href="http://mybubba.bandcamp.com/album/how-its-done-in-italy">Gone by My Bubba &amp; Mi</a>

blissed out - empire state of MD

Blissed Out on the road of Marfa, Texas.

A Grave With No Name - Crows

A Grave With No Name - Crows
A Grave With No Name - Sofia

'Crows' is a new demo from A Grave With No Name tagged as Grunge / Country / Ambient (duo) and the Influences are The Microphones, Subway.... at their own Myspace site,  'Sofia' is taken from their last year's first full length "Mountain Debris" via No Pain In Pop / Lefse.

Most of what London’s A Grave With No Name do enters the world through ‘The Church’, the bedroom studio of main man Alex Shields. Bassist Tom King and guitarist Anupa Madawela are called in when the time comes to add a more sturdy grunge backbone to whoozy dream-pop that recalls the stoned slackerisms of Animal Collective and Daniel Johnston, voices entwining with processed beats, white noise and lost melodies.  ( Lefse)

A Grave With No Name - The Underpass
taken from "Mountain Debris." Directed by Anupa Madawela.


Jacuzzi Boys - Smells Dead

Official music video for "Smells Dead" by Jacuzzi Boys (of Miami, FL) off their full length "No Seasons" on Floridas Dying records. Directed by John McSwain.

Jacuzzi Boys – Bricks or Coconuts

taken from 'Bricks or Coconuts' 7" single, out now on Mexican Summer.

The Morning Benders "Stitches"

The Morning Benders also recorded “Stitches” on the same day as their first Yours Truly session for “Excuses” at the Different Fur Studios.

The Morning Benders - Nothin' in the World Can Stop Me Worryin' About That Girl (Kinks cover)   (via R&G)

Dawes & The Morning Benders - If You Let Me Be Your Anchor

WATCH :: Another session, Dawes & The Morning Benders - When My Time comes


The Books - A Cold Freezin’ Night

The Books - A Cold Freezin’ Night
The Books - Beautiful People

The both tracks are taken from The Books' forthcoming new full-length "The Way Out" (CD/2xLP) out on July 20th via Temporary Residence, on July 21st via P-Vine (Japan).  The Books was formed in New York City in 1999 by two neighbors, Paul de Jong & Nick Zammuto who collaborated on what they considered pop music.

Sonny & the Sunsets - Death Cream (video)

Sonny & the Sunsets - Death Cream (video)
Animated by Ben Montero. Edited by Rosie Adams.  'Death Cream' is featured on "Tomorrow is Alright" LP and also on "Love & Death" single, available via Soft Abuse.

Brad Laner "Natural Selections"

Echoing the history of voices that’ve run counter to the gospel of the music industrial complex (The Beatles, Brian Eno, XTC, etc.), Brad Laner makes records to be experienced as just that: records.

Hometapes has announced that Brad Laner's second full length "Natural Selections" is due out on August 24th, following up to his previous first solo album "Neighbor Singing" (Hometapes/2007) co-produced by Thom Monahan (Vetiver).

Steaming Coils. Savage Republic. Medicine. Electric Company. Amnesia. Lusk. The Internal Tulips. The house that Brad Laner built spans twenty-five years and as many LPs, paving the way for shoegaze in North America and sewing the seeds of electronica in the median of that same dusty highway. 

Brad Laner - Crawl Back In
From the forthcoming album "Natural Selections," editing, animation and photography by Josh Laner.

Lord Huron

Lord Huron just discovered from Los Angeles, their debut digital EP "Into The Sun" is available at Bandcamp site.

<a href="http://lordhuron.bandcamp.com/album/into-the-sun-single">Into The Sun by Lord Huron</a>

Woodsman - Insects

Chocolate Bobka Presents... Woodsman - Insects
June 18th, 2010, Monster Island Basement, Brooklyn
a film by ian perlman (SmartMonkeyFilms.com) / audio by c. axel

Woodsman - When the Morning Comes
Woodsman - I Can't Move

'When Morning Comes' is taken from Woodsman's "Mystery Tape EP" available via Lefse.  'I Can't Move' is a new demo. Woodsman consists of Dylan Shumaker, Mark Demolar, Trevor Peterson and Eston Lathrop.

