Romantic States - Still Petals


Romantic States - Still Petals

Romantic States - Still Petals

Romantic States – Fiery Ring (Johnny Cash cover)

Both tracks are taken from an eleven-song album entitled "A Shell Is Born" by Jim Triplett (from from Baltimore Maryland) aka Romantic States. "A Shell Is Born," follow-up to the last year's self-titled album, is now available on its bandcamp.

Twin Sister - Kimmi in a Rice Field

Twin Sister - Kimmi in a Rice Field

"In Heaven" (Domino)
Co-Directors: Dan Devine & Bryan Ujueta
Editor / VFX: Dan Devine
Producer / Assistant Editor: Sydney Buchan
Art Direction: Andrea Estella & Taisa Rodriguez
Director of Photography: Kevin Hayden

"Kimmi in a Rice Field' marks the second video off Twin Sister's debut full-length, In Heaven, which is out now on Domino. Following up on their playful affair 'Bad Street,' the band collaborated again with Dan Devine, this time with drummer Bryan Ujueta taking over lead directorial duties. The video proves to be an equally powerful visual counterpart to the atmospheric track, based on a ghost story created and written by Andrea Estella (lead singer).

TWIN SISTER are offering aspiring producers the opportunity to remix "Kimmi In a Rice Field", details, HERE.

by Sydney Buchan

media for 'Room #103' a site specific new work shown at the Chelsea Hotel in NY, March 2010. found footage.  sydneybuchan.com


Jad Fair & Tenniscoats

詳細はSweet Dreams Pressで。

Sweet Dreams Press has announced that their upcoming release, "Enjoy Your Life" collaborative album by Jad Fair & Tenniscoats, is due out on October 15th, and now available for pre-orders through their website. Please spread this around the world!

Jad Fair & Tenniscoats - I Know That We Can by Sweet Dreams Press

Isak Nishimura... William Morris... David Byrne

Isak Nishimura... William Morris... David Byrne
Isak Nishimura's bungalow... William Morris - News From Nowhere ... Road To Nowhere - Talking Heads... 

図書館から借りた「きれいな風貌―西村伊作伝」(黒川創・著/新潮社)を読みはじめたら、ウィリアム・モリスの「ユートピアだより/News from Nowhere」(岩波文庫)のことが触れられていた。そうしたら急にトーキング・ヘッズの「Road To Nowhere」が頭に浮かんできて、”Nowhere” ってそういう意味だったのかしら .....と。そこでデヴィット・バーン+ウィリアム・モリスで探してみたら、デヴィッド・バーン・ジャーナル(自転車日記)の「02.5.11付: The House as Idea」に辿り着いてしまった。こじんまりとして住み心地の良さそうなバークレーのバンガローハウスのことから、話はウィリアム・モリスとジェイムス・ラスキンのArts and Crafts、ジョセフ・ウースターのスウェーデンボルグ・チャーチへと.....。そこでまたバンガローハウスを自分で建ててしまった西村伊作へと戻ってきました。

Houses for Comfort
The Architecture of Isaku Nishimura
京橋 INAXギャラリー 
休館日:日祝日 10:00〜18:00 


The Beets "Let the Poison Out"

The Beets - Doing As I Do

'Doing As I Do' is taken from The Beets' third full-length "Let the Poison Out," due out on October 24th via Hardly Art. Recorded with Gary Olsen of the Ladybug Transistor. Cover art by Matthew Volz.


And the Beets are ...
a chat with The Beets in their home turf in Brooklyn.

BEIRUT Japan Tour 2012


contrarede presents
BEIRUT Japan Tour 2012

1/18 (Wed) Shibuya, QUATTRO
1/20 (Fri) Umeda, Shangri-La
guest : トクマルシューゴ

Info : contrarede 03-5773-5061 / epistula@contrarede.com

by Red Hot

Beirut performs "O Leaozinho" "A Sunday Smile" & "Postcards From Italy"
at the March 27th 2011 Red Hot + Rio 2 Loft party. Part of the Red Hot Loft series that started with performances by the National, Yeasayer and the Dirty Projectors for the album Dark Was The Night.

Real Estate - Green Aisles

Real Estate "Days"
photograph by Dan Graham

Real Estate - Green Aisles

Another new song from Real Estate's forthcoming second album and first for Domino "Days," due out on October 18th via Domino. The album was recorded with the help of Kevin McMahon (Titus Andronicus, The Walkmen). Pre-order, HERE. "Days" cover art is a photograph entitled 'Row of New Tract Houses, Bayonne NJ 19667 by Dan Graham from his "Homes For America" series (1966).



