BMX Bandits with Evie Sands - Witchi Tai To (2006)

BMX Bandits with Evie Sands - Witchi Tai To.
Live at the ABC, Glasgow, Scotland 16th July 2006.
The band consists of Duglas TStewart (of course), Gabriel Telerman, Jamie Cameron, Davie Scott,Stuart Kidd, Rachel McKenzie and Jim McCulloch. (geomck)

by sunshinetunes67 (Thanks!) 
'Witchi Tai To' was written by Jim Pepper (1941-1992), he was an American jazz saxophonist, composer, and singer of Native American ancestry.  Here is a description about the song from Wiki,

Of Kaw and Creek heritage, Pepper also achieved notoriety for his compositions combining elements of jazz and Native American music. Don Cherry and Ornette Coleman encouraged Pepper to reflect his roots and heritage and incorporate it into his jazz playing and composition. His 'Witchi Tai To' (derived from a peyote song of the Native American Church which he had learned from his grandfather) is the most famous example of this hybrid style; the song has been covered by many other artists including Harper's Bizarre, Ralph Towner (with and without Oregon), Jan Garbarek, and Brewer & Shipley. Pepper supported the American Indian Movement.

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