The Memories on Underwater Peoples

The Memories - Higher (Live at Boom Bap)

The Memories - Softly

The Memories, a new project by White Fang's Erik Gage (the founder of Gnar Tapes, Portland-based DIY music & cassette collective) and Kyle Handley, released their debut self-titled LP now from Underwater Peoples Records. The band comprises of Erik, Kyle, Izak Arida (aka Skinny Jesus) of Boom! and Aaron Levy of Meth Teeth. 


Chris Forsyth – The First 10 Minutes of Cocksucker Blues

Chris Forsyth – The First 10 Minutes of Cocksucker Blues Soundtrack

Northern Spy Records has announced their new signee Philadelphia guitarist Chris Forsyth, his solo album entitled "Kenzo Deluxe" will be released on July 10th. As a sneak peek of the sounds on "Kenzo Deluxe," Chris has released a video teaser of "Never Meant to Change the World (Cocksucker Blues)," his soundtrack to the unreleased Rolling Stones 1972's North American tour documentary by Robert Frank in support of their album Exile on Main St.

"Forsyth has toured throughout Europe and the US, sharing stages with such like-minded artists as Steve Gunn, Bill Orcutt, Ignatz, Rhys Chatham, and Träd Gräs och Stenar, and, from 2002 to 2011, as a member of Peeesseye. He has also collaborated with artists including Meg Baird, Tetuzi Akiyama, Mike Pride, Nate Wooley, Shawn Edward Hansen, and choreographers Miguel Gutierrez and RoseAnne Spradlin, among others. Currently in the works are a split cassette for the Preservation label with Loren Connors, and a collaboration with choreographer Meg Foley." 
--(Northern Spy)


Pure Bathing Culture - Ivory Coast

Pure Bathing Culture - Ivory Coast

"Daniel Hindman and Sarah Versprille began writing songs together in 2009 while living in Brooklyn, NY. In 2011, between tours with Sub Pop's Vetiver (who Versprille and Hindman play keyboards and guitar in respectively,) the duo packed up their lives, moved to Portland, OR and realized that it was time to put a name to the new project -- Pure Bathing Culture was born." --Father/Daughter Records.

'Ivory Coast' is taken from Pure Bathing Culture's forthcoming their self-titled EP on May 22nd via Father/Daughter Records. It was recorded by Richard Swift at his National Freedom studio in Cottage Grove, OR. Pre-order the vinyl, HERE. Listen more tracks on their bandcamp.

Beardy Session: Pure Bathing Culture - Ivory Coast


Life on Earth! - The Perfect Spot

WATCH ::  A new video from Life On Earth!, Dungen bassist, Mattias Gustavsson's own project, from Stockholm, Sweden. The song is taken from their latest EP "The Perfect Spot" (ÅÄÖ Fonogram, 2011).

"Imagine Alice Coltrane meeting Woody Guthrie and they decide to have a jam session with Booker T and the MG's somewhere in the outskirts of the Milky Way."

Life on Earth! - The Perfect Spot (Official video)
Directed by Mattias Gustavsson. Photography by Viktor Araskog and Mattias Gustavsson. This video contains excerpts from artist Evelyn Roth's wonderful "Woven in Time" from 1976. ©ÅÄÖ FONOGRAM


YACHT covers Brigitte Fontaine

In the meantime, we wanted to pay homage, and so we recorded a cover of one of her greatest songs, Le Goudron. Le Goudron is a surrealist revolutionary song originally recorded in 1969 with The Art Ensemble of Chicago, from the crazy-good album Comme A La Radio; we’ve reinvented its naive-apocalyptic candor for a neon-soaked dance floor. And yes, this is a YACHT recording in French! Claire’s first language is French, but we’ve never made a song in her native language before. With a European tour coming up, we figured now’s the time. --YACHT

YACHT has released a new free song, a cover of Brigitte Fontaine's 'Le Goudron' in support of their upcoming SHANGRI-LA TOUR 2012: PT.2 EUROPE. Also the remixes of 'Le Goudron' by Bobby Birdman & High Places, and another secret cover, their own remix and edit, are coming on iTunesMusic soon.


