The Morning Benders new song 'Virgins'

The Morning Benders plays a very new exclusive song, called 'Virgins' for la Blogotheque's Soiree de Poche.  More stuff will come (including a featuring from St Vincent).

WATCH :: Previous Soirée de poche rehearsal.

The Morning Benders - Virgins (Exclusive new track for Blogotheque)

Wyatt, Atzmon, Stephen "For the Ghosts Within"

Wyatt, Atzmon, Stephen - Laura   (via Arthur Magazine)

This track 'Laura' is taken from the upcoming a full-length collaboration "For the Ghosts Within" between Robert Wyatt, saxophonist/composer Gilad Atzmon and violinist/composer Ros Stephen, which is due out on November 9th via Domino Records.

"For the Ghosts Within"  Tracklist:
1. Laura  2. Lullaby For Irene  3. The Ghosts Within  4. Where Are They Now  5. Maryan  6. Round Midnight  7. Lush Life  8. What’s New  9. In A Sentimental Mood  10. At Last I Am Free  11. What  A Wonderful World


Laura (ローラ殺人事件) Trailer 1944
Directed by Otto Preminger, starring Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews, Clifton Webb, Vincent Price and Judith Anderson.  Music by David Raksin.

Preminger hired David Raksin to score the film. The director wanted to use "Sophisticated Lady" by Duke Ellington for the main theme, but Raksin objected to the choice. Alfred Newman, music director for Fox, convinced Preminger to give Raksin a weekend to compose an original tune. Inspired by a Dear John letter he had received from his girlfriend, Raksin wrote the haunting theme for which Johnny Mercer later wrote lyrics. It eventually became a jazz standard recorded by more than four hundred artists, including Stan Kenton, Dick Haymes, Woody Herman, Nat King Cole, The Four Freshmen, and Frank Sinatra. (WIKI)

Also, MFQ (Modern Folk Quartet) featured the song on their 1985 "Moonlight Serenade" album.

Ryan Francesconi & Kane Mathis

Ryan Francesconi & Kane Mathis has released the duo album "Songs from the Cedar House" via Sweet Dreams, e mail: info.sweetdreams@gmail.com)

The facts, as far as may be ascertained, are as follows. In 1769, Wolfgang van Kempelen, at that time in Vienna, was invited by the Empress Marie Theresa to attend certain magnetic experiments shown at the Court by a certain Frenchman, M. Pelletier. He went but said he could invent a machine far more surprising. In 1770 he returned with the automaton, a machine which could play chess and beat really good players. He exhibited it in Vienna in 1770, in Russia in 1776 and in Paris in 1783 where Benjamin Franklin, the American statesman-scientist, studied it. In 1783 it was possibly shown in London. In 1805 von Kempelen's son sold it to Johann N Maelzel, himself a mechanical genius, said by some to have invented Beethoven's metronome. Maelzel took it on tour and in 1809 Napoleon is said to have played a game against it during the Wagram campaign.

Sweet Dreams Presents
Further Information, here.
チケット予約は、info.sweetdreams@gmail.com へ。

そして、オメデトー! アリガトー!


Odd Girl Out - Richard Barone/Jill Sobule

Odd Girl Out - Richard Barone/Jill Sobule
Taken from the "Glow" album via Bar/None, 'Odd Girl Out' was co-written by Barone and Jill Sobule, the song tells the true story of a lesbian in the pre-Stonewall days of the West Village. 

Glow is the new solo album from Richard Barone, guitarist and vocalist for cult faves the Bongos. The album is a sonic delight; like a lost solo Beatle album from a glam-rock future-world. After taking a break from performing to produce others and write a book, Barone is back working with his long time friend and favorite producer Tony Visconti along with Steve Addabbo, Jill Sobule, Paul Williams (co-write “Silence Is Our Song”), Smithereens drummer Dennis Diken and others, Glow positively glows with great songs like "Gravity's Pull," "Yet Another Midnight" and a captivating cover of Marc Bolan's "Girl." The king of chamber pop does not disappoint on this stunning new addition to his catalog.


