Born Ruffians - Sole Brother


Luke Lalonde of Toronto band, Born Ruffians' second album "Say It" is due out on June 1st via Paper Bag Records / May 31th on Warp Records, following up to their 2008 debut, "Red Yellow and Blue."  For the new album Born Ruffians teamed up again with producer Rusty Santos (Animal Collective, Panda Bear, Owen Pallett).

Born Ruffians - Sole Brother   (via exclaim.ca)
Born Ruffians - Hedonistic Me   (via Spinner) from the Album "Red, Yellow & Blue"
Born Ruffians - Knife   (via stereogum) Grizzly Bear Cover

Darius Twin animation + Kelly Stoltz

"Short compilation of animations made when I was on crutches in 7th grade.. Couldn't skateboard "  :( dariustwin
music by kelley stoltz - prank calls

The Ruby Suns - Cranberry

"Fight Softly"is The Ruby Suns' 2nd album for Sub Pop, coming out March 2. California-born, and now New Zealand citizen) Ryan Mc Phun (ex. The Brunettes) created The Ruby Suns in New Zealand in 2004.  Lawrence Arabia (James Milne) is known as the former member of The Ruby Suns.

The Ruby Suns - Cranberry
Ruby Suns - Closet Astrologer
Ruby Suns - Tane Mahuta

Lonely Drifter Karen "Fall Of Spring" Video Teaser

The new album from Lonely Drifter Karen, entitled "Fall Of Spring," out in March via Crammed Disc. Guests on the album including Emily Jane White (who duets on the track Seeds), Dana Janssen from Akron/Family and Carey Lamprecht (violin player for Jolie Holland). It was recorded in Mallorca, Brussels and various spots around France, and mixed by Christine Verschorren.

Listen :: 'Dis-In-Motion,' first track for the album,

Wounded Lion – Creatures In The Cave

taken from Wounded Lion’s forthcoming S/T LP, out  in 4/27 via In The Red.
Wounded Lion – Creatures In The Cave   (via MBV

The Bowery - Leonard Pytlak (1934)

Leonard Pytlak (1910 - 1998) was a WPA artist and printmaker. 

Cymbals Eat Guitars - Ballad Of Big Nothing (Elliott Smith Cover)

taken from B-side of Cymbals Eat Guitars' upcoming (re-recorded) 'Wind Phoenix' 7" on March 1 / MySpace >>

Cymbals Eat Guitars - Ballad of Big Nothing  (via Pinglewood

GIRL GROUPS - The Story of a Sound by Alan Betrock

"Girl Groups - The Story of a Sound" by Alan Betrock
Delilah Books/Putnam Publishing Group (1982)

The author is late "The father of girl-group fandom," Alan Betrock (1950-2000) who launched "New York Rocker," the punk/new wave magazine in 1977.

Vivian Girls – “He’s Gone” (The Chantels Cover)

The b-side from their forthcoming “My Love Will Follow Me” 7-inch, out next month on Wild World

Vivian Girls - He's Gone (The Chantels' Cover)   (via MBV)



School House Dead ....?

(via Currituck Co. MySpace)

PGSoR - Friend of the Devil
Paul Green School of Rock - Bucks County - Friend of the Devil - The Grateful Dead - The Well - Feasterville, PA. Oct. 30, 2006

Bill Callahan - Bowery (Live)

From Bill Callahan's forthcoming "Rough Travel For A Rare Thing," 
a collection of live recordings, due out 3/23 from Drag City.

Bill Callahan - Bowery (Live)   (via MBV)

"Rough Travel For A Rare Thing" Track list :: 1. Our Anniversary  2. Diamond Dancer  
3. Bowery  4. Held  5. Say Valley Maker  6. In The Pines  7. Cold-Blooded Old Times  
8. Rock Bottom Riser  9. Let Me See The Colts  10. The Well  11. Bathysphere 

via FADER TV: Bill Callahan Live at Other Music (April, 2009)

That Ghost - Never Have Fun


That Ghost is 19-year-old Ryan Schmale of Sonoma County, California. 
'Never Have Fun' first appeared on "Young Fridays" LP via twosyllable Records
'Your Back' shows up on flip side of the single.

That Ghost - Never Have Fun   (via Transparent
That Ghost - Your Back   (via Transparent

That Ghost "Never Have Fun"
(Transparent/7" Limited/Nov.2009)

Ortolan - Sticky Situation

Ortolan is a sister act of Cottingham sisters, Stephanie (16), Brianna (17), Lara (20)  and sister-in-law Jill (22) from Riverside/New Jersey, their full length debut album "Time On A String" will be released on March 9th via Sounds Familyre Records.  Daniel Smith of Danielson Famile, recorded the album last summer, and invited the girls to join the other artists on his Sounds Familyre. 