Witch Gardens "R-I-P" EP

Witch Gardens - Aunt Shae/Mean Colleen

Witch Gardens are the Seattle-based project of Beth Corry, Sara Beabout, Karolyn Kukoski and Casey Catherwood. Here's a new song 'Aunt Shae/Mean Colleen' taken from their "R-I-P" EP recorded at The Pool with Alex Yusimov and mastered by Tim Stollenwerk, cover art by the Witches’ own Sara Beabout and Casey Catherwood. The 7-inch is available via Water Wing Records imprint distributed by Mississippi Records, and their Bandcamp.

Sonny & the Sunsets "Longtime Companion"

Polyvinyl Records has just announced that their new signee San Fancisco's Sonny and the Sunsets is set to release the new album "Longtime Companion," due out on June 26th. The album is available for pre-order now on 180-gram yellow vinyl / CD and each pre-order comes with an instant MP3 download for the entire album.

"The new Sonny & the Sunsets record is a country record. It’s a break up record. Love and Heartache. Every song was written during and is about his break up with his girlfriend of ten years. The songs came fast and naturally so Smith let the next record be something different, he embellished his Sunsets with members of his country band The Fuckaroos (from 100 Records Project). Recorded to tape in a musty beer stained basement, what transpired was a classic country record."   (Polyvinyl Records)


Tim Burgess in Nashville #2

Kurt Wagner and Tim Burgess at The Beech House
(via Beech House Recording)

Listen another new song (rough mix) from the forthcoming second solo album "Oh No, I Love You" by Tim Burgess (The Charlatans), it was recorded with R. Stevie Moore.

"One of the tracks we had recorded was not running as smoothly as the others - a song called The Doors of Then. We'd tried it with a full band, stripped back and every which way. Apart from recording the album, the only other thing I'd wanted to do was meet up with R. Stevie Moore. I'd first heard his songs around five years ago and had spent most of the intervening time trying to listen to as many of the 400 albums that he'd made as possible. Me met over a takeout pizza and we got on like a trailer park on fire. I told him about The Doors of Then and the next day we recorded it with R. Stevie playing everything except the drums. It sounded exactly as I'd wanted it to."

via Huffington Post Entertainment Blog interview with Tim Burgess

Tim Burgess - The Doors Of Then (early rough mix) 
R. Stevie Moore - guitars & bass / Chris Scruggs - drums / Tony Crow - keyboards 
Recorded at Beech House, Nashville Oct 2011 by Mark Nevers  
(via RSM Soundcloud)

Spinning on Air: Mother & Son: Molly & Nick Drake

Molly Drake (photo: Alimentation Records)

Listen :: Mother & Son, Molly & Nick Drake
(Spinning on Air, hosted by David Garland)

"While Molly Drake raised her two kids Nick and actress Gabrielle Drake during the 1950s, this sociable, beautiful, happily married woman wrote introspective poetry and delicate, melancholy songs, which she sang, accompanying herself on piano. Though she apparently had no ambition to publish or promote her songs, her husband recorded them on a home tape recorder for the family's enjoyment. Sensitive and articulate, Molly Drake's songs are, as Nick Drake's original producer Joe Boyd recently observed, the "missing link" in understanding Nick's music." 

Molly Drake's album which was released as a privately-pressed CD including a collection of poems by Molly Drake via Alimentation will be coming out via US label Squirrel Thing Recordings this summer.

WATCH :: Nick Drake Documentary - A Skin Too Few


Tim Burgess in Nashville

R Stevie Moore / The Vaccines
split 7" (OGEN 016)
O Genesis Recordings, the label founded by The Charlatans' frontman Tim Burgess, has released three new 7” singles on Record Store Day, April 21st. It includes the debut double AA sided 7” by London 3 piece band Blood Music, and the first track 'A Case For Vinyl' from Tim Burgess' forthcoming solo album – the follow up to 2003's debut solo "I Believe," then a split 7" between R. Stevie Moore ('Post Breakup Sex') and The Vaccines (‘Why Should I Love You?’), covering each other's songs.

