Cyril Jordan, Roy Loney & Sneetches

Cyril Jordan, Roy Loney (of the Flamin' Groovies) & the Sneetches 'Slow Death' Live in 1991

Sneetches - Heloise

"San Francisco's Sneetches, guitarist Matt Carges, singer/guitarist Mike Levy, drummer Daniel Swan and, from Slow on, bassist Alejandro (Alec) Palao are one of the most tasteful, consistently tuneful pop bands on the American scene. Echoes of the Zombies, Left Banke and Easybeats (they've covered songs by all three) abound; simple, uncluttered arrangements let their like-minded originals' substantial charms shine through"    
[Scott McCaughey/John M. Borack] 
(An excerpt from Trouser Press review, read MORE.)

'Heloise' from the Sneetches' third album "Slow" (Alias/1991) containing a cover track of the Left Banke's 'She May Call You Up Tonight.'  They also collaborated with Chris Wilson in 1993 on "Chris Wilson and the Sneetches"  (Marilyn/1993)

Now The Sneetches are now Available on iTunes!

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