Thee Oh Sees "Putrifiers II"

Thee Oh Sees - Lupine Dominus

An incredible Sci Fi-Psychedelic-Krautrock groove, 'Lupine Dominus' is a latest track from the forthcoming new "Putrifiers II," 14th LP by the San Francisco's Psyche-Art-Garage outfit Thee Oh Sees. The LP will be released on September 11th via In The Red. Thee Oh Sees are John Dwyer, Brigid Dawson, Petey Dammit, Mike Shoun, and the featuring guests on "Putrifiers II" are Mikal Cronin (sax), Heidi Maureen Alexander (trumpet, vocals) and K Dylan Edrich (viola).

so nice (rough cut) by Thee Oh Sees

Dent May covers Grateful Dead

Dent May - Shakedown Street (Grateful Dead Cover)

Dent May - Home Groan (from "Do Things")

Dent May's latest full-length "Do Things " is available now via Paw Tracks


The Hand to Man Band - The Down Moveables

The Hand to Man Band - The Down Moveables
Video by Marcos Sanchez / Recorded by Nicholas Taplin (Post-Consumer)

"The band’s moniker was inspired by a cryptic fortune cookie Watt picked up in Austin, and that’s really no surprise – this album is filled with mysterious clues that lead to solutions indirectly. Veering between the tightly woven and the completely unhinged, trading deep gulfs of ponderous melancholy with gentle, fractured pop fairytales, The Hand To Man Band keeps the listener guessing without ever completely abandoning their own special brand of earthy hall-of-mirrors music." -- Post Consumer

The Hand To Man Band - First Shallows

The Hand To Man Band is comprises of Mike Watt (best known for co-founder of Minutemen, dos, and fIREHOSE), John Dieterich (Deerhoof, Natural Dreamers), Tim Barnes (Silver Jews, Jim O’Rourke, Text of Light), Thollem McDonas (Tsigoti). 'First Shallow' is taken from their first full-length "You Are Always on Our Minds," available now via Austin's Post-Consumer.

Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah!



Violent Femmes- Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah
from "Saturday Morning Cartoons Greatest Hits" (MCA, 1995)
Violent Femmes :: Gordon Gano, Brian Ritchie, Victor DeLorenzo, and Guy Hoffman(1993–2002


Jet Screamer - Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah
Originally performed by Howard Morris. Jetsons music video featuring 'Jet Screamer' from 60's TV show.


"19: Songs for and Inspired by Valencia Chapter 19"

Jen Schande – I Really Like Sonic Youth, And I Really Want to Have Sex With You

'I Really Like Sonic Youth, And I Really Want to Have Sex With You' by Jen Chochinov (a.k.a. Jen Schande --the singer, guitarist, songwriter for San Francisco local indie noise rock band Schande) is taken from her upcoming 8-song solo album "19: Songs for and Inspired by Valencia Chapter 19," due out on July 17th, pre-order is available now on its bandcamp
The album was written for the Valencia Movie(s) Project, and the song was based on chapter 19 (directed by Olivia Parriott) of "Valencia" written by Michelle Tea. Also, "Valencia Chapter 5" (directed by Hilary Goldberg and produced by Shani Heckman) features Jen Turner (of Here We Go Magic) for its original soundtrack.  (via)

from Valencia Chapter 5 of Valencia The Movie/s

Valencia: The Movie/s is a collaborative film project headed by Michelle Tea and filmmaker Hilary Goldberg. Twenty one queer filmmakers each shoot a 5-7 minute short based on a chapter from the book. Illustrator Ariel Dunitz-Johnson helps visually tie the work together with stunning portraits of the 21 “Michelle” characters who vary in age, gender, size, ethnicity, style and era!


Blues Control "Valley Tangents"

Blues Control - Iron Pigs (from "Valley Tangents")

Blues Control is a Queens, NY-based improv psych duo featuring Russ Waterhouse (guitar, electronics, tapes) and Lea Cho (keyboards, electronics), both from Watersports. The duo have just released their first Drag City album "Valley Tangents," the long-awaited full-length follow-up to 2009's "Local Flavor" (Siltbreeze), and last year's  Laraaji collaboration for FRKWYS.