'A Case For Vinyl,' written by Tim Burgess and Kurt Wagner of Lambchop, was recorded/produced last year in Nashville by Mark Nevers, with Kurt Wagner, Chris Scruggs on bass (a grandson of the legendary Earl Scruggs), Tony Crow (Lambchop) on piano. The flipside features a remix by Sam Willis from Walls. The full-length, Burgess in Nashville, album "Oh No I Love You" will be out in September.

Lambchop - 2B2,
a brand new video for the latest album "Mr. M" (Merge, 2012). 

Lambchop - Gone Tomorrow, from "Mr. M"


Mark Kozelek Japan Tour 2012

contrarede presents
Mark Kozelek (of Sun Kil Moon, Red House Painters) Japan Tour 2012

7/11(水) 東京 キリスト品川教会 グローリアチャぺル
7/12(木) 名古屋 Tokuzo
7/13(金) 京都 磔磔

Further information, HERE.

first track from Sun Kil Moon's upcoming record Among The Leaves, out on May 29th via Caldo Verde Records

MARK KOZELEK - Live at the Shivering Songs Festival


R. Stevie Moore + Claire Welles - Havana Moon

R. Stevie Moore + Claire Welles - Havana Moon
written by Chuck Berry 1956; shaker by James Richardson (MGMT)

Claire Welles >> Bandcamp, Soundcloud

Beachwood Sparks return with "The Tarnished Gold"

Beachwood Sparks – Forget The Song, taken from "The Tarnished Gold"

Beachwood Sparks - Sparks Fly Again, taken from "The Tarnished Gold"

Beachwood Sparks – Confusion Is Nothing New
taken from the second album "Once We Were Trees" (Sup Pop, 2001)

Beachwood Sparks – Drinkswater
taken from the 6-song EP "Make the Robot Cowboys Cry" (Sub Pop, 2002)

Beachwood Sparks return with "The Tarnished Gold," their first new album in 11 years, due out on June 25th via Sub Pop.

"The Tarnished Gold" is the work of the classic Beachwood Sparks lineup: singer/guitarist Chris Gunst, singer/bassist Brent Rademaker, singer/multi-instrumentalist Farmer Dave Scher, and drummer Aaron Sperske, with invaluable support from guitarist and longtime friend Ben Knight (The Tyde). For the sessions, the band expanded to seven pieces, with guitarists Knight and Neal Casal, with Dan Horne on pedal steel in place of Scher, who opted to play organ, key, flying V guitar and electrified melodica. Also lending a hand were Gunst’s wife Jen Cohen, Sparks’ very first drummer Jimi Hey, Brent’s brother Darren (leader of The Tyde) and L.A. indie-rock maestro Ariel Pink. Once We Were Trees producer Thom Monahan returned to his familiar spot behind the console. (Sub Pop)

from BURGER RECORDS SAMPLER, released 05 July 2011 / 'All My Bastard Children' was originally appeared on The Tyde debut album "Once" (The Track & Field Organisation, 2001). Burger Records will re-issue The Summer Hits (feat. Darren Radermaker) compilation album "Beaches and Canyons 1992-96" (X-mas Records, 1997) and The Tyde’s "Once."


Paul Buchanan "Mid Air"

Paul Buchanan - My True Country

On May 21st, Paul Buchanan, mainstay of The Blue Nile from Glasgow, Scotland, will release the debut solo album "Mid Air" (his first release since 2004’s Blue Nile album "High") on Buchanan's own Newsroom Records via Essential. The album features 14 songs written, performed and produced by Paul Buchanan and was recorded at home, friend’s house and Gorbals Sound in Glasgow. Available on CD/Vinyl/Digital, and Deluxe CD Boxset includes the 10-track bonus disc. Pre-order is available on Buchanan's site, HERE.

Paul Buchanan - Mid Air (Live), from Late Night with Jools Holland 
The song is taken from "Mid Air."