Woodsman is an experimental ambient post-psychedelic band based in Denver, CO. The quartet contains two totemic percussionists and two sonic animators who employ electric guitars, feedback loops, and recorded samples to build the dreamy astral soundscapes that define Woodsman’s sound. Influenced by hazy mountain passes, the cinema of Stan Brakhage, and early 1970’s improvisational recordings by Miles Davis Woodsman has crafted aural offerings that are uniquely their own.

Woodsman - Sunglass
directed by Trevor Peterson, shot by Trevor Peterson, Mark Demolar, Chris Sander


Classic Modernist Animation "Flebus"

Classic Modernist animated short, "Flebus"(1957), directed and scored by Ernest Pintoff for Gene Deitch's Terrytoons studio.

Eugene Merril Deitch


Mel Brooks' "The Critic" (A Pintoff-Crossbow Productions /1963)
Created and Narrated by Mel Brooks.  Directed and Produced by Ernest Pintoff.   Design and Animation: Bob Heath.  A better version on brettratner.com

"L’Aventure" A Los Angeles Music Sampler – 2010

The Henry Clay People – Glory (Television cover)
Foreign Born - Days (Television cover)

Both tracks are taken from the Aquarium Drunkard blog’s annual digital cover compilation "L’Aventure" of Television's 1978 album, following up to last year's "RAM On L.A." compilation.

Track List
01. Glory - The Henry Clay People
02. Days - Foreign Born
03. Foxhole - The Happy Hollows
04. Careful - Local Natives
05. Carried Away - The Deadly Syndrome
06. The Fire - Imaad Wasif (featuring Lykke Li)
07. Ain't That Nothin' - Dirt Dress
08. The Dream's Dream - Growlers


The Romany Rye – All The Boys

The Romany Rye - All the Boys

'All The Boys' is taken from former Colour guitarist, LA based singer/songwriter Luke MacMaster’s latest band The Roman Rye's 8-song debut "Highway 1, Look Back Carefully."  It was produced and recorded by himself and Kelly Winwrich (of Delta Spirit) and their friends, Taylor Goldsmith (of Dawes), David Quon (of We Barbarians) and Blake Mills joined in the studio.  Now The Romany Rye consists of Judson Spillyards, Joshua Spillyards, Ryan Hitt (from Chris Denny and The Natives) and Luke. The Band's on summer tour with Delta Spirit.

LISTEN :: Daytrotter session, Apr 13, 2010


Stuart Moxham "Personal Best"

Stuart Moxham - Autumn Song

'Autumn Song' is taken from formerly known for the Young Marble Giants, Stuart Moxham's new release "Personal Best" out on June 22nd via his own hABIT label.  It covers his post-Young Marble Giants output over the last thirty years.  Next full album "Six Winter Mornings" will be due out this Autumn as the second release of hABIT.

Gil Scott-Heron sings Bill Callahan


The latest video for the title track from Gil Scott-Heron's long awaited new album "I'm New Here" (XL Recordings).  The song was written by Bill Callahan for his "A River Ain’t Too Much To Love" album under the name of Smog (Drag City/2005).  Directed by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard.  Accompanied by a guitarist, Pat Sullivan of Oakley Hall.


Gil Scott Heron - Johannesberg

Eels - Looking Up

Eels - Looking Up

Eels' forthcoming new full length "Tomorrow Morning" is set for release on August 24th via E. Works Records.  Free Download :: 'Looking Up' from the album @the official site.


The Venopian Solitude

The Venopian Solitude - God Loves Me

The Venopian Solitude is a bored antifolker, Suiko-Sama (aka Suiko Takahara), a mysterious girl of Malaysian/Japanese?  Watch her video, here. Bandcamp, here.

<a href="http://thevenopiansolitude.bandcamp.com/album/sangfroid">The Groupie Song by The Venopian Solitude</a>

The Feelies on World Cafe (NPR)

STREAM :: The Feelies on World Cafe, May 27th, 2010 (NPR)
Set List: Crazy Rhythm / Higher Ground / Let's Go
Re-Issues ("Crazy Rhythms" and "The Good Earth") are available on Bar/None Records.


2009 ATP Surveillance Sessions, The Feelies - Egyptian Reggae (Modern Lovers cover, the Feelies first version was released in 1988).  Filmed at last year's ATP NY.