Darker My Love Live on KCRW

Darker My Love on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic.

Darker My Love's new sonic direction leans toward the psychedelic and channels early Grateful Dead jams. 

White Fence - Lillian  (via Impose Magazine)

New track by White Fence aka Tim Presley of Darker My Love.


Peter Broderick "How They Are"

Peter Broderick - Human Eyeballs On Toast (Studio Recording)
From "How They Are" available via HUSH Records store.
Recorded April 22, 2010 at Type Foundry Studio, Portland Oregon, USA.

WATCH :: more videos from "How They Are"

After completing work on the elaborate forthcoming follow-up to his vocal debut, Home (HUSH, Bella Union/2008), musician/composer Peter Broderick went into the studio with the goal of recording and mixing an album in one day, live to 2” tape, with no overdubs or punch-ins. Only voice, piano, and guitar. How They Are is this record.  (HUSH)

a year is round
This animated video was created by a collaboration between She Animates (Matt and Kate) and Peter Broderick - a composer / musician, well known for being an adopted member of Efterklang, and recordings/tours with several groups/musicians (Horse Feathers, M. Ward, She & Him, Norfolk & Western, Laura Gibson, and many more).

This simple idea happily came to life with a lot of patience, some nimble prop making skills and the gift of a charming guitar from our good friend Johnny. Pleased with the outcome we decided to send it to one of our favourite musicians Mr. Peter Broderick, whose music inspired the initial idea. We were over the silvery moon when Peter agreed to soundtrack it for us.    Matt and Kate

The Daredevil Christopher Wright in Paris

The Daredevil Christopher Wright performing “The Daredevil Christopher Wright” on the "7e ciel balcony" in Paris, France.  09.17.1
Shot in Paris by M. Cortès


Woods 9.14.10 Ecstatic Yod Florence, CA

Woods 9.14.10 Ecstatic Yod Florence, CA

Real Estate & Woods Japan Tour 2010 – Nov. 2nd / Nov. 3rd
Information >> contrarede

Soft Landing debut from BaDaBing!

Soft Landing - Faith Center
Soft Landing - Pendleton Woolen

Taking an entrenched understanding of Jorge Ben, percolating the groove of Dirty Projectors, and ultimately appreciating all there is to learn from Italo disco and Brazilian Tropicalia, Pendleton .....

Brooklyn based trio, Soft Landing began as a recording project by Beirut’s Paul Collins (Oregon-born guitarist and singer), now comprising Collins, Perrin Cloutier (Beirut/drums) and Mike Lawless (guitar, bass, Farfisa, Moog).  They've teamed up with producer Griffin Rodriguez (Beirut, Need New Body, Icy Demons) in Chicago for their upcoming self-titled release, which is due out digitally and on vinyl, October 12th via BaDaBing!.


No Demons Here

No Demons Here - Every Second Darker
No Demons Here - Fade Into You (Mazzy Star cover)

Hailing from Glen Rock, New Jersey (home of Titus Andronicus), No Demon Here is known as the solo moniker of Luka Usmiani who also plays in the Fluffy Lumbers and the Big Troubles - Glen Rock collective.  NDH's new full length tape "In Aluminum Headache" is getting ready for Halloween season release, and "Boy Eaten By Thing In Water" (2009) is reissued now on their Bandcamp page.

READ :: Interview with Luka Usmiani @ Low Log

No Demons Here played "Station (Is a Gift)" at the Low Log Loft Show on September 18th, 2010.  Video shot by Maia of You Boggle My Mind.

No Demons Here - Sayonara

J. Irvín Dally Despistado EP

J. Irvin Dally is an artist from Santa Rosa (home to Ryan Schmale of That Ghost) in Sonoma County, CA.  "Despistado" EP was released by Camaraderie Limited in Paris.  This digital release with 8 songs and a (hidden) bonus tracks for 5$ on Bandcamp. All songs were written and recorded between fall 2007- fall 2009.