The Blue Nile - Hats documentary - New York

(Thanks to ArAtAq)


Kelley Stoltz' latest release of TWO IMAGINARY GIRLS 7" single is available via french label Les Disques Steak, stream the single on its bandcamp now. It was recorded at Electric Duck studios, San Francisco. All instruments by Kelley Stoltz - Mixed and Mastered by Mikey Young. 




Noisy jelly is a game where the player
has to cook and shape his own musical material, based on coloured jelly.

Note : This project is a fully working prototype made with Arduino and Max/MSP, there are absolut no sound editing in the video…

Flickr set, HERE 
Download the Project pdf, HERE
Author: Raphaël pluvinage (pluvinage.eu and twitter (twitter.com/#!/rpluvina) & Marianne Cauvard (mariannecauvard.fr) at L'Ensci Les ateliers (ensci.com)


Heyward Howkins "The Hale & Hearty"

Heyward Howkins - Sugar Sand Stitched Lip (Official Video)
featured on the forthcoming debut full-length "The Hale and the Hearty".
Directed by Tyler Costill and Alex Curro.

"Like a patchwork suit, it’s equal parts British tweed (see Nick Drake, John Cale, The Smiths) and dusty American flannel (see Bon Iver, M. Ward, Damien Jurado)."

"The Hale and the Hearty" is the debut release from Heyward Howkins, former lead guitarist for The Trouble with Sweeney from Philadelphia. The album was recorded with his fellow musicians in Philadelphia including the members of Jens Lekman band, The War on Drugs, Nightlands, such as Charlie Hall and Severin Tucker, also B.C. Camplight and Philadelphia's veteran steel guitarist Mike Slo-mo Brenner, and drummer Richard Stuverud formerly of The Fastbacks from Seattle.

Due out on June 26th, pre-oreder is available his bandcamp.
Produced, recorded, and mixed by Chet Delcampo at Hong Kong Stingray Studios / Additional recording by Adam D. Gold (Shannon McArdle’s vocals) at oh real yum / Arranged by Heyward Howkins and Chet Delcampo

The Silver Ages - Tonight You Belong To Me / イチゴの片想い

Howkins is also a founding member of The Silver Ages, the critically acclaimed choral group featuring singers from a wide array of Philadelphia-based bands, including David Hartley (Nightlands, The War on Drugs, Buried Beds, BC Camplight), Charlie Hall (Jens Lekman, The War on Drugs, The Lindsey Buckingham Appreciation Society), Gianmarco Cilli (National Eye), Shai Halperin (The Capitol Years, Sweet Lights), Todd Starlin (Like Moving Insects), Brandon Beaver (Buried Beds, Nightlands), Brian Christinzio (BC Camplight), Rick Flom (National Eye, Mitch Fiction), Dave Wayne Daniels (The Capitol Years), Josh Newman (Mitch Fiction), Zach Miller (Dr. Dog) and Dan Matz (Windsor for the Derby, Birdwatcher).


Doug Paisley - Bats

Doug Paisley - Bats

A Toronto-based songwriter and performer, Doug Paisley is set to release his new 5-track CDEP/10" "Golden Embers" on April 17th via No Quarter Records, order is now available on their webshop

Doug Paisley has been working on his new full-length, but cut these five tracks right before the new year in Toronto. Backed by Blue Rodeo's Bazil Donovan (bass), John Showman (fiddle), Robbie Grunwald (piano), Dana Snell (drums), Joey Wright (mandolin) and Leslie Feist (harmonies).  --No Quarter

by Mitch Fillion (southernsouls.ca)

Doug Paisley - To & Fro (unreleased tune)
Video by Mitch Fillion / Artwork by Heather Goodchild
(via Southern Souls)

From Heather Goodchild: Some Wilderness Place installation,
wool felt, fabric (2007)

Heather Goodchild is a Toronto-based artist working primarily in textiles and she has designed album covers for Canadian musicians including Justin Rutledge and Matthew Barber, and her friend Doug Paisley ("Constant Companion").