'Rejoice in the Sun' from "Silent Running"

The final scene and credits from the movie "Silent Running".  Song 'Rejoice in the Sun,' written by Peter Schickele and Diane Lampert, performed by Joan Baez.  "Silent Running" is a 1972 cult Sci-Fi film, directed by Douglas Trumbull, Starring Bruce Dern and three service robots named as Huey, Dewey and Louie.  

Romantic States

Romantic States - One Way Is Right

Romantic States is a latest project of Jim Triplett (Tater Junction, a showroom and also distributor of art/music, run by himself and Ilenia Madelaire) from Baltimore.  Romantic States' first Cassette tape is due out on July 12th (50 copies) via Tater Junction.

Slow Animal - Sitting Here

Slow Animal - Sitting Here

'Sitting Here' is taken from self-titled EP of New Jersey's Slow Animal (Alexander and Daniel) at Bandcamp


Twin Sister, Big Ugly Yellow Couch sessions

Twin Sister performing 'Eastern Green' (unreleased song) for Big Ugly Yellow Couch.
For more with Twin Sister and another couch session 'Lady Daydream', visit BigUglyYellowCouch.com

Twin Sister - Eastern Green


Real Estate @ Primavera Sound 2010 - Barcelona

Real Estate @ Primavera Sound 2010 - Barcelona
ふと、常磐ハワイアンセンター(現・スパリゾートハワイアンズ)で観られたら .... と妄想。

Julian Lynch - ears

Julian Lynch - ears

'ears' is taken from the forthcoming Julian Lynch's LP "Mare," due out June 28th via Olde English Spelling Bee.  Pre order here and OESB.

<a href="http://julianlynch.bandcamp.com/album/mare">Just Enough by Julian Lynch</a>

Hallelujah the Hills

Photo © Evan Sicuranza

Hallelujah the Hills - Introductory Saints (new song)
Hallelujah the Hills - Blank Passports

The Boston-based 6 piece band, Hallelujah the Hills has released a couple of new free songs to prepare for their ongoing summer slot opening for Titus Andronicus,  expanding into an eight-piece, complete with cello, keyboards, and horn players borrowed from Hallelujah the Hills for the tour.  'Introductory Saints' is one of the new songs.  'Blank Passports' is taken from Jah Hill's latest 2009 full length "Colonial Drones" on Misra.

Have a listen another new song 'That Ticking Sound You Hear' via Pop Headwound Blog.

BTW .....

Adolfas Mekas, Hallelujah the Hills, 1963 (excerpt)
アドルファス・メカス 『ハレルヤ・ザ・ヒルズ』
A film by Adolfas Mekas with Peter H. Beard, Marty Greenbaum, Sheila Finn, Peggy Steffans, Jerome Hill, Taylor Mead.  Camera: Ed Emshwiller.  Assistant: Jonas Mekas. Editing: Adolfas Mekas.  Music: Meyer Kupferman.
Available through re-voir.com

Vehicle Blues - Changer

Vehicle Blues - Changer
Vehicle Blues - Punks On Transit

Vehicle Blues hailing from Chicago is Gabe Holcombe's project.  'Changer' is the title track for Vehicle Blues' debut 4-song EP via Bridgetown Records, 'Punks On Transit' is taken from his previous CD-r.

Small Sur - Weeds

Small Sur - Weeds
Small Sur - Elder Days (Live)

'Weeds' is taken from Small Sur's (from Baltimore) forthcoming new EP "Bare Black" on July 12th via Aural States Recordings, the label division of Baltimore-based music blog Aural States.  Recorded with several guests including Susan Alcorn, Geoff Graham (of Lower Dens/Jana Hunter), Natasha Tylea-Cooke, and Kate Barutha (of Soft Cat).  Engineered by Chris Freeland @ Beat Babies Recording Studio and mixed by Adam Cooke, whose collective credits include Beach House, Lower Dens/Jana Hunter, Wye Oak ....  'Elder Days' is taken from the Livewire: Small Sur @ the Windup Space (2010.03.01).  Small Sur is the primary musical alias of Baltimore-based songwriter Bob Keal and current collaborators Austin Stahl and Andy Abelow.

This three-song EP transports the listener into a world occupied by lush drones, heartbreaking melodies, subtle hooks, and carefully crafted, minimalist arrangements. A classic foundation (guitar, bass, piano, and percussion) provides the music’s heartbeat, with sometimes unexpected swells of exquisite texture from banjo, pedal steel, alto saxophone, and cello. Delivered with the fragile sincerity of Nick Drake or Will Oldham, Keal’s tender, haunting vocals remain the centerpiece throughout—his lyrics as steadfast as ever in their evocation of Steinbeck’s realism, Whitman’s over-joyous transcendentalism, and Little Wings’ guru Kyle Field’s child-like wonder.


