Anna Calvi - Fire

Stream the B-side for the second single from Anna Calvi's "One Breath" album, out now via Domino. 'Fire' is written by Bruce Springsteen in 1977.


Robert Gordon & Link Wray - Fire

Ruttmann Opus IV

Tri-Ergon optical sound recording 1922
Photography | © Walter Ruttmann (via)

"Everything audible in the world becomes material."
---Walter Ruttman - Weekend

Walter Ruttmann - Lichtspiel: Opus IV (1925)

"Berlin: Symphony of a Great City" (1927)
Walter Ruttmann: 伯林 - 大都会交響楽


Hello! Mr.Namida!


涙ちゃん ( a go go ! Ver.) PV 



tanaka movie#2 予告編
『 タナカ映像作品集 - tanaka movie works vol.1 - 』より。


Stream "The Many Moods Of Ben Vaughn Christmas Party" on PRX, HERE.


Trails and Ways - Taj Mahal (Jorge Ben Cover)

"so much love/respect to jorge. j's original is a retelling of the classic indian love story that built the Taj Mahal, and we do a retelling of the retelling, rewriting the verses to english ones about the 16th c. queer love story of Sufi poet Shah Hussain and Madho Lal"

Trails and Ways:
Hannah Van Loon - lead guitar, keyboard
Emma Oppen - bass
Keith Brower Brown - rhythm guitar, synthesizer
Ian Quirk - drums, production

š! #15 'Cats'

š! #15 'Cats', November 2013
of the Baltic Comics Anthology
Cover: Edgars Folks (Latvia)

Purchase, HERE.

kuš! is an alternative comics anthology based in Riga publishing short grpahic stories byinternational contributors.

John Broadley


Privilege vs Bronco Bullfrog

Privilege (1967) Trailer
Directed by Peter Watkins,
starring Paul Jones (Manfred Mann), Jean Shrimpton, Mark London, Jeremy Child

Bronco Bullfrog (1969) Trailer
Directed by Barney Platts-Mills,
starring Del Walker, Anne Gooding, Sam Shepherd, Roy Haywood

The Voice Project: Cate Le Bon » White Fence

The Voice Project
Cate Le Bon » White Fence "Chairs in the Dark,"
the song was originally appeared on the latest White Fence's album "Cyclops Reap." (Castle Face, 2013)

when the sacred ginmill closes

"And so we’ve had another night
of poetry and poses,
and each man knows he’ll be alone
when the sacred ginmill closes"

Lawrence Block named his book "When The Sacred Ginmill Closes"(ローレンス・ブロック『聖なる酒場の挽歌』1986)after the song 'Last Call' from Dave Van Ronk's 1973 album "Songs for Ageing Children."

Inside Llewyn Davis - Official Traile


Asuna - After Years

Stream the track 'After Years' taken from "Butterflies" 7" released on January 15th 2014 via Sweet Dreams Press, Tokyo.

"asunaの新作7"『butterflies』(10曲収録)の予約受付もはじまりました。1枚1枚にそれぞれ違うパズルの1ピースと古写真等、アスナくんのヨーロッパ土産付き" との由。スウィート・ドリームス・プレスからのお年玉デス。

"Familyre's Messiah - Part 1" vs "The American Song-Poem Christmas"

Artwork by Ida Olivia Smith

"A Familyre Christmas Vol. 6 "Familyre's Messiah - Part 1", is  based on one of the most beautiful and enduring pieces of music in history: George Frederick Handel's 'The Messiah'." --Sounds Familyre

Familyre's Messiah and the Familyre Christmas Vol. 1-5 will be donated to The Red Cross for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan.

Artwork by Ida Olivia Smith / Mastering by Daniel C. Smith
released 17 December 2013
available via Sounds Familyre Bandcamp

also another Holiday collection from Bar/None Records, stream their compilation "The American Song-Poem Christmas: Daddy, Is Santa Really Six Foot Four?" via The American Song-Poem Music Archives.


Relatives - Maria

released 17 July 2013, taken from "The Signs That Mock Me As I Go" EP. 
all songs written by ian davis and katie vogel, produced by mason jar music

Trio Mokili - Nyarai (demo, Thomas Mapfumo)

Stream a couple of demo tracks, 'Nyarai' (Thomas Mapfumo) and 'Yekermo Sew' (Mulatu Astatke) by Trio Mokili from Chicago, the trio comprises of Nathaniel Braddock (guitar), Makaya McCraven (drums) and Junius Paul (bass).


rest in peace, Roger Tillison


Roger Tillison - Get Up Jake

i miss him so much .....


Wombling Merry Christmas

from Snow Covered, released 02 November 2011

The Very Most are an indie pop band led by Jeremy Jensen and founded in 2002 in Boise, Idaho. Influenced by Camera Obscura, The Beach Boys, and the poppier side of Built to Spill, they were, until a year ago, the only indie-pop band in this Mountain West town of around 200,000 people.

The Wombles - Wombling Merry Christmas
The song was originally released by The Wombles in November 1974 on CBS 2842 7". Produced and arranged by Mike Batt, feat. Chris Spedding on guitar.


Works of Calder, filmed by Herbert Matter

Works of Calder, filmed by Herbert Matter (via)
Works of Calder (1950). Directed and cinematography by Herbert Matter; produced and narrated by Burgess Meredith; music by John Cage. Sponsored by New World Films and Motion Picture Stages. Burgess Meredith and Museum of Modern Art, New York. [20 min., 16mm, color, sound (English)]

The Calder Foundation, HERE.   Herbert Matter Org., HERE.

EELS covers Leon Russell

EELS » Leon Russell "A Song For You"


EELS - Peach Blossom
taken from his latest full-length "Wonderful, Glorious."


Cool Ghouls - Grace

Cool Ghouls - Grace,
with a full horn section, the song is taken from their self-titled debut LP via Empty Cellar Records.  Cool Ghouls comprises of Pat Thomas, Ryan Wong, Pat McDonald, Alex Fleshman.

The Coctails on FB

Visit The Coctails on their FB page!

"The Coctails were a musical group from Chicago, who formed while its members were attending the Kansas City Art Institute. The band was active from 1988 to 1995. Band members were Archer Prewitt, Mark Greenberg, John Upchurch, and Barry Phipps."

THE COCTAILS on MTV news 1994

"December 24th" via Indiecater Records

Here's a 6-track EP of originals "December 24th," Christmas compilation via Indiecater Records. Visit their bandcamp!




Directer: Shishi Yamazaki
Music by Yamasuki's
Yama Yama : Daniel Vangarde
All songs published by Bleu Blanc Rouge


Kevin Earl Taylor > Magic Trick > Nathan Salsburg


Recent Kevin Earl Taylor's cover art under below.
Kevin Taylor’s exhibition INNER WILDERNESS features recent, large-scaled paintings created in his San Francisco studio as Berlin, where he spent four months in a prestigious artist residency.

taken from the latest full-length "River of Souls" by Tim Cohen (The Fresh and Onlys) and his band, Magic Trick, out on December 2nd via Empty Cellar Records.

taken from Nathan Salsburg's (Alan Lomax Archive) latest full-length "Hard for to Win and Can't Be Won," available via No Quarter Records.

Abandoned Cat Little Tora


Kyobashi-za No.27 Film Class of 2013
"Suteneko Tora-chan (Abandoned Cat Little Tora)" (1947)
Director:Kenzo Masaoka

京橋映画小劇場 No.27 映画の教室2013
12/13(金) 2:45pm     12/21(土) 3:00pm