<a href="http://jirvindally.bandcamp.com/album/despistado-ep">despistado ep by j. irvín dally</a>

J. Irvin Dally - Blue/ Grey (new song)
Live session for Terroreyes.tv, 9.12.10/Sacramento, CA
Video/ Audio: Sean Stout

Dennis Diken with Bell Sound, Live at WFMU

Dennis Diken has been best known as the co-founder of the NJ band The Smithereens, drummer-historian-author-songwriter-producer-DJ on WFMU.  Dennis Diken with Bell Sound is a current band of him.  A Happy 30th Anniversary for The Smithereens!

Live at WFMU on The Cherry Blossom Clinic 2/6/10


Marc Ribot "Silent Movies"

Silent Movies, the new release from guitar great Marc Ribot, finds him taking another surprising step in a career filled with unexpected turns. The album reflects Ribot’s fascination with movies and contains pieces intended to function as music for films: some are adaptations of music he has actually written for films, others for classic silent movies that he scored for his personal amusement, still others for films of his own imagination. His goal is to explore, as he says “the strange area between language and spatiality that exists partly in between music and visual image, and partly as a common property of both.” 

Marc Ribot - The Kid
Marc Ribot - Delancy Waltz

Marc Ribot's "Silent Movies" is due out on September 28th via Pi Recordings.

Performed in complete takes, with only minimal atmospheric overdubs, Silent Movies was partly inspired by his experience preparing for a live accompaniment of the Charlie Chaplin film The Kid at Merkin Concert Hall in January 2010 as part of the New York Guitar Festival. Some tracks were composed for “El General,” Natalia Almada’s documentary film about Plutarco Elías Calles who ruled Mexico with an iron hand from 1924 to1935 and still others for the unreleased movie “Drunk Boat.” All of the compositions were written by Ribot except “Sous le Ciel de Paris,” the title song from the classic French movie by Julien Duvivier that was made a hit by Edith Piaf among many others.

My Pet Saddle "Laughing At Me"

My Pet Saddle - Il Fait Beau

My Pet Saddle is a five-piece band from Fullerton, California, tagged as JUMP, DIVE, SWING, SHOOT, BOUNCE, CRY, DRINK, KISS, AND LAUGH by themselves.  Their first full length "Laughing At Me" is available now at their shows (soon on iTunes), also stream the album entirely on their soundcloud page.  The band consists of Miguel Gomez (bass), Jacob Fosdick (drums), Caleb Palomo (vocals/guitar), Christopher Darley (vocals/guitar) and Alyson Kennon (keys/vocals).

06 Goodnight Lollipop by mypetsaddle

Crayon Fields, Free EP

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Crayon Fields are a four-piece band consisting of Geoff O’Connor, Brett Hudson, Chris Hung, Neil Erenstrom. "Make Peace With Love" is their latest free downloadable EP through their Bandcamp page, following up to their 2009 full length "All The Pleasures of the World" via Chapter Music (AU), Rallye (Japan).  This fall US tour they are setting out on the road with Air Waves, Karl Blau, Magic Bullets, Reports and lots more.

<a href="http://crayonfieldsforever.bandcamp.com/album/make-peace-with-love">Make Peace With Love by Crayon Fields</a>


Real Estate - Wonder Years

Real Estate - Wonder Years
Live at Tailsfest'10, 8/3/10. Ridgewood New Jersey

Real Estate & Woods Japan Tour 2010 – Nov. 2nd / Nov. 3rd
Information >> contrarede

Alice Cohen animates for Electric Literature series

Artist Alice Cohen animates and scores a sentence from author Joy Williams' "Baba Iaga and the Pelican Child", a story available in Electric Literature No.4.

Single Sentence Animations are creative collaborations. The writer selects a favorite sentence from his or her work and the animator creates a short film in response. Electric Literature is a bi-monthly anthology of short fiction dedicated to reinvigorating the short story using new media and innovative distribution.  (Electric Literature)

Joanna Neborsky's killer collaged vision of author Patrick deWitt's magnificent "The Bastard". With music by Lewis Pesacov (of Fool’s Gold, Foreign Born).