Sleep ∞ Over - Your World Is Night

Sleep ∞ Over - Your World Is Night (video)

SLEEP ∞ OVER - Outer Limits

'Outer Limits' 7" single by SLEEP ∞ OVER (from Austin, TX) is due out soon on Forest Family Records.

Mathew Sawyer & The Ghosts "How Snakes Eat"

Mathew Sawyer & the Ghosts – Mynah Bird’s Call
Mathew Sawyer & the Ghosts – Penny Fall

Mathew Sawyer, the man behind London-based band The Ghosts is also known as a respected visual artist and one-time drummer for the Television Personalities.
'Mynah Bird’s Call' is taken from Mathew Sawyer & the Ghosts' latest release "How Snakes Eat," the debut full length for Fire Records.  'Penny Fall' is taken from previous album "Blue Birds Blood" on Catbird Records (2007).  Myspace >>

Archway 2009 (photo by Justin Lambert)

The Invisible Hand - Top Of The Pops

The Invisible Hand - Top of the Pops

'Top of the Pops' is taken from The Invisible Hand's "Sinister Hand" Cassette/Digital, out now on Funny /Not Funny Records. The band from Charlottesville VA started by Adam Smith who writes and records songs under the name, the Invisible Hand, now consists of Smith and Thomas Dean, Jon Bray, Adam Brock.  The Hand's band page at Funny / Not Funny is here and also at Record Theory is here.


Jacob Faurholt & Sweetie Pie Wilbur "Saint Wilbur" EP

Jacob Faurholt & Sweetie Pie Wilbur - We like snow
Video by Trine Omø / From the album "Queen of Hope." Released on Quartermain Records, March 2005.

Jacob Faurholt & Sweetie Pie Wilbur of Denmark was disbanded in 2006.  Now Berlin based Jacob Faurholt started his new project Why Write? and released debut EP via the Canadian based label What A Mess! Records late 2009.  Mixed & mastered by KRAMER (Daniel Johnston, Galaxie 500, Low).  "Saint Wilbur" is Jacob Faurholt & Sweetie Pie Wilbur's retrospective free digital EP out now on his bandcamp site.

<a href="http://jacobfaurholt.bandcamp.com/album/saint-wilbur">As The Ship Came In (Drum Version) by Jacob Faurholt</a>

Thanks to heroes of indie music blog.

Trips and Falls

Trips and Falls is described as "gentle and spooky guitar pop, alternately sadly sweet and disturbingly arrhythmic" ......

Trips and Falls – How Do You Do
Trips and Falls – And in Real Life He Wears Corduroy Pants

Trips and Falls from Montreal consists of Jacob Romero (guitar, voice, various instruments), Ian Langohr (drums, percussion), Amanda Caron (vocals, shakers), Ashleigh Delaye (bass, keyboards).  The band has released their first full length "He Was Such a Quiet Boy" on Song, by Toad Records

Video for the song "And In Real Life He Wears Corduroy Pants" by Trips and Falls

Banjo or Freakout covers R. Stevie Moore

Banjo or Freakout - I've Begun to Fall in Love (RSM cover)  (via)

Alessio Natalizia a.k.a. Banjo or Freakout of London covered R.Stevie Moore's song via his Blog.  BOF's Japan limited debut album "Upside Down" compiled previous EPs with bonus tracks, available on RALLYE label.

Also ... here >> Project: R. Stevie Moore Tribute Album

Sick Of The Radio has teamed up with R. Stevie Moore to release a tribute album. We are calling all musicians to record your favorite R. Stevie Moore song and submit it our way. From there, Mr. R. Stevie Moore himself, will pick his favorite songs to add to the compilation.  The Album will be available for free download exclusively from Sick Of The Radio. If you don’t already Know of R. Stevie Moore here’s a bit of info on him:  He has been making  home made rock ‘n’ roll music since 1966,  has released over 400 albums, and is considered by some to be the father of DIY ‘bedroom’ music.


Peter Case "WIG!"

Digital Press KitsQuantcast

Peter Case's new full length "WIG!" is due out on June 29th via Yep Roc, pre-order is available now, here.