Blues Control - Love's A Rondo (from "Valley Tangents")
Directed by Tara Sinn. Filmed by William Strobeck. 
Featuring Tarik Davidson aka Allstar the MTA Mime.

Blues Control :: Facebook / Soundcloud / MySpace

Ty Segall performing 'You Make the Sun Fry'

Drag City Limits presents Ty Segall performing the song "You Make the Sun Fry," from LP/CD "Goodbye Bread," in Chicago, on May 10, 2012. 
"How many musicians does it take to fill a steam room ?" ..... this is merely the first episode in what will be an ongoing series featuring artists getting down in the wettest-hot steam-capsule only we can provide. --Drag City

Ty Segall & White Fence – I Am not a Game
taken from the recent collaborative album between Ty Segall and Darker My Love front man Tim Presley a.k.a. White Fence, "Hair" via Drag City.

Ty Segall Band - I Bought My Eyes
taken from Ty Segall's latest release "Slaughterhouse" under the name Ty Segall Band, comprised of Segall with Mikal Cronin, Charlie Moothart, and Emily Rose Epstein, due out on June 26th via In The Red.

And... Ty Segall’s third solo full-length album will be coming in September.



Orca Team - Night Moves
Directed and filmed by Eric Fundingsland. 2012. From the album RESTRAINT.

From the album RESTRAINT.

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, post-punk/surf/mutant disco inspired trio Orca Team's new full-length "RESTRAINT" is out now via Athens, GA imprint, HHBTM (Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records) and C.A.L.I. Records (cassette). The trio comprises of Dwayne Cullen on drums, Jessica B. on guitar and Leif Anders on bass/ vox.
Orca Team :: Bandcamp / Souncloud / Facebook

NPR Tiny Desk Concert: Daniel Johnston w/Sweet Lights

NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert, June 11, 2012
Daniel Johnston w/Sweet Lights

an infinite comic book of musical greatness
is a visceral, engaging work of art by celebrated singer/songwriter Daniel Johnston. The book combines the unique and brilliant characters, images and words of Daniel Johnston along with Daniel's amazing music, and the musical and artistic contributions of fans, to create a one-of-a-kind interactive comic book experience. This project combines Daniel’s music and art to create a must-see experience for art, music, and comic fans everywhere. --BOOM! Studios 

by Albert Birney

Sweet Lights - Endless Town
Director: Albert Birney / Animator: Vanessa Lauria / jubadaba.com

Sweet Lights – Ballad Of Kurt Vile #2
taken from the latest self-titled album.

Sweet Lights - You Let Me Down
recorded for Weathervane's Shaking Through series / released 16 August 2011.

"Sweet Lights," the debut S/T album of Philadelphia’s Sweet Lights (Shai Halperin of former Capitol Years, and currently of Daniel Johnston’s band), is available now via Highline Records. Also, the first 7" single 'Endless Town' (b/w 'Handle With Care' Traveling Wilburys' cover. Limited) from the album is available now.


Sam Beam covers Little Feat

Trouble by Iron & Wine by Suicide Squeeze Records

Sam Beam aka Iron & Wine has covered George Michael and Lowell George's Little Feat on the limited edition "Two Sides of George" 7" via Suicide Squeeze Records' singles series. The Single includes a couple of covers of George Michael's 'One More Try' (from AV Club’s Undercover session) and Little Feat's 'Trouble.' 
Cover Art by Steve Krakow from Plastic Crimewave.

Suicide Squeeze's 2012 series also include the likes of King Tuff, White Woods, Nobunny, Wax Idols, Cloud Nothings, and Julianna Barwick.


