"A King in Milwaukee" Documentary DVD

David Greenberger (a writer and radio commentator best known for his Duplex Planet series of zines, comic books, CDs, spoken word performances and radio plays) transforms interviews with sixty Milwaukee elders into 38 songs, a CD ("Cherry Picking Apple Blossom Time") and an emotionally rich concert performance with the Paul Cebar (known as Paul Ceber and the Milwaukeeans) Stage Ensemble.

"A King In Milwaukee" is a thirty-minute documentary by Nicole Brown and Brad Lichtenstein follows Greenberger through his three-month Milwaukee-based project. Beginning with his conversations at a range of elderly facilities, talking specifically with people who have memory loss – some not even noticeable, others profoundly so; from there it moves to Greenberger's collaboration with Cebar as they worked with members of his band and other Milwaukee and Chicago musicians, creating and arranging the pieces in the studio. The culmination is their triumphant concert at the historic Pabst Theater.

The DVD also includes the one-hour concert film, "Cherry Picking Apple Blossom Time," produced by MPTV (Milwaukee Public Television). The DVD includes additional footage and deleted scenes from the documentary (including one number which isn’t even on the CD).

The DVD is available from UWM’s Center on Age & Community

David Greenberger and Paul Cebar finishing song 'Cookie'
A clip of David, Paul, and Mark Greenberg (of the Coctails) putting the finishing touches on the song "Cookie".

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