Adam Green Luxury Wafers Sessions

Adam Green - What Makes Him Act So Bad/Nat King Cole - Luxury Wafers Sessions
Audio engineer, mix and master: Peter Malick   Asst audio engineer: Tim Shrout
Video shoot: Landry Malick and Tim Shrout   Video edit: Landry Malick   

Adam Green, backed by the Dead Trees, records a double whammy: What Makes Him Act So Bad right into Nat King Cole, live in LA for Luxury Wafers at Kingsize Soundlabs.

WATCH :: another Luxury Wafers Sessions (Broadcast Beach/Drugs)

Help THE DEAD TREES Make A Killer LP!  Project
We are currently making our greatest work to date here in LA in a studio in the Hollywood Hills called New King Sound. We have teamed up with producer Noah Georgeson (Little Joy, Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom) who has agreed to pretty much work on spec due to his faith in the project. So far we have had the help in the studio of friends in The Strokes, The Whigs, Adam Green, and Little Joy, and there is something magical going on......... Read more here!

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