The Soft Province - One Was A Lie

The Soft Province - One Was A Lie   (via Indie Music filter

The longtime friends since the age of twelve, (Besnard Lakes co-founders) Jace Lasek and Michael Gardiner met to explore and draw the new borders that make up the 45 atmospheric minutes of their self-titled debut album, "The Soft Province."  

It was recorded partially by Jace at Breakglass Studios in Montreal, and partially by Mike over a period of two years in Regina, Canada. Drawing on Mike and Jace's love of the pop song and long repetitive drones, the album spans the distance between the concise pop song structure of Francoise Hardy and the psychedelic organ drones of Broadcast.  Guests include Jace's wife and Besnard Lakes band mate, Olga Goreas, Max Henry (of Zeroes, Young Galaxy) and Jonathan Cummins' 1965 Fender Jazzmaster.  Jace Lasek currently plays in The Besnard Lakes and runs Breakglass Studios in Montreal where he records and produces many Canadian artists.  Michael Gardiner is a visual artist, musician and recording engineer living in Western Canada.  The album will hit stores in the Summer of 2010 via Three Ring Records.

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