Heather Goodchild’s work strives to uncover and explore stories and symbols with universal resonance. Focussing on textiles as a medium, she creates felt portraits, rugs, quilts, silk screened prints, soft sculpture, and dioramas.


Aaron Roche - Cyclocardoray

Brooklyn based musician Aaron Roche's latest 7" 'Cyclocardoray' (w/ R. Stevie Moore and Dan Burns of Action!) b/w 'Synthessiahis' (w/Shahzad Ismaily) is now available via La Station Radar. 'Cyclocardoray' is taken from his EP "!BlurMyEyes," due out on July 3rd via New Amsterdam Records. The full-length follow-up to the EP is currently in the works and will see a release sometime in 2013. Aaron Roche bandcamp.

Aaron Roche w/ R.Stevie Moore and Dan Burns by lastationradar Limited Edition Of 300 copies


Aaron Roche - Death Is All Around
Death Is All Around" by Aaron Roche from the "!BlurMyEyes" EP.
Video by In Transit founder and Asthmatic Kitty artist Jonathan Dueck.  

recorded by Konrad Snyder at Brown Owl Studio in Nashville with R. Stevie moore, Aaron roche + Dan burns, Feb 2012

released 30 November 2010
Aaron Roche and Tim Hinck have taken folk and modern classical music to another dimension entirely. The 4-D result is Plainspeak, recorded with members of the Chattanooga Symphony, William Tyler (Paperhats, Lambchop, Silver Jews, etc), Chris Davis (The Cherry Blossoms), Sarah Masen-Dark, and Dan Burns (Action!).

Sad Horse @ Tokyo

Sad Horse at Echo, shibuya, March 30th
1st day of Sad Horse/2up tour in japan 2012
presented by Sweet Dreams Press / Toad Records


Gregory Rogove "Piana"

"Piana" is the latest release by Gregory Rogove, best known for his work in Priestbird, Megapuss, and Devendra Banhart and The Grogs. The album is his first collection of instrumental, solo piano pieces inspired by Erik Satie and Claude Debussy, all music were composed by himself and performed by John Medeski (Medeski Martin & Wood). It also includes a DVD of visual and musical remixes. Available now on Knitting Factory Records.  
PIANA REMIX MUSIC BY: The Bees, Violens, Billy Martin (Medeski Martin & Wood), Natalia Lafourcade, Devendra Banhart, Storms, Hecuba, Carly Margolis, Adam Green, Lucky Dragons.

Gregory Rogove - Jackyl
from the album "PIANA," available now on Knitting Factory Records
Directed & Animated by Gregory Rogove and Diana Garcia
Cinematography by Autumn Durald / Edited by Phillip Gadrow

WATCH more :: SUNKEN SHIPS video by Steve & George Gorrow

Gregory Rogove - Jackyl (Violens Remix) by KnittingFactoryRecords

Sunken Sh-illy (Sunken Ships) (Billy Martin Remix) by KnittingFactoryRecords


Howe Gelb's new 12 piece collective, Giant Giant Sand

Giant Giant Sand - Forever And A Day


Giant Giant Sand is the new expanded version of Howe Gelb's Giant Sand for their forthcoming album "Tucson," this 12-piece collective comprises of Thøger T. Lund, Peter Dombernowski, Anders Pederesen and Nikolaj Heyman (they've been a part of Giant Sand for the last 10 years) from Denmark, Lonna Kelley from Phoenix, Brian Lopez, Gabriel Sullivan and Jon Villa from Tucson, pedal steel player Maggie Bjorklund, violinists Asger Christensen and Iris Jakobsen as a string section from Denmark.

"Just when you thought Giant Sand couldn't get any bigger, Howe Gelb has done just that by regrouping, expanding and magnifying his vision with the newest version of Giant Sand, calling it (appropriately enough) GIANT GIANT SAND. As a sort of homage, he's named the album "Tucson" after the town he's called home for forty years. This self-described country rock opera by one of music's leading risk-takers, is set to be released on June 11th, 2012 on Fire Records." (Fire Records)


The Alps' reissues on Mexican Summer

Mexican Summer will be reissuing 2009's "III" and 2011's "EASY ACTION" (Ltd 2nd Edition) by the San Francisco-based experimental rock outfit The Alps on April 17th, 2012.