Ortolan - Sticky Situation   (via Spinner)

Twin Sister - Nectarine


Twin Sister - Nectarine
from Vampires with Dreaming Kids EP (Download Free) 

Listen! :: I Want A House (Instrumental)

Human Skab's 1986 cassette re-issue

Human Skab "Thunder Hips & Saddle Bags" (Family Vineyard / LP, CD, Download)

"If Captain Beefheart were ten years old, this is what he'd probably sound like"    
-- Spin March 1986

As Bruce Pavitt wrote in the 1986 Sub Pop zine: the Skab zips around the living room shooting toy guns. He hits the family piano with his fists. He tries real hard to play guitar. He makes up songs about terrorism and radiation and throwing rocks at windows. Cool!

Human Skab - Dead Baby Blues

Freelance Whales - Generator First Floor

from New York-based Freelance Whales' upcoming debut album "Weathervanes" out on 3/16 via Frenchkiss Records (The Antlers, Passion Pit), "Weathervanes" sounds very suitable for Wes Anderson's film.

(via Pretty Much Amazing)
Freelance Whales - Generator First Floor
Freelance Whales - Generator Second Floor

WATCH :: Stereogum Premiere / "Generator Second Floor" 
(Live At Grand Street Recording) Video 

Ernie Kovacs - (surrealistic) Kitchen Symphony

music : 'Cherokee' from Esquivel's album "Infinity in Sound Vol. 2"

Thee Oh Sees - Quadrospazzed 12"

Castle Records / etching by WILLIAM KHEIN 

Picastro - Twilight Parting

"become secret" out Feb. 22 on Monotreme Records

Picastro - Twilight Parting

Toronto-based Picastro have continued to mine a rich seam of beautifully melancholic (and sometimes menacing) avant-folk/rock. The fourth album, "Become Secret", finds them on top form once again, with the familiar accompaniment of cello, acoustic guitar, drums and piano employed to great effect on songs that incorporate Eastern European folk themes, bleak cinematic soundscapes and dark, unsettling pop. Frontwoman and songwriter Liz Hysen shares vocal duties on several songs with guest vocalists including Tony Dekker (Great Lake Swimmers), Brendan Massei (Viking Moses), Colleen Kinsella (Fire On Fire, Cerberus Shoal), and John McIntyre.  (Monotreme Records) 


Japanese Jazz Opera "Peach Boy" 抱腹絶倒桃太郎

"Oshidori Utagassen" (1939: Directed by Masahiro Makino)
鴛鴦歌合戦 (マキノ正博監督 / 日活)

Wacky Modern Jazz Opera "Momo-taro" / モダン・ジャズ・オペラ 桃太郎
(via Japanese Jazz Opera | Global Hit | PRI's The World)

Walter Schreifels - Arthur Lee’s Lullaby

Photo by Jennifer Eberhardt 
Before going the solo, Walter Schreifels was part of some seminal New York bands over the last 20 years including Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Quicksand, Rival Schools, and Walking Concert. 'Arthur Lee’s Lullaby' is from his forthcoming a full length album "An Open Letter to the Scene, out May 4 via Academy Fight Song

Walter Schreifels - Arthur Lee’s Lullaby   (via Spinner)

TUNNELVISION: The What Cheer? Brigade - Buba Mara

via pitchfork.tv's TUNNELVISION
The WHAT CHEER? BRIGADE is a rowdy 19-piece brass band of Providence that combines a punk rock ethos and the mobility of marching bands. We play Luddite hardcore – loud, fast music that reclaims public space and requires no electricity. We are a party band, and our sound incorporate elements of musical traditions such as Bollywood, Balkan, New Orleans, samba, and punk…and that’s just the short list. (Anchor Brain)

What Cheer? Brigade - Salyan Re Salyan

Providence local artist Will Schaff will be doing the artwork for their forthcoming release on Anchor Brain records.

Josiah Wolf's Solo debut

Josiah Wolf - The Trailer and the Truck    (via pitchfork)
from WHY? drummer, multi-instrumentalist Josiah Wolf's solo debut album "Jet Lag"(out on March 02 via Anticon).


The Dutchess and The Duke - Living This Life

The Dutchess and The Duke :: Jesse Lortz and Kimberly Morrison 

The Dutchess and The Duke - Living This Life
The Dutchess and The Duke - Hands

"Sunset/Sunrise" album (Hardly Art/2009) recorded with the Gris Gris frontman, Greg Ashley at his analog-equipped, Bay Area studio. 

Greg Ashley - Fisher King   (via birdman records)


Shuta Hasunuma / Door of the Cosmos SUN RA cover

Adorable cover of Sun Ra's 'Door of the Cosmos,' reminding of The Langley Schools Music Project.

蓮沼執太/Shuta Hasunuma "wannapunch!"

The Internal Tulips "Mislead Into A Field By A Deformed Deer"


The Internal Tulips' debut albun "Mislead Into A Field By A Deformed Deer" (five years in the making) is out on March 1st via Planet Mu Records.  The Internal Tulips is a project from Brad Laner who was Electric Company and Personal Electronics and Alex Graham who is Lexaunculpt, they have a history in American Bands such as Medicine and Savage Republic but have also separately released electronic music on Planet Mu in the past. 
Preview @ Planet Mu >>

"The sound of this project is very Beach Boys/Brian Wilson/Beatles influenced, and the production is very detailed and sounds amazing in the Clubhouse."