Listen Breathe Owl Breathe “Magic Central” @MBV

Stream ::  Breathe Owl Breathe’s "Magic Central" at MBV.
“Magic Central” (CD / LP+MP3) is due out on September 28th via Hometapes.

Breathe Owl Breathe - Lake Light

Help the wonderful Breathe Owl Breathe make a book, Something for the Kidz on Kickstarter!

Twin Sister, Shaking Through session

Twin Sister - Meet the Frownies

Tuesday, September 21, 2010 – Vol. 1, Episode 8 in the Shaking Through 2010 Series features Twin Sister. The project is curated and produced by Shaking Through Guest Curator, Mark Schoneveld of YVYVNYL. "Meet the Frownies" was recorded on June 29 - 30 2010. The song was produced by Brian McTear, engineered by Jonathan Low (with additional help from Amy Morrissey) at Miner Street Recordings in Philadelphia. The Video was produced by Peter English, directed by Andrew David Watson, and edited by Bryan Baker. Additional photo and video by Peter English.

Twin Sister’s first physical release via Domino, "Vampires With Dreaming Kids / Color Your Life" (coupling debut EP + its follow up EP) is available now.  This fall Twin Sister are setting out on the road with The Morning Benders, Cults, Oberhofer and Devendra Banhart and the Grogs, also goes to Europe.

'Meet the Frownies' ::  Free Download, here.

<a href="http://dclxvi.bandcamp.com/album/color-your-life-remixes">Color Your Life Remixes by DCLXVI</a>


Air Waves @ Zebulon

Air Waves @ Zebulon 8/19/2010 performing "Gems."

Air Waves - Lightning
Air Waves - Shine On
Air Waves - Knockout

Brooklyn indie pop band, Nicole Schneit's Air Waves (recently she moved away from NY) will release the new album which was recorded at the Walkmen's Marcata Studios, coming out October/November via Underwater Peoples.  'Shine On' and 'Lightning' are taken from self titled EP via Catbird Records (2008), and 'Knockout' was recorded by Scott Rosenthal (Crystal Stilts and The Beets...) and originally released as part of the Golden Hour Box Set (2009) via 1928 Recordings.

Album cover by Martin Schneit for Air Waves' new album

Gender Loyalties

Gender Loyalties is a indie pop/folk outfit from Gothenburg, Sweden, consisting of Karl Brandin (Vocals, Guitars, Mandolin), Jonathan Arvidsson (Guitars, Vocals, Bass), Anders Simonsson (Drums, Piano, Accordion, Backup Vocals), Hannes Hildor (Piano, Synths, Accordion, Backup Vocals).

<a href="http://genderloyalties.bandcamp.com/album/gender-loyalties">Gender Loyalties by Gender Loyalties</a>

Jonathan Richman ~ When Harpo played his Harp


Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers performing "When Harpo played his Harp" live in Toronto ~ circa 1987

Well when Harpo played his harp, it was a mystery
All the laughing stopped back to the balcony
Chico, Chico, sure to please
Now let's watch him shoot the keys
When Harpo would play his harp, all was still ....

Harpo & Chico play Mama Yo Quiero
Excerpt from The Big Store/マルクス兄弟デパート騒動 (1941)


P. Ramlee - Bunyi Gitar

P. Ramlee - Bunyi Gitar (The Sound of the Guitar)

from 1964 Malaysian comedy film "Tiga Abdu (Three Abduls)," directed by and starring Malaysian silver-screen icon P. Ramlee.

Legendary Malaysian actor and musician P. Ramlee plays the totally groovy “Bunyi Gitar”. The fez , the shades, teenagers twisting like rock and roll angels, this video has it all. Thankyou DJGiantRobot.  
(via Dangerous Minds)

Crunch Dance + Hey Romeo + Ben Vaughn

Crunch Dance + Hey Romeo + Ben Vaughn
Sung by the author, Ben Vaughn.