The Alps - Cloud One, taken from "III"

"Comprised of Alexis Georgopoulos aka ARP (RVNG Intl/Smalltown Supersound), Jefre Cantu–Ledesma (Type), who runs the Root Strata imprint, and visual artist Scott Hewicker (Troll), The Alps get together when they can. Though III was recorded when each of the band’s members lived in San Francisco, now only Hewicker lives in SF, while Georgopoulos and Cantu–Ledesma call New York and Berlin home, respectively."

And .... stream "Mexican Summer / Sofware Recording Co. - Stash Rituals Sampler" featuring recent, present, and forthcoming selections from these two label catalogs.

Olden Yolk, the solo project of Shane Butler (Quilt)

Olden Yolk - Violet Vagaries

This is the debut video of Olden Yolk, the solo project of Boston’s folk psychedelic trio Quilt singer/guitarist Shane Butler (formerly of The Good Party)

"I have been writing and recording music on my own for as long as I have been playing tunes. I have always made releases under different names and played shows under various monikers: Olden Yolk is the most recent incarnation. Recording/playing solo is definitely a fun outlet cause it allows a totally different process of creation to take place. What I have been doing with Olden Yolk lately is starting songs with folk/acoustic/drone structures and looping and layering until it becomes super atmospheric drone-based folk." (via Dog Gone Blog)

Quilt - Young Gold

The Song 'Young Gold' is taken from the Quilt self-titled debut album on Mexican Summer (released: Nov 8, 2011), the trio comprises of John Andrews (Wisdom Tooth): Vocals, Drums, Anna Rochinski: Vocals, Guitar, Organ and Shane Butler (Olden Yolk): Vocals, Guitar.


The Hive Dwellers


Calvin Johnson has been well known as the co-founder, owner of K Records in Olympia, Washington since 1982, and the formerly member of the bands Cool Rays, Beat Happening, The Go Team, The Halo Benders and Dub Narcotic Sound System. The Hive Dwellers is his most recent band that he's been playing for about three years now and currently the band comprises of Gabriel Will, Evan Hashi and Calvin Johnson. The forthcoming Hive Dwellers album "Hewn from the Wilderness," recorded at Dub Narcotic Studio, is due out on June 12th via K / May 16th via 7e.p. (Japan).

The Hive Dwellers - "Tell-Tale Heart"
Recorded March 20th, 2012 during a practice session at Dub Narcotic Studio, Olympia, Washington, USA. Gabriel Will on bass, Evan Hashi on drums, & Calvin Johnson on guitar & voice.


Junior Electronics "Musostics"

Junior Electronics - Mike McConnell

Junior Electronics is the solo work of musician / sound engineer Joe Watson who has played keyboards with Stereolab since 2004 and engineered their last three albums. He has also worked with The High Llamas, Monade, Mary Hampton, John Cunningham and others. He runs the studio flipflop in his hometown Brighton, UK. "Musostics" is the second album by Junior Electronics with contributions from Mary Hampton (Imitation Electric Piano), Isidore Guild, Grant Allardyce (Big Hairy Band, Mountain Fireworks Company) and Alan Hay (lyrics). Available now via Hamburg based label Bureau B.

junior electronics - musostics (album preview) by experimedia

released 12 December 2008


Mariee Sioux "Gift for the End"

"Gift for the End is a mineral album. It also brings to mind Enya, Linda Perhacs, Townes Van Zandt, Cocteau Twins, Kate Bush, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Pentangle, Jackson Browne…" (Almost Musique)

Stream a couple of tracks from Mariee Sioux's new full-length "Gift for the End," the follow-up to 2007's her debut "Faces in the Rocks." Due out on April 17th via Whale Watch Records, now available in Europe via Almost Musique. The album was recorded between April 2010 and August 2011 in Placerville’s Moonsoon Studios and in the Nevada City’s Sun Dial studios.