In early 2009, like thousands of artists, 3-time Grammy nominee Peter Case found himself ill and without insurance. Following sudden open-heart surgery, Case walked out of the hospital with two things: a renewed vigor for life and music, and a six-figure medical bill he couldn't pay. Case's fans and peers like T-Bone Burnett, Richard Thompson, Joe Henry and Loudon Wainwright III immediately rallied to organize a benefit concert to help with his obligations. Recovered physically and emboldened by the generosity of his fans and friends, Peter recorded the raucous and dirty electric blues rock of Wig! in only three days. "It felt really good to rock again," says Case. The album features X drummer DJ Bonebrake and Ron Franklin (Gasoline Silver). With heart pumping and blood flowing, Wig! sees Case reinvigorate the rock n' roll roots he laid down in his seminal bands The Nerves and The Plimsouls.  (Yep Roc)

Weed Diamond - Carry On

A non-video video for Weed Diamond's 'Carry On'

<a href="http://weeddiamond.bandcamp.com/track/houndstooth">Houndstooth by Weed Diamond</a>

The Baseball Project

The Baseball Project - All Future and No Past

'All Future and No Past' is taken from "Broadside Ballads" EP by The Baseball Project known as the bi-coastal indie-rock supergroup by Scott McCaughey (The Minus 5, R.E.M., Young Fresh Fellows) and Steve Wynn (The Dream Syndicate, Gutterball, Danny & Dusty, Miracle 3) with Linda Pitmon (Miracle 3, Golden Smog) and R.E.M.'s Peter Buck.  "Broadside Ballads" was released as free download singles for the 2010 season in partnership with ESPN.com's "The Life."  Their 2008 debut album "Volume 1: Frozen Ropes and Dying Quails" has been available and Volume Two album will be out early in 2011 on Yep Roc.

FREE DOWNLOAD @ The Baseball Project bandcamp.

Feather and Folly

Feather and Folly - Cold Spring  (via)

girls singing harmonies with guitar, ukulele, dulcimer, glockenspiel, tambourine, moroccas, washboard, and everything else your heart might desire.

Now Brooklyn-based Feather and Folly are Holly Overton, Júlía Hermannsdóttir and Toby Liebowitz.

In the Park with Feather and Folly - Dapper Dan

Filmed by Sean Pecknold (Grandchildren)  Edited Brian Chillemi.
Lyrics by Toby Liebowitz.  Performed by Feather and Folly, April 2009 in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.  Julia Hermannsdottir, Toby Liebowitz, Holly Overton.


The Shins plays the Squeeze

Levi's® Pioneer Sessions: The Shins

The Shins covered a song of the Squeeze for the Levi’s Pioneer Sessions. It was recorded by James Mercer & Dave Hernandez of original member of the Shins with new members included Joe Plummer (Modest Mouse).  'Goodbye Girl' was originally appeared from the Squeeze second album "Cool for Cats" (1979), released as its first single for the album.

The Shins - Goodbye Girl

Active Child - When Your Love is Safe

TUNNELVISION: Active Child (Pat Grossi) 'When Your Love Is Safe'

Filmed at Different Fur Studios. The song 'When Your Love Is Safe' is from Active Child's latest EP "Curtis Lane," out now on Filter U.S. (U.S.) / Merok (UK).

WATCH more :: 'Wilderness' and 'I”m in Your Church At Night' sessions.
via yourstru.ly/ pitchfork.com/tv/

Jiminy Cricket, Ukulele Ike (Cliff Edwards)

Jiminy Cricket- I'm a Bear In a Lady's Boudoir
Song by Cliff 'Ukulele Ike' Edwards (who was the voice actor for Jiminy Cricket), from Disney's animated film "Pinocchio"(1940)

S. Carey - In The Dirt

S. Carey - In The Dirt

'In The Dirt' is taken from S. Carey's solo debut full length "All We Grow," out on August 24th via Jagjaguwar.  Sean Carey has been known as one of the brilliant percussionists for Bon Iver.  Engineered by Jaime Hansen and Brian Joseph, intermittently at home and at April Base (Justin Vernon’s studio outside of Eau Claire).

All We Grow is a convergence of Carey’s Waltz For Debby-era Bill Evans inflected jazz tendencies, and traditional rock band experience, taking leads from Mark Hollis’ Talk Talk.