Mike Andrews "Spilling A Rainbow"

"For Mike, finding out that he was going to become a father was a moment when he realized that the world he was familiar with was all about to change. He went to work at his home studio outside of Los Angeles writing and recording songs that documented his life’s journey through this transformation." --Everloving Records

Michael Andrews - Spilling A Rainbow by KPCC

Originally from San Diego, Michael Andrews (aka Elgin Park of The Greyboy Allstars) is a L.A.-based multi-faceted musician/producer/film composer who has scored music for cult classics “Donnie Darko”, “Me and You and Everyone We Know” and the TV series “Freaks and Geeks,” as well as Hollywood films like Jake Kasdan’s “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story,” and Duplass Bros.' "Cyrus" and more, also he has collaborated with artists like Inara George and Van Dyke Parks, Brendan Benson, Gary Jules, and many others. His second solo effort "Spilling A Rainbow," recorded at his home studio outside of Los Angeles with his fellow engineers Dan Long and Steve Kaye, is due out on August 14th via Everloving. The album includes a cover of Roy Harper’s “Forever.”

WATCH :: Michael Andrews Animated Music Video, "Bubbles In Space" under the professional production of, Joshua Hassin.

ところで、始まりにはブライアン〜ペット・サウンズのコラボレーターとしての功績があれど、ヴァン・ダイク・パークスへの敬愛の連鎖を辿ってみると、ジョアンナ・ニューサムの2ndにヴァン・ダイク・パークスを招いたジム・オルークがいて、それからジョアンナのツアーで単身オープニング・アクトを務めたロビン・ペックノルド(フリート・フォクシーズ)、ベラ・ユニオンからのヴァン・ダイクの名作3タイトル再発を祝うロンドンでのショーにペックノルドと共に参加するグリズリー・ベアのダニエル・ロッセン。これとはきっと別経路で、ヴァン・ダイクのコラボレーター、イナラ・ジョージ(ザ・バード&ザ・ビー)のダンナさんが映画監督のジェイク・カスダン(ローレンス・カスダンの息子)で、マイケル・アンドリュースが映画音楽を手がけていくきっかけになったのがジェイクの初監督作品『Zero Effect』、そしてマイケルがイナラにヴァン・ダイクを紹介され、彼女のヴァン・ダイクとのコラボ作『An Invitation』(2008) をプロデュースしたという....。 
(Mike, Don Heffington, Van Dyke - Photo by Laura Heffington.)


Chris Lee "Bury the Kings"

Chris Lee - Antony Flew
as a teaser track from the upcoming LP "Bury the Kings."

Chris Lee is a North Carolina-born singer currently living in Brooklyn. He has been a DJ, an editor of Op-Eds, author of the Weekend Miser column, and a guitarist in an array of avant-leaning ensembles, and he has recorded three albums, two on Misra and one on Smells Like Records in the 00's. "Bury the Kings" LP is the 4th full-length finished with his longtime collaborator Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth). It was recorded and mixed by Ted Young at Sonic Youth’s Echo Canyon West studio in Hoboken, NJ., and features Chris on vocals and guitar backed by David Nagler (Nova Social, John Wesley Harding and Jon Langford collaborator) on keyboards, Aaron McClellan (Tall Firs) on bass, Joey McClellan on guitar and Shelley on drums. "Bury the Kings" is set to release on July 31st via Steve Shelley's new imprint Vampire Blues

Also.. from Vampire Blues on July 31st, Spectre Folk’s "The Ancient Storm," the six-track album by Pete Nolan (Magik Markers) along with Peter Meehan (The Grey Lady), Aaron Mullan and Steve Shelley, will be released on LP with a free download card that includes 5 bonus songs not on the LP. Spectre Folk's "The Blackest Medicine, Vol.II" 12″ EP is available on Woodsist label, HERE.

Spectre Folk - Live @ Shea Stadium by LiveatSheaStadium


Berend Dubbe covers Andy Williams

"Because I love Andy Williams so much I tried to re-create Can't Get Used to Losing You last weekend, a song written by Jerome "Doc" Pomus and Mort Shuman and made famous by Andy Williams."  --Berend Dubbe

Berend Dubbe (formerly of Bauer and Bettie Serveert) is an Amsterdam-based professional voice-over artist and a composer for film, TV and commercials. Also he's currently working on a solo album called 'The Summer of Berend Dubbe' (working title) in the Orchestral Pop style.