"Mariee Sioux (born February 4, 1985) is an American folk singer-songwriter who has drawn comparisons from Joanna Newsom to Joni Mitchell, and she has toured through North America and Europe, often alongside fellow folk singer Alela Diane. Her father Gary Sobonya is a mandolin player of Polish and Hungarian descent, and her mother Felicia is of Spanish, Paiute, and Indigenous Mexican descent."

Mariee Sioux - Homeopathic by Whale Watch Records

Mariee Sioux - Swimming Through Stone by Whale Watch Records

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy :: Mariee Sioux :: Jonathan Wilson

Bonnie & Mariee - Loveskulls

'Loveskulls' is taken from the collaborative 4-song, a limited edition double gatefold 7” vinyl "Bonnie & Mariee" by Bonnie 'Prince' Billy and Mariee Sioux, released from Spiritual Pajamas on February, 2012. It close with a cover of Maria Muldaur's 'Mad Mad Me,' the song was originally appeared on the first solo album "Maria Muldaur" (Reprise,1973).
"These wonderful recordings feature a dream band of musicians: Paz (A Perfect Circle, Zwan and The Entrance Band) on bass, Nate Walcott (Bright Eyes) on keys, Jonathan Wilson on guitar and percussion, Farmer Dave Scher (Beachwood Sparks and Jenny Lewis) on slide and additional keys, Derek James (The Entrance Band) on drums and Dave Brennen (Dirt Blue Gene & Hope Sandoval and The Warm Inventions) and Emmett Kelly (The Cairo Gang) on additional guitars."

And ... also from Spiritual Pajamas, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy has recorded Leon Russell’s 'Hummingbird' for the Record Store Day exclusive 10 inch, which is being released April 21st, 2012, in a one-time only pressing of 1000 copies. The B-side contains 'Tribulations' (Estil C Ball Cover) recorded with with Cairo Gang, Emmett Kelly, and 'Because Of Your Eyes' (Merle Haggard Cover / Solo Version). 
"Using Russell’s famed Shelter Records soundboard for this one-off session--with its memories of Petty and Cale, and now owned by one Jonathan Wilson--Bonny introduces a pallet of musical soundscapes including the keys of "Farmer" Dave Scher, the porch-stomp grooves of Entrance Band rhythm section Paz and Derek and the claps of a thousand hands before letting the song "fly away" in a breeze of soulful psychedelia that stretches nearly twice the original’s length." 

(Arigato ArAtAq)

White Denim - Get Back To Love (Street Joy)

White Denim - Get Back To Love (Street Joy) (via)

White Denim - Cat City (via)
taken from the recent 4-song EP "Takes Place in Your Work Space" (Downtown Music, 2011)

The Austin, Texas-based art-rock four-piece, White Denim has recorded 'Get Back To Love (Street Joy),' a reworked into a different style version of 'Street Joy' (from "D"), and a cover of an R. Kelly song 'Don't Say No" (from "TP-2.com"). Both tracks will be released online soon. And their recent "Takes Place In Your Work Space" EP will be released in Europe with a couple of extra songs.

Street Joy (Live) by WhiteDenim
Live recording of Street Joy at The Ghost Room in Austin, TX. (via White Denim Soundcloud)

White Denim - Street Joy


The Little Fugitive

The Little Fugitive (1953) theatrical trailer
Written and Directed by Morris Engel, Ruth Orkin and Ray Ashley 
Starring Richie Andrusco and Rickie Brewster

Morris Engel and Ruth Orkin retrospective
アテネ・フランセ文化センター 6月13日(水)〜16日(土)

Pandercakes - Paint By Numbers

Pandercakes - Paint By Numbers

Pandercakes - Fogwalk

Hailing from Columbia, South Carolina, Pandercakes comprise of Joel B. Floyd, Jr., Logan Goldstein, Desirée Richardson, and Phillip Soellner. Their 4-track debut EP "Paint By Numbers" is available now on the bandcamp.