ベン・ヴォーン、イタリアで瓢箪から駒ヒット? フィットネスで人気沸騰? アイスのCMにまで ....。

Ben Vaughn's song "Hey Romeo" featured in hilarious Italian Maxibon Ice Cream commercial.

Allen Ginsberg Figurine update

Introducing the 3rd figure from the 'Great People' Series by Archer Prewitt (The Sea & Cake, the Coctails, Sof'Boy) and the great folks at Presspop, Japan! (The first two in the series were Robert Moog and Raymond Scott) The Allen Ginsberg Doll, officially approved by the Allen Ginsberg Estate, comes with fabric cloth jacket, glasses, book, Uncle Sam hat, beaded necklace, and CD with 5 poetry readings and 1 song (all of the recordings are previously unreleased material). Limited to 1000 pieces. More info HERE and HERE
(via The Mayfair Workshop blog)  BUY, here.

"Ballad of the Lights"
Arthur Russell and the Flying Hearts featuring Allen Ginsberg
10” vinyl record / limited 1000, co-release with Audika Records,
due out on October 19th digitally via Audika, October 15th on limited edition 10" vinyl via Press Pop.  “Ballad of the Lights” was recorded in NYC in 1977 with Russell’s band, The Flying Hearts and Ginsberg participating in voice.  Chris Taylor (Grizzly Bear, Cant/Terrible Records) worked with the digital transfers for this limited edition 10 inch vinyl release.  Artwork: Archer Prewitt / Hand letterpressed by Jeff Mueller (June of 44, Shipping News) of Dexterity Press.  

A SIDE: Ballad of the Lights (1977) 5:46
Arthur Russell and the Flying Hearts featuring Allen Ginsberg

B SIDE: Pacific High Studio Mantras (1971) 5:27
(Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddi Hum)
Old Tibetan Mantra of Padmasambhava.
Tuned by Allen Ginsberg.

"HOWL" Official Theatrical Trailer


Hoquiam - zombies of the sea

Hoquiam - Zombies of the Sea, a film by Drake Jurado
'Zombies of the Sea' is taken from self titled debut on limited edition LP by Hoquiam (Damien Jurado & Drake Jurado) via St. Ives.

Damien Jurado - Arkansas,
the song from the latest album "Saint Bartlett" on Secretly Canadian
via Dutch Web site The Canal Sessions, filmed about a year ago. Damien Jurado performing while streaming the canals of Utrecht.

ode to jonas mekas

ode to jonas mekas, directed by Ray Conception
SLEEP∞OVER - Your World Is Night

Bubblegum Lemonade - You Only Leave Twice

Bubblegum Lemonade formed in Glasgow as a vehicle for the indie pop recordings of Lawrence "Laz" McCluskey. Deriving the project's name from the title of a Mama Cass album, McCluskey's project is rooted in bubblegum pop and jangly groups like Talulah Gosh and Primal Scream.

'You Only Leave Twice' is taken from the upcoming second album "Sophomore Release" which is due out on Matinée recordings.

You Only Leave Twice by Bubblegum Lemonade


First Aid Kit - Ghost Town

First Aid Kit - Ghost Town (Official)  Directed by Mats Udd.
'Ghost Town' is the third single off First Aid Kit debut LP "The Big Black & The Blue" (Wichita Recordings), and is released 27th September on 7” and download and includes a cover of Fever Ray’s 'When I Grow Up.' 

First Aid Kit – Hard Believer
First Aid Kit – Tiger Mountain Peasant Song (Fleet Foxes cover)

Dr. Dog - Take Me Into Town

We recorded 4 songs this summer at our friend Brian McTear’s studio in Philadelphia and we’re real happy with how they came out. We of course just released an album a few months back and we’re not feeling particularly anxious to ask you for more money, so we’re just gonna give some songs for FREE (at Facebook page).