100 Albums - Cleo

100 Albums - Cleo

'Cleo' is taken from 100 Albums' self-titled EP, available on the bandcamp. 100 Albums' "White" EP cassette is available now via Psychic Mule, an Independent Cassette/Record label based in Brooklyn, NY. (via Last Nights)

100 Albums - Red Rays, the song from the EP

Magic Trick - Invisible at Midnight


Magic Trick - Invisible at Midnight (from "Ruler of the Night")

"Ruler of the Night," the new album by Tim Cohen’s Magic Trick, is out now via Hardly Art. Magic Trick band features Noelle Cahill and Alicia Vanden Heuvel (Aislers Set), and James Kim (Kelly Stoltz’s band) with Tim Cohen (Fresh & The Onlys). All LPs include a download code.

The Fresh & Onlys - Yes Or No

And... The Fresh & Onlys (Tim Cohen, Shayde Sartin, Wymond Miles, Kyle Gibson) will release their first single for Mexican Summer, 'Yes Or No' b/w 'Take Back the Night' as a teaser for their fourth full-length "Long Slow Dance," due out on September 4th via Mexican Summer. You can purchase the 7", HERE.



Conveyor - Mane
Conveyor - Mukraker

Hailing from Gainesville, FL., and now Brooklyn-based experimental pop project Conveyor is set to release their self-titled debut full-length on July 17th via Paper Garden Records, following a string of self-released, handmade EPs. Both tracks above are taken from the upcoming album and 'Mane' is also available on a limited white 7" via Gold Robot Records. Recorded at 60 s 2nd st. (Brooklyn, NY, USA). Mastered by TW Walsh. The band comprises of Timothy John Masters, Evan Michael Garfield, G Alan Busch Jr, Michael Ryan Pedron.

Conveyor :: Website, Bandcamp, Facebook

Radiation City - Find It Of Use (Palmas Remix)

Radiation City - Find It Of Use (Palmas Remix - Prefix Premiere)

A Portland, OR-based dream pop quintet, Radiation City comprises of Cameron Spies, Elisabeth Ellison, Randy Bemrose, Matt Rafferty, Patti King. The song 'Find it of Use' is appeared on their latest 7-track EP "Cool Nightmare," following up their 2011 debut full-length "The Hands That Take You" from Tender Loving Empire, and it was originally released on cassette via Radiation City founders Cameron and Lizzy‘s cassette-only record label Apes Tapes. Order the EP, HERE,

Radiation City / Find It Of Use
Official music video for "Find It Of Use" off of Cool Nightmare. 
Directed, shot and edited by Andrew Sloan. 
Additional shots by Daniel Sloan


Matthew E. White - One of These Days

Matthew E White - One Of These Days

Richmond, VA based Matthew E. White's self-produced solo debut LP "Big Inner" is set to co-release on August 21st via Hometapes / Spacebomb. A gifted jazz arranger and exceptional guitarist, White is already known as a leader of Fight the Big Bull, 9-piece jazz collective from Richmond, VA., they collaborated with artists like Ken Vandermark, Steven Bernstein, Karl Blau, and also teamed up with Megafaun, Justin Vernon and Sharon Van Etten to pay tribute to Alan Lomax at Duke University’s “Sounds of the South” concert in 2010.  The opening track for the album, 'One of These Days' will be released on a limited 7″ (b/w 'Ain't That What Love Is' featuring Phil Cook of Megafaun on keys) due out on July 24th, pre-order is available now, HERE

"On that day in August, when the earth shifted into the shape of Matthew E. White, there was so much to listen to, so much to put your heart into, already. The dusts of the Delta had swirled into Rock and Roll. Alan Lomax's recordings sat in a big building in Washington, DC. Lee Perry had built The Black Ark in his backyard in Kingston. Somebody else lived in Big Pink. Mac Rebennack was Dr. John. King Tubby was dubbing. Terry Riley was overdubbing. Sly Stone had hit #1. Randy Newman's Sail Away was a decade old. Caetano Veloso had just turned 40. Muddy Waters was just about gone. Jimmy Cliff had had sung "Many Rivers to Cross." So had Harry Nilsson. White shared this common inheritance. He stitched his own flag out of it." --Hometapes