"負ケラレセン勝ツマデハ・Makeraremasen Katsumadewa"
岡見久吉 – 自動車内張屋・森繁久弥、その妻・望月優子、税吏・小林桂樹、金貸し元閣下・左卜全 ..... 中村是好、千葉信男、横山エンタツ、芦田伸介、藤村有弘、江戸家猫八、淡島千景

"我が家の楽園・You Can't Take It With You"
Columbia Pictures・1938
Directed by Frank Capra / Screenplay by Robert Riskin
Story by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart
Starring Jean Arthur, Lionel Barrymore, James Stewart, Edward Arnold

Dropkick - Going Where You're going

recording sessions day 5 - dropkick
recording new song 'going where you're going' (written by alastair taylor and andrew taylor) 16th sept 2011, rehearsal room, edinburgh. (via)

Dropkick is a harmony-driven alt-country power pop band from Edinburgh, Scotland, consisting of Alastair Taylor, Andrew Taylor, Ian Grier. Their latest album "Time Cuts The Ties" is available via Sound Asleep Records.

Sad City - Jaya

Sad City - Jaya (via)

'Jaya' is taken from the forthcoming 12" EP "Gestures" by Glasgow, Scotland's Gary Caruth aka Sad City, due out on October 18th via Underwater Peoples.

Influences: Julian Lynch & Arthur Russell & LaMonte Young & Sonic Youth & John Coltrane & Walter Gibbons & James Chance & Ennio Morricone & Animal Collective & Inner Life & Madlib & ....

Halleluwah 10: Sad City by Halleluwah_Hits
Intro - "Dr. Benway Is Operating in an Auditorium Filled With Students" - William S. Burroughs
01 - "Where's Deke?" - Maximum Joy
02 - "In the Light of the Miracle" - Arthur Russell
03 - "Questions (Feat. Planet Asia & Fashawn)" - Strong Arm Steady
04 - "The End of Biters - International" - Prefuse 73
05 - "Bad Smells" - Glenn Branca
06 - "Pyjamarama" - Roxy Music
07 - "Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne" - Suicide
08 - "Un Cyprès Au Coucher du Soleil, Toscane" - Luc Ferrari
09 - "Night Time Trail" - Sad City
10 - "Water Curses" - Animal Collective
11 - "Mercy" - Lucky Dragons
12 - "A Day at the Racetrack" - Julian Lynch
Outro - "October in the Railroad Earth" - Jack Kerouac & Steve Allen

French Quarter "Desert Wasn't Welcome"

"My name is Stephen Steinbrink. I am a pop music maker,
cartoon drawer and VHS librarian from Phoenix, AZ."

"The newest album by Arizona’s French Quarter "Desert Wasn’t Welcome," marks the fourth full-length release by 23-year-old songwriter Stephen Steinbrink. While French Quarter has been primarily a solo recording project for countless tours and a deluge of small run tapes, cd-rs, and vinyl, "Desert Wasn’t Welcome" marks the first collaborative recorded effort of Steinbrink and his long-time live band (with Preston Bryant and Chase Kamp) with Andrew Dorsett (of LAKE) on Piano and Keyboards"

Recorded on May 18th, 19th, 20th, 2011 at Dub Narcotic Studio, Olympia, WA by Bob Schwenkler. Digital album is now available on their bandcamp, physically available on the 12″ LP format via Off Tempo Recordz around mid-October and in the cassette format via Wizards of the Ghost.


French Quarter - Neighbors in the Bedroom
performing "Neighbors in the Bedroom" at the Trunk Space, 04/17/2011.

Stephen Steinbrink - Deny Your Creator
Taken from the upcoming Stephen Steinbrink's Yellow Canary Jumpsuit cassette via Le Horror Records.


Little Girl Lost And Found

Astro Age Steel Orchestra - Little Girl Lost-And-Found
taken from Astro Age Steel Orchestra "Happy Living" (Sony/1994), produced by Yann Tomita for Audio Science Laboratory.

"A Hurried Life" (2006) is a collection of previously unreleased demos, home recordings, and lost songs circa 1965-1970 from Ruthann Friedman's personal archive, available from Water records along with the re-mastered / re-issued her 1969 Warner Reprise album "Constant Companion." "A Hurried Life" includes the original version of 'Windy' and 'Little Girl Lost And Found.'

