Phil and the Osophers

Phil and the Osophers - Pineapple
taken from "Parallelo" (2009, full-length) available on Factual Fabrications

Phil and the Osophers are the four-piece band, Phil Radiotes (guitar/vocals), Kevin Estrada (drums), Gus Iversen (bass), Lizbeth Marquez (keyboard/percussion) from Brooklyn, NY (by way of San Francisco, CA).
Here are catchy new videos from their recent album "Parallelo," 'Propeller Jet' contains footage from the 1920's-1940's news reels, and 'Well Being' contains new wave avant-garde film from Czech.... ヴィエラ・ヒティロヴァー(『ひなぎく』)『楽園の果実』 1969.  Also, watch 'Wandering Soul,' it contains Super 8 travel tour footage.
Phil and the Osophers' MySpace

Phil and the Osophers - Propeller Jet

Phil and the Osophers - Well Being

シュリンプ・ボートみたい ....。

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