Dr. Dog - Take Me Into Town

'Take Me Into Town' is one of Dr. Dog's new songs, their latest full length "Shame, Shame" has been available on Anti.  And Juston Stens, the former drummer of Dr. Dog has a debut EP, "Juston Stens & The Get Real Gang" (Park The Van) is available digitally now.

Dr. Dog's new video for "Shadow People" from their latest album "Shame, Shame."

Guided By Guided By Voices Cassette

Martin Courtney IV - Kicker of Elves/As We Go Up We Go Down
Alex Bleeker and Evan Brody - Motor Away
(via Chocolate Bobka)
Eternal Summers - A Salty Salute
(via GvB)
Pill Wonder - My Valuable Hunting Knife
(via Weekly Tape Deck)
Hallelujah The Hills - Chicken Blows
(via Captains Dead)
No Demons Here - Wondering Boy Poet/Game of Pricks

All tracks above are taken from "Guided By Guided By Voices" Cassette (sold out now) via Wild Animal Kingdom.  Also, another GBV tribute album will be released by No More Fake Labels early in 2011, featuring Flaming Lips, Western Civ and a collaboration from Buffalo Killers and the Breeders' Kelley Deal.

(Track List)
Invisible Hand - Non-Absorbing
Chromium Bitch - Tractor Rape Chain
No Demons Here - Wondering Boy Poet/Game of Pricks
Martin Courtney IV - Kicker of Elves/As We Go Up We Go Down
Andrew Cedermark - A Good Flying Bird
Air Waves - Back To The Lake
Big Troubles - A Big Fan of the Pigpen
Alex Bleeker and Evan Brody - Motor Away
Eternal Summers - A Salty Salute
Pill Wonder - My Valuable Hunting Knife
Hallelujah The Hills - Chicken Blows
FZ - I Am A Scientist
Harpoon Forever - Awful Bliss
Citymouth and Chromium Bitch - They're Not Witches
Fluffy Lumbers - Club Molluska
Dana Jewell - 14 Cheerleader Coldfront 


Scott Tuma

Scott Tuma - Red Rose For Me
Scott Tuma - Hope Jones (Jason's Song)

Both tracks are taken from Scott Tuma's latest full length "Dandelion" (Digitalis Industries / Limited Vinyl edition, still available at here / Artwork: Chris Koelle).  Scott Tuma is best known as the former member of Chicago's Souled American in the late 1980's and early 1990's, then his solo works and Boxhead Ensemble, also collaboration with Matt Christensen and Mike Weis of Zelienople, Good Stuff House.

WATCH :: Scott Tuma, May 7th, 2010 at Enemy in Chicago (via Acid Marsh Mallow)

Strobe Session #6
Jim Becker and Joe Adamik (Califone), Emmett Kelly (Cairo Gang, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy) and Scott Tuma perform at Strobe Session #6 on August 18th, 2008. This was recorded in front of a live audience.

The Fresh & Onlys - Waterfall

The Fresh & Onlys - Waterfall

The Fresh & Onlys - Be My Hooker

'Waterfall' is taken from The Fresh & Onlys' upcoming their third full length "Play It Strange" which is due out on October 12th via In The Red, recorded and mixed in one week with Tim Green (Fucking Champs, Comets On Fire) at Louder Studios.  Hailing from San Francisco The Fresh & Onlys consist of Tim Cohen (Black Fiction), Shayde Sartin (Ty Segall and the Swags, Skygreen Leopards, Papercuts, Kelly Stoltz, Citay ...), Wymond Miles, Kyle Gibson formerly of The Pattern.

The Fresh & Onlys perform 500 Snakes at Todd P's Monster Island Basement


“FRIENDS FOREVER” Girls + Smith Westerns

“FRIENDS FOREVER” is a short film by an artist-photographer Ryan McGinley, featuring Girls and Smith Westerns at this year’s Pitchfork festival.

Beach Fossils new 7"

Stream new Beach Fossils (Dustin Payseur, John Pena, Tommy Lucas) via Captured Tracks' Soundcloud page, following up their self-titled full-length debut.