The Garden Club - Little Girl Lost And Found (A&M/1967)
"The Garden Club was a one single studio group comprised of Ruthann Friedman and Tom Shipley.  At the time of this recording Tom was on the verge of forming Brewer & Shipley, and Ruthann was just about to write 'Windy' for The Association. ........ We recorded a song, “Little Girl Lost and Found” written by the guy [Tandyn Almer] who wrote 'Along Comes Mary.'  The song was released under the group name The Garden Club. .......... In 2006 'Little Girl Lost And Found' was unearthed and included on a CD collection of rare Ruthann Friedman recordings, A Hurried Life."  (via brewerandshipley.com)

Peter And The Wolves - Little Girl Lost And Found
UK 7" single (MGM/1967)

And ....
Sundazed has announced that Tandyn Almer's compilation "Along Comes Tandyn" arrives this Fall!


Die Jungen - Every Day

Die Jungen - Every Day
Taken from the digital album 'Just A Dream' by Die Jungen (2011)

Die Jungen (means 'The Youth' in German) is a latest project by Klaus Von Barrel (of The KVB), hailing from Southhampton. Also.... "Die Jungen" is known as the name of a semianarchist group of German Social Democrats of the early 1890's.


Bonnie Prince Billy - Quail and Dumplings

Bonnie Prince Billy - Quail and Dumplings
Directed by Ben Berman. Starring Kennan Gudjonsson and Nina Nastasia.
Music video for the song "Quail and Dumplings," by Bonnie Prince Billy, from the album "Wolfroy Goes To Town," due out on October 4th via Drag City / October 31st via Domino. Also available as part of a digital-only three-song download on sale now at Drag City.  .... なんだかほんのちょっとムルナウの「タブー」?


Julia Pott "Belly"

Belly - trailer
Director: Julia Pott / Sound Design: Joe Tate
Production: © Royal College of Art 2011

Trailer for Julia Pott’s new animated short entitled "Belly," she has also been commissioned by musicians such as The Decemberists and Casiotone for the Painfully Alone.

"Oscar is coming of age, against his better judgment. In doing so he must experience the necessary evil of leaving something behind, but he can still feel it in the pit of his stomach."


Jonti - Firework Spraying Moon

Jonti - Firework Spraying Moon
Taken from the first 7" single from the debut album "Twirligig"

Jonti - Firework Spraying Moon

Jonti Danilewitz aka Jonti (formerly Danimals / Djanimals) is an Australian (moved from South Africa) multi-instrumentalist, arranger, producer and vocalist, his debut full-length "Twirligig" is due out on October 7th via Mistletone (through Inertia, Australia) and Stones Throw (US).

Twirligig draws inspiration from many of Jonti’s favorite artists, Madlib, Stereolab, Free Design and The Beach Boys. But Twirligig’s main inspiration came from cartoonist/ filmmaker Norman Mclaren. Jonti explains, “His films are complex, but they’re still fun. You can feel his enthusiasm for techniques and experimentation. I try make simple pop songs with that same mentality.”

Jonti - Hornets Nest  another track from "Twirligig"


Norman McLaren "Blinkity Blank" (1955)
featuring a soundtrack combining improvisational jazz from composer Maurice Blackburn along with graphical sounds created by McLaren scratching onto the film's optical soundtrack.

casiotone compilation 3

"casiotone compilation 3" will be released on October 5th via ao to ao.
twelve sided stone / wasurerogusa / ben vida / moon face boys / yusurago / yoko honmatsu / leaf bird / oninko! / mimiz / fuchigami to funato / geoff soule / v.o.c / chinpunkanpun / andy c.jenkins & taylor burton / oscilloscottie / americo / hideaki shimada (1982) / yuka muraoka / tsutomu nakayama / 

zombienience store / shibata & asuna


Khancoban - Cause and Chaos

Khancoban - Cause and Chaos

From "Arches Over The Sun," second full-length album by the Melbourne five-piece, Khancoban, available now from Departed Sounds/Other Tongues. It was produced by Nick Huggins (Mick Turner, Kid Sam) in Melbourne between late 2009 and early 2011, and mastered by Casey Rice (Tortoise, Dirty Three). Stream the album in its entirely on their bandcamp site, HERE.

Richard Buckner "Our Blood"

Richard Buckner - Traitor

Richard Buckner - Escape

Both tracks are taken from the legendary alt-country singer-songwriter Richard Buckner's long awaited new collection of songs "Our Blood," his first recording since 2006’s "Meadow." It was was recorded by Buckner at his upstate New York home studio with longtime New Riders of the Purple Sage pedal steel player Buddy Cage and Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley, mixed by Malcolm Burn. Available from MERGE.