Spacebomb presents Fight the Big Bull and Brian Jones
at Balliceaux in Richmond, VA, on March 2, 2011

Laetitia Sadier "Silencio"

Laetitia Sadier - Find Me the Pulse of the Universe

Here's a new song taken from Laetitia Sadier's forthcoming second solo full-length "Silencio," which is due out on July 24th via Drag City. The album features Sam Prekop of The Sea and Cake, her former Stereolab bandmate Tim Gane and James Elkington formerly of The Zincs, and currently with The Horse's Ha.

Laetitia Sadier - Natural Child
Laetitia Sadier performs 'Natural Child' in a live session for Droptune Media at Press Play Studios in South London. Jan 16th, 2012


Lungfish - Screams Of Joy

Stream a previously unissued song of Lungfish, 'Screams Of Joy' from the "A.C.R. 1999" 12" LP, out now via Dischord

"These 10-songs were recorded and mixed by Craig Bowen at Baltimore’s A.C.R. Studios but never released. After the session the band decided to continue writing new songs – ultimately recording at Inner Ear Studios what became Necrophones (2000). Six of these songs were re-recorded and released on Necrophones, while four others remained unreleased, until now." --Dischord

Daniel Higgs - vocals
Asa Osborne - guitar
Nathan Bell - bass
Mitchell Feldstein - drums

Also, listen an excerpt from the latest release from Daniel Higgs "The Measure of Mystery" cassette via Swedish imprint Gnome Life Records. Gnome Life will release a vinyl 10" of new work by Daniel Higgs later in 2012.

RETURN by DANIEL HIGGS (excerpt) by Gnome Life Records

Daniel Higgs: Sing A Song Pt.II
An intimate conversation with interdimensional song-seamstress and corpse-dancer of the mystic crags. Filmed at The 3rd Degree in Asbury Park, NJ on June 30, 2010.


Grizzly Bear - Sleeping Ute

Stream the first song off the Grizzly Bear's new album, due out on September 17th/18th on Warp Records. Pre-order begins Wednesday, June 6th.

Also.... Daniel Rossen (Grizzly Bear) and Robin Pecknold (Fleet Foxes) will join a special one-off show, at the Barbican in London with full orchestral accompaniment from the Britten Sinfonia, as guest vocalists to coincide with the long-awaited reissue of three of Van Dyke Parks' most visionary albums, due out in June via Bella Union.

Speedy Ortiz - Silver Spring

Speedy Ortiz - Silver Spring

The Northampton, MA based indie foursome Speedy Ortiz has released their latest 5-track "Sports EP", out now via Exploding In Sound Records. The band was formed by the formerly Brooklyn rock trio Quilty, vocalist/guitarist Sarah “Sadie” Dupuis along with Graph’s Matt Robidoux (guitars), Ovlov’s Mike Falcone (drums), and Darl Ferm (bass). SPORTS EP was recorded at The Sex Dungeon studio in Philly (Ugh God, Fat History Month, Florida=Death). Mixed by Justin Pizzoferrato (Dinosaur Jr., Thurston Moore, Doomstar) and mastered by Keith Freund (RIBS, Dirty Dishes).


Mpala Garoo "On Ou Du Monde"

Mpala Garoo is a Moscow multi-instrumentalist Ivan Karib who also plays in a duo Kon Tiki Gemini (with Sergey Dmitriev) and Sunbells Fennimore. "On Ou Du Monde" is his 10-track album which was originally released on cassette via Sweat Lodge Guru. Now Available via Belgian Label Aguirre Records, HERE.

from Ou Du Monde, track released 05 January 2012

Sweat Lodge Guru described the recordings as "Music crafted for the sunny and tropical paradises of our minds. Seasonal temperament is shared via magnetic vibes; we can all exist in the same balmy and tropical headstate no matter what our physical locale may be. Pure vibrations that ebb and flow on the appeal of tidal moons."

from Ou Du Monde, track released 05 January 2012