Distance by Captured Tracks

Face It by Captured Tracks


Caribou Vibration Ensemble featuring Marshall Allen

In September 2009 the Flaming Lips invited us to play at the All Tomorrow's Parties New York festival which they curated. We wanted this show to be something special so we put together a 15 piece band including all of our friends - Kieran Hebden (Four Tet), Luke Lalonde (Born Ruffians), Koushik Ghosh (Koushik), John Schmersal (Enon, Brainiac), a five piece horn section, four drummers and Sun Ra Arkestra band current leader and legend Marshall Allen

Caribou - Every Time She Turns Round It's Her Birthday

This amazing live track above is taken from "Caribou Vibration Ensemble featuring Marshall Allen," a limited double vinyl recording of the concert with a DVD video recording of the show, available exclusively at  Caribou's upcoming concerts.

LISTEN :: Caribou @ Daytrotter session, Sept 16/2010

The Morning Benders "Echomix 2"

Fellini: Giulietta Degli Spiriti (1964)

The Morning Benders - Ram On (Paul McCartney Cover)

Download: The Morning Benders - Echomix 2

Nino Rota "Amore Per Tuti" (from Fellini: Giulietta Degli Spiriti)
Fur "Polybreak"
Parsley Sound "Ease Yourself and Glide"
R. Kelly "Exit"
Teen Inc. "Fountains"
Paul McCartney "Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey"
Jai Paul "BTSTU (Demo)"
The Morning Benders "Ram On (Paul McCartney Cover)"
Four Mints "You're My Desire"
Harry Nilsson "Early In The Morning"

The Morning Benders - Marie (Randy Newman cover)
Taken from "the bedroom covers"

Chloe Makes Music - Duel (feat. Chris Chu)   (via The Bay Area Bridged)
Taken from the upcoming solo debut album "The Puppeteers" of San Francisco's Chloe Roth, aka Chloe Makes Music, produced by Chris Chu.

The Morning Benders rehearsing before Blogotheque's Soirée de poche in Paris
Just a casual video. More beautiful stuff to come (including a featuring from St Vincent)


Sunset "Loveshines But The Moon Is Shining Too"

Sunset - Moonlight

Sunset is the work of songwriter, artist Bill Baird with John Kolar, Willis McClung, Will Patterson from Austin Texas.  Sunset’s 5th album "Loveshines But the Moon is Shining Too" is available now digitally, 2xLP is due out on October 12th via Autobus Records.

<a href="http://sunset.bandcamp.com/album/loveshines-but-the-moon-is-shining-too">Loveshines But The Moon Is Shining Too by Sunset</a>

Sunset - Fishtown (2009)

The first in the 2009 Project Series from Weathervane Music.  The song "Fishtown" was recorded April 24 - 25 2009 at Miner Street Recordings in Philadelphia with Producer Quentin Stoltzfus and engineers Amy Morrissey and Brian McTear.

I, Brute Force, Confections of Love

Brute Force (Stephen Friedland) is best known for 1969's "The King of Fuh", which was arranged by George Harrison and released on The Beatles' Apple Records. Brute Force is the rarest artist on Apple. With this expanded edition of Brute's rare 1967 Columbia debut, "I, Brute Force - Confections of Love." 

Bar/None Records will be reissuing "I, Brute Force, Confections of Love" on October 12th 2010 (plus 5 bonus materials).  Also, Razor Films (an independent feature film development, production, and finance company based in Los Angeles) is currently developing Brute Force documentary film project, produced by Andrew Fuller.