WATCH :: Richard Buckner - Still Looking for You (Townes Van Zandt cover)

Buckner performed with his one night-only-band The 4 J's (Joey Burns and John Convertino of Calexico / Jon Rauhouse / JD Foster) at HoCo Fest 2011 on Sept. 4th which benefits long time producer, studio owner and musician Craig Schumacher and his fight against cancer. Donations / details, HERE. Buckner continues Our Blood tour with Jeff Kazor (of The Crooked Jades) on harmonium and percussion.


Richard Buckner - Love Will Tear Us Apart
(Joy Division cover) (SBD Audio) 
Richard Buckner and Andrew Duplantis on acoustic bass/chord organ before his gig as bass player for Son Volt. Richard's E-bow made it's first appearance on this tour. Recorded at the Grey Eagle Tavern in Asheville on 10.4.2003.


Angel Olsen "Strange Cacti"

Tiniest Lights
Music by Angel Olsen / Film by Randy Sterling Hunter

Chicago's folk singer Angel Olsen (aka Angela Babbler), recent collaborator with Will Oldham in Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's upcoming album "Wolfroy Goes To Town" and last year's Kevin Coyne/Dagmar Krause cover band The Babblers, has a new six song 12" vinyl "Strange Cacti" via Bathetic Records.

Angel Olsen - Some Things Cosmic

Angel Olsen - Creator, Destroyer

Both tracks are taken from "Strange Cacti" 12". Also, another new song 'In The Morning' is featured on “Chicago Cassette Compilation” out now on Twosyllable Records.

The Babblers - Come Down Here (Kevin Coyne cover)  (via)

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy has announced the new full length album "Wolfroy Goes to Town," due out on October 4th via Drag City / October 31st via Domino. The collaborators on the record include Ben Boye, Van Campbell, Shahzad Ismaily, Emmett Kelly (The Cairo Gang), Danny Kiely, and Angel Olsen.

Bonnie Prince Billy - Time To Be Clear (from "Wolfroy Goes to Town")
Recorded on May 30, 2011 at Radioactive Records as part of BPB's Free Florida tour 2011, accompanying him was Cairo Gang and Angel Olsen.



Megafaun - These Words

Megafaun - Get Right

Megafaun - State/Meant

'Get Right' is a third cut from the forthcoming self-titled third album by Durham, NC-based experimental folk outfit Megafaun, due out on September 20th via Hometapes. Pre-order, HERE.

Charles 'Packy' Axton "Late Late Party 1965-67"

Charles 'Packy' Axton "Late Late Party 1965-67" (light in the Attic)
First ever anthology of Charles “Packy” Axton, out now via Light in the Attic Records.

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, tenor saxophone player and bandleader Charles ‘Packy’ Axton is yet another of the uncelebrated, despite a deep pedigree and funky catalogue of notable grooves. Part of the mighty Stax family through birth—Packy’s mother Estelle Axton and uncle Jim Stewart founded the southern R&B dynasty in the early 1960’s—Packy picked up the sax at a young age, and after linking with future Booker T. & the M.G.’s Steve Cropper and Donald ‘Duck’ Dunn, formed the The Mar-Keys. Almost reaching the top of the R&B and pop charts in 1961 with the classic “Last Night,” friction caused by Packy’s party going ways caused a split. It wasn’t until 1965 that the wild child had another national instrumental hit on his hands, “Hole In The Wall” by the Packers, chronicled by Light In The Attic Records in the first ever compilation of Axton’s work: Late Late Party 1965-67.

Charles 'Packy' Axton "Late Late Party 1965-67" LP SNEAK PEEK

The Martinis (Charles "Packy" Axton) - "Key Chain" by LightInTheAtticRecords

Twerps' debut LP

Twerps - Dreamin (taken from "Twerps")

After several releases of 7"s/cassettes through several labels like Chapter Music, Night People, Olde English Spelling Bee, Group Tightener and their bandcamp, Melbourme's jangly-pop foursome, Twerps has their self-titled debut full-length album. "Twerps" was recorded in a bona fide studio, with the help of engineer Jack Farley (Beaches, St Helens). Out on October 18th via Underwater Peoples / October 14th via Chapter Music.