The Internal Tulips - Mr. Baby   (via the pinglepad

The Internal Tulips - Arlie / Video by Josh Laner

Brad Laner - June Gloom
from Brad Laner's solo album "Neighbor Singing" (Hometapes/2007)

MySpace (The Internal Tulips) >>     MySpace (Brad Laner) >>

So Many Wizards


So Many Wizards' upcoming 2nd EP "Love Songs for When You Leave Me" is produced and mixed by the wonderful Christopher Chu of The Morning Benders and recorded at different fur studios. 

So Many Wizards - Yellow Hands   (via Rock Insider)

So Many Wizards - "I Know" from elliot glass on Vimeo.
Camera: Elliot Glass   Sound: Elliot Glass   All Rights Reserved. Member of Ocean.  
somanywizards.com >>    MySpace >>

Bonnie Prince Billy And The Cairo Gang - Play, Guitar, Play (non-LP Preview)

Bonnie Prince Billy And The Cairo Gang (aka Emmett Kelly) plays Conway Twitty Cover 'Play, Guitar, Play' (non-LP).  Upcoming "The Wonder Show Of The World" album  is out 3/22 via Domino (UK) and 3/23 via Drag City  (US). Now The Cairo Gang's going on a UK tour with Baby Dee.

Bonnie Prince Billy And The Cairo Gang - Play Guitar Play   (via MBV

The Extraordinary Ordinary Life of José González


Junip - Rope and Summit  (new MP3)

The Extraordinary Ordinary Life of José González, directors Fredrik Egerstrand and Mikel Cee Karlssons’ new documentary about González. Watch HERE

According to González’s official site, new Junip EP and full length album (follow-up to their debut EP "Black Refuge" 2005) will be out sometime this year.

The Ugly Suit - On We Go (Live at Radio Woodstock)

Oklahoma’s indie six-piece, the Uglysuit performed "On We Go" live on the Lunch Lounge with Carmel on Radio Woodstock, 100.1 WDST - Woodstock, NY. (Jan. 2010)

The Ugly Suit - Chicago  (via Spinner)


Daniel, Fred & Julie - The Gambler and his Bride


Daniel, Fred, and Julie is Julie Doiron's current project featuring Daniel Romano (Attack in Black), Fred Squire (Calm Down It's Monday).

Daniel, Fred & Julie - The Gambler and his Bride   (via Glorious Noise

"DANIEL, FRED & JULE" (You've Changed Records)
Recorded and Mixed in Sackville, New Brunswick, in the summer of 2009
Mastered in Mississauga, Ontario, by Dan Weston

"Mt.Eerie + Julie Doiron Japan Tour"
March 5 ~ March 13, 2010   Tour Dates Info>>


Pill Wonder - Gone to the Market

Pill Wonder - Gone to the Market (via Chocolate Bobka)
from upcoming full length "Jungle/Surf" out on Feb 28th via underwater peoples

Veronica Falls' cover of Roky Erickson's "Starry Eyes"


'Starry Eyes' (Roky Erickson cover) is taken from the B-side of 'Found Love in a Graveyard' 7" single via Captured TracksVeronica Falls are Roxanne (vocals, guitar), Marion (bass), Patrick  (drums) and The Proper Ornaments' James (guitar) 

Roky Erickson - "Starry Eyes" acoustic radio performance


"Life" Uniform Motion's second album, available in various different formats (CD, MP3, Poster Pack, Canvas Pack) at HERE

Uniform Motion - Roll Over  (via puddlegum)

Click HERE!!  to play!

Cast Spells - Potted Plant

Cast Spells "Bright Works" EP (Sargent House/2009)

Cast Spells of Chicago is David Davidson's newest avant-pop project. 'Potted Plant' is included within the debut EP "Bright Works" which was recorded with a producer, Jason Cupp (Nurses, The Elected). Also Cast Spells/Good Old War Split EP is available on Sargent House. The both EPs are available digitally, HERE.

From Maxwell's basement in Hoboken, NJ. We assembled Dave Davison, Good Old War and Hezikiah Jones to create an amazing backing band for Cast Spells. (Dec. 2009)


"A Bridge of the Iron" Yoshio Fujimaki (1909-1935)

藤牧義夫 :: 鐡の橋(鉄の橋)1933年 
『新版画』第10号(1933年10月)/かんらん舎蔵  (via yfujimaki.exblog.jp)

Animal Style


Animal Style - Somerset Blues
Animal Style - Staring At The Ground Is Wrong
(via Vice)

Pearl Harbor's bassist-turned-guitarist-pt. deux, Cody, also plays guitar in Animal Style.  MySpace >>

Laura Veirs - July Flame

“July Flame” from the latest album "July Flame,"
animated & directed by Doug Savage, the winner of Saltbreakers Video Contest 2007.

1st place for the "I Can See Your Tracks" Video Contest submitted by Alden Healy from San Francisco, CA. The song features the amazing howling of My Morning Jacket's Jim James.


"July Flame" album is available on Raven Marching Band Records. 

GOLDEN TRIANGLE album "Double Jointer" March 2

three bad girls backed by three guys will release first full length "Double Jointer" from Hardly Art.