"Tapeworm of Love," by Brute Force (aka Stephen Friedland), from his album "Confections of Love". (1967)

Beth Sorrentino sings Curt Boettcher

Beth Sorrentino - I'm Not Living Here (Curt Boettcher cover)

This cover track will be appeared on the forthcoming album by Beth Sorrentino well known as the composer, vocalist and pianist for the indie-pop band, Suddenly, Tammy!  Produced by R. Stevie Moore, Bloomfield NJ, Sept 12 2010 / Drums by Irwin Chusid, Bass & Tambourine by RSM / squeezed rough mix mk.1 / Song composed by Curt Boettcher 1967, recorded by The Ballroom ('67) and Sagittarius ('69).
"I'm Not Living Here - Beth Sorrentino" by RStevieMooreTribute 
is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Beth Sorrentino - I Want You In My Life (R.Stevie Moore cover)

Taken from R. Stevie Moore Tribute Compilation Vol. 6

Beth Sorrentino - Beautiful Day
Beth Sorrentino - Amazing

The both tracks are taken from "swinging single : beautiful day / amazing" released by Comfort Stand Records (2004).  Beth Sorrentino: vocals / piano, Irwin Chusid: percussion on 'beautiful day'


Superchunk - Digging for Something

Superchunk - Digging for Something
'Digging for Something' is the first single from Superchunk's new full-length "Majesty Shredding," available now on Merge, P-Vine (Japan).  Directed by Scott Jacobson, video features special guests John Darnielle (of Mountain Goats), comedian Ted Travelstead and The Love Language.

R. Stevie Moore Tribute Compilation Vol. 6

James Richardson (MGMT) - The Winner
Elijah Moore (LAKE) - Schwann Catalog
Andrew Dorsett (LAKE) - Colliding Circles
taken from R. Stevie Moore Tribute Compilation Volume 6

Jad Fair - Under The Light
Noel Coward’s Ghost - You Always Want What You Don’t Have
taken from R. Stevie Moore Tribute Compilation Volume 5

Sickoftheradio.com is proud to release vol. 6 of the R. Stevie Moore Tribute box set entitled “Untitled Bible”. This volume  includes tracks from  James Richardson of MGMT, Elijah Moore and  Andrew Dorsett of LAKE, FlatRich LaBonte, Beth Sorrentino, David Shrigley .... .  All songs are compiled and arranged by R. Stevie Moore, the man himself.

R. Stevie Moore - Copy Me
From the '78 release 'Pow Wow'
It's available at rsteviemoore.com/​tp/​powwow.html



Cover Art by Harvey Pratt

Siskiyou - This Land
Siskiyou - El Condor Pasa (Simon & Garfunkel cover)

SISKIYOU is the recording project of Colin Huebert (former drummer of Great Lake Swimmers) in collaboration with Erik Arnesen (current guitarist of Great Lake Swimmers).  Siskiyou's self-titled debut album was recorded by Huebert inside stairwells, bathrooms, hotel rooms, and on beaches and rooftops in the greater Vancouver area. The album is available now via Constellation.


Holy Spirits - White Walls

Holy Spirits - White Walls (Unofficial fan video)
from the album "The Afternoon's Blood"
Footage: archive.org / smokedontsmoke.com

<a href="http://holyspirits.bandcamp.com/album/the-afternoons-blood">The Afternoon's Blood by Holy Spirits</a>

released 09 April 2010 / tags: baroque pop, chamber pop, folk, psychedelic rock, Brooklyn
Aaron Hodges- guitar, vocals, keyboard / Michael Barron- drums/percussion

by Nathaniel Whitcomb

Holy Spirits - The Afternoon's Blood
A motion collage video by Nathaniel Whitcomb | Think or Smile

The Bees "Every Step's a Yes"

The Bees - Silver Line

'Silver Line' and 'I Really Need Love' (under below) is taken from The Bees' forthcoming full length (the fourth studio album) "Every Step's a Yes" due out on Oct 11th via Fiction Records.  Hailing from Ventnor, Isle of Wight, England, The Bees (known in the United States as A Band of Bees) consist of Paul Butler (who co-produced Devendra Banhart's 2009 album "What Will We Be" in Los Angeles), Aaron Fletcher, Kris Birkin, Michael Clevett, Tim Parkin, Warren Hampshire.  Download the track "Silver Line" for FREE here

The Bees - I Really Need Love
Video for 'I Really Need Love' 7" single by The Bees,
released on October 4th on Fiction Records.