Twerps consist of guitarist/vocalist Marty Frawley (son of much-missed Paul Kelly & the Dots member Maurice Frawley), bassist Rick Milovanovic (Boomgates), guitarist Julia MacFarlane (ex Batrider) and drummer Patrick O’Neill.

Panel of Judges - Coconut Trees

Taken from the latest album "Moods On The Move" (Mistletone) by Melbourne's Panel of Judges, the band features Martin Frawley.


"Various Deficiencies Vol. 2"

Brett Marren - Bucket Hat

Sore Eros - Far Bell

Amen Dunes - When I Was A Kid

Brooklyn-based label Blackburn Recordings has released a new compilation "Various Deficiencies Volume 2" for free. It features Sore Eros, Amen Dunes, Wooden Wand, Sacred Harp, Sweet Bulbs, Mountainhood, Kayla Cohen's Sultan, King Cyst (a recent solo project of Big Troubles' Luka Usmiani, former No Demons Here), Brett Marren and more. Download from Free Music Archive, and visit their Kickstarter site for a 12" vinyl pressing.

Rachael Dadd - Balloon

Rachael Dadd - Balloon
with ICHI
Stop motion video by Rachael Dadd, Ichi & Chris Lucraft from Broken Sound. 'Balloon,' part of the new double A-side single from Rachael Dadd's "Bite The Mountain" album via Broken Sound Music.

ジャド・フェアとテニスコーツの合作『エンジョイ・ユア・ライフ』とともに『バイト・ザ・マウンテン』もSweet Dreams Pressから10月15日発売予定で出発進行中との由。近日詳細が明らかに .... ココで。


Eiji Mitomi / Night Pople #12

Eiji Mitomi / Night People #12
August 29, 2011 at Super Deluxe, Roppongi
song by Eiji Mitomi /a film by Shuhei Hatano

The Bats "Free All The Monsters"

'Free All The Monsters' is the title track and first single from the forthcoming 8th album by the legendary New Zealand band The Bats, due out October 14th on Mistletone in Australia and October 17th on Flying Nun in NZ. It was recorded at Seacliff, a former asylum just outside of Dunedin, New Zealand, and produced by Dale Cotton (HDU, The Clean, Dimmer).

The Bats - Free All The Monsters by Mistletone

The Bats - Free all the Monsters
Video directed by John Morrison. A Gamera-super-monster clip for The Bats awesome new track Free All The Monsters.


Ill Fits - Blood & Devotion

'Blood & Devotion' is the first track from Ill Fits, NYC's new musical project formed by Simon O’Connor and Don Devore of Amazing Baby, Will Berman of MGMT, Johnny Hunt of Foreign Islands, and Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson as a singer.

Blood & Devotion by Ill Fits

Simon O’Connor describes.....
(An excerpt from THE 'CAC’s interview)
"I would say, with this particular project, we draw a lot from some the “Paisley Underground” bands that were popping up around the late 70′s and early 80′s… But, there is also a strong early 4AD Records vibe going on. I guess, if you fused the shimmering guitar and new wave psychedelia of the Pale Saints and early Modern English with the joyful, 60′s throwback power-pop of bands like the Distractions, The dB’s, and the Flamin’ Groovies, you could end up with something like Ill Fits… or maybe the Cleaners from Venus… "


Carter Tanton "Freeclouds"

Carter Tanton - Murderous Joy

Formerly known as Tulsa and current member of Lower Dens, Carter Tanton has a new solo full-length "Freeclouds," follow-up to Tulsa's 2007 EP "I Was Submerged." "Freeclouds" (this album's title, reference David Bowie's "Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud") is due out on November 1st via Western Vinyl. 'Murderous Joy' is the first track for the album.

Recorded primarily in his apartment (with the exception of "Horrorscope" recorded by Brian Deck), the record features a guest appearance by Marissa Nadler with whom Carter co-writed one song of her recent self-titled album. And it was mixed by Brian McTear at Miner Street (Shaking Through). Carter will be touring with The War On Drugs & Purling Hiss this fall.

Carter Tanton - Jesus Christ (Big Star cover)
from WMBR Pipeline!, Cambridge, MA :: 11/06/2007 (via)


A Conversation with the Allah-Las

BootsnKatz.com presents:
RVCA sessions vol. II :: the Allah Las Show + Interview
shot on location at the RVCA store in Los Angeles, CA
Camera - Jeremiah Flores, Joseph Sliker
Direction, Sound, Editing - Paolo Ferrari

The Allah-Las, a Los Angeles foursome consists of Miles Michaud (vocals/guitar), Spencer Dunham (bass), Pedrum Siadatian (lead guitar), Matthew Correia (vocals/drums). Their debut single PRS 45-802: Allah-Las ‘Catamaran’ b/w ‘Long Journey’ was recorded at the Distillery in Costa Mesa, run by Mike McHugh, with Nick Waterhouse as producer, available from PRES Record Co..

