The Swimming Song

I bought an old banjo few days ago at second-hand shop and was looking for a song to practice. And I found the song The Swimming Song by Loudon Wainwright III is good for a start. So I assembled the video of the song performed by various artists. Please tell me if someone know a good song for banjo practice!

Loudon Wainwright III - The Swimming Song

Vetiver - The Swimming Song

Bon Iver & Megafaun - The Swimming Song

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  1. それはぜひともいつの日か披露していただかなくては。

  2. Speaking Of Banjos: Kurt Vile Explains the Universe (via thetriplewire)

    I'm curious if being exposed to that music influenced your style of finger picking. How did that develop?

    The first instrument my dad bought me was a banjo, which I treated like a guitar at first because I was young and into rock and indie rock. I did have some lessons, so I learned some picking patterns, but it wasn’t until later that I got into finger picking, John Fahey-type stuff. A friend of mine, John Newman, was always into old blues and bluegrass. For three years he taught me basic finger picking. You start with the thumb, then add a finger, then add another one. So it was just listening to John Fahey and Charlie Patton, and because all that stuff was kind of in my DNA growing up, I can kind of tap into that now.

  3. つづき

    Actually my next record will have a couple banjo songs, at least. The banjo has all these overtones. It’s this really beautiful instrument and I feel like you could really psych it out in a different way, more so than a guitar.

  4. 面白いですねえ。

    実はバンジョーを買ったすぐ後、近くの喫茶店でペンシルヴァニアから来たというアメリカ人の子と知り合ったのですが、彼はEspersとライヴをしたことがあると言っていたので、もしかしたらKurt Vileのことも知っているかもしれません。