Allah-Las - Catamaran

In the beginning of the Allah-Las back in 2008 ....
"Spencer and Miles grew up together, and they met Matt in high school in Manhattan Beach. Spencer and Matt got jobs at Amoeba, where they met Pedrum. Spencer still works at the music emporium, but the other two quit a while back."

Meg Baird "Seasons on Earth"

Meg Baird - The Finder

Meg Baird has a new release of her second solo full-length "Seasons on Earth," follow-up to 2007's solo debut "Dear Companion." "Seasons on Earth" (named from a Kenneth Koch poem) includes two covers, Mark-Almond Band's 'Friends' and The House of Love's 'Beatles and the Stones.' Due out on September 20th via Drag City (US), on Sept. 26th via Wichita Recordings (UK), on Sept. 21st via P-Vine (Japan).

Meg Baird - Share
on WNYC's Spinning On Air with David Garland, for an in-studio session broadcast June 13, 2010. Song copyright 2010 by Meg Baird. Video by David Garland. The song will be appeared on her forthcoming album "Seasons on Earth."


Los Destellos - Constelacion

Los Destellos - Constelacion

Secret Stash has announced a reissue of Los Destellos ultra rare masterpiece "Constelacion" (1971), in a limited 100 copies of Midnight Purple and Star splatter, only available through Secret Stash website.


Los Destellos "Constelacion" reissue teaser

R. Stevie Moore & A.p.'s H.g at Make-Out Room

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti with R. Stevie Moore - Bright Lit Blue Skies

From night two of the R. Stevie Moore & A.p.'s H.g at Make-Out Room, 8/29/11, it was a part of the first-ever world tour, R. Stevie Moore + Tropical Ooze World Tour 2011. Recorded by OutofFocus.TV.

Dutch Me ~ Ariel Pink R. Stevie Moore by rstvmo11

rough mix tk. 1,
recorded by Jason Falkner at Rhetoric, L.A. CA 8-25-11 for the album "Ku Klux Glam" / all instruments RSM except casioprog AP, flybird guitar JF / vox by AP RSM JF + Carmen Clark / co-composed by APRSM


Richard Swift "Walt Wolfman" EP

Richard Swift - Whitman

Richard Swift has announced the release of his forthcoming new EP "Walt Wolfman," due out on October 18th via SECRETLY CANADIAN.

“I’ve got my own Whitman…Farewell, farewell/I hope it did you good/To say the things/My father never could,” Swift pines. The song is a cryptic salute to Walt Whitman, whose American lineage of primal, urgent art can be traced to include Kerouac and Dylan, Bo Diddley and Beefheart – right on through to modern outsider-pop wunderkinds like Swift. And according to Swift, “Whitman” is a nice taste of what we can expect from his next longform recording."
(Secretly Canadian)

Walt Wolfman Tracklist
01. “Whitman”  02. “MG 333″  03. “Laugh It Up”  04. “Zombie Boogie”
05. “Out & About”  06. “Drakula (Hey Man!)”  07. “St. Michael”

Caetano Veloso "O Cinema Falado"

Caetano Veloso e Dazinho atuando no filme "O Cinema Falado" (1986)

an excerpt from the film "O Cinema Falado"
by Caetano Veloso.  ... whistling Le Notte Di Cabiria (the Nights Of Cabiria), La Strada ...

Watch "O Cinema Falado" in its entirely
on UbuWeb.

by Red Hot

RH Loft Party: Beirut
Beirut performs Caetano Veloso's "O Leaozinho" at the March 27th 2011 Red Hot + Rio 2 Loft party. Part of the Red Hot Loft series that started with performances by the National, Yeasayer and the Dirty Projectors for the album Dark Was The Night.

The Spike Drivers - Strange Mysterious Sounds

The Spike Drivers - Strange Mysterious Sounds (Swingin' Time, 1967)

"Ted Lucas flirted with fame in the late 60s in the Spike Drivers and Misty Wizards, studied with Ravi Shankar, went home to Detroit and played sitar for Motown, and recorded his album, referred to by family and friends as The OM Record (after Ted's private label name), in Detroit and Nashville."