The Western Elstons / The Flat Five

The Western Elstons - Twilight Time (The Three Suns cover)
May 11th, 2013, at The Friendly Tap.  Filmed by Sharon Rutledge.

The Flat Five - Kites Are Fun (the Free Design cover)
Dec. 10, 2010, at the Hideout in Chicago. Filmed by Robert Loerzel.

The Western Elstons featuring: Scott Ligon and Casey McDonough (NRBQ), Joel Paterson, Alex Hall, & Jimmy Sutton.

The Flat Five featuring: Alex Hall, Kelly Hogan, Scott Ligon, Nora O’Connor, Casey McDonough.

"Dear Janet"

"Janet"… Janet Jackson covers album featuring 16 artists is available via Tin Angel Records.  

"The project has been 7 years in the making and is the brainchild of our good friend Jan Lankisch. After hearing Janet's music for the first time in 1989 he instantly became a fan. 'It blew my mind' he says 'you could call it a first-love experience.' The idea came to realisation in 2008 after meeting the band Dirty Projectors. They spoke about The Jacksons and Jan mentioned how he'd always preferred Janet's records to Michael's, and that it would be fun to pay tribute to her."

01. Deradoorian - Pleasure Principle
02. Karl Blau - Rock With U
03. Dreaming and Delicious - All For You
04. Nicholas Krgovich - He Doesn't Know I'm Alive
05. Naytronix (ft. tUnE-yArDs) - What Have You Done For Me Lately
06. Albert McCloud (ft. Sean Wood) - Black Cat
07. LAKE - Escapade
08. Batsch - Together Again
09. The Harpoons - Let's Wait Awhile
10. Dream Tiger - Control
11. Woom - Rhythm Nation
12. The Rests - Someone To Call My Lover
13. The Present - If
14. High Places - That's The Way Love Goes
15. Katie Eastburn - When I Think Of You
16. Marker Starling - Young Love


CTR Christmas

via Carrot Top Records.

Richie Woods "Wow Cool"

Richie Woods is a bedroom pop singer songwriter from New York, NY. ...., his debut album “Wow cool” (limited tape edition, 50 copies + mp3) is available on December 15th via atelier ciseaux, order HERE. also... Band Camp, iTunes.


J Fernandez - Read My Mind


Taken from the album "Many Levels Of Laughter" by Chicago-based J (Justin) Fernandez via Joyful Noise Recordings, released on June 9th.

Blues Run The Game

The both tracks above are taken from Ba Da Bing’s "Jackson C. Frank: The Complete Recordings" with 24 tracks never before heard. Remastered, including Jackson's classic debut album from 1965.

Colin Meloy of the Decemberists - Blues Run the Game 


Brian Harnetty "Rawhead & Bloodybones"

The third in a series of recording projects stemming from the Berea College Appalachian Sound Archives, "Rawhead & Bloodybones" (2015) by Brian Harnetty combines samples of music and folk tales with live instruments. The historic archival recordings of children recounting folk tales were made by Leonard Roberts in the 1940s and 50s. 

Two CDs packaged in 6-panel foldout case
Publication Date: November 20, 2015 via Dust-to-Digital

The Mug and Brush Sessions

Brian Harnetty - Marshall (From the Sun Ra Archives) 
performing music from his 2013 release, The Star-Faced One.

Taken from the album "The Star-Faced One," via Atavistic records (2013). Samples from the Sun Ra/El Saturn collection at the Creative Audio Archive at Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago. Additional musicians include Fred Lonberg-Holm (Cello), Jeff Kimmel (Bass Clarinet), and Aaron Butler (Vibes).

Taken from 7” single, entitled “The Sociophonic Key” (2012) 

"Despite the variety of samples used many subtle relationships are heard––both literal and fantastic––from Sun Ra rehearsing a group of children fading into an answering machine, to the intensity of a gospel preacher alongside the Arkestra’s invitation to join them in outer space."


Bill Wells & Friends - Nursery Rhymes

art work: Jad Fair

"Bill Wells & Friends - Nursery Rhymes" will be available on November 20th via Karaoke Kalk.

01. Three Blind Mice (Featuring Karen Mantler And Yo La Tengo) 04:01
02. Polly Put The Kettle On (Featuring Isobel Campbell And Amy Allison)
03. Humpty Dumpty (Featuring Amber Papini And Yo La Tengo)
04. Shoo Fly (Featuring Amy Allison And Yo La Tengo)
05. Oranges And Lemons (Featuring Syd Straw With The Karen Mantler Trio)
06. Hickory Dickory Dock (Featuring Norman Blake And Aby Vulliamy)
07. Hot Cross Buns (Featuring Michael Cerveris)
08. Ding Dong Bell (Featuring Bridget St John)
09. Lavender's Blue (Featuring Norman Blake, Georgia Hubley And Yo La Tengo)
10. Bobby Shaftoe (Featuring Aby Vulliamy)
11.Rock A Bye Baby (Featuring Isobel Campbell)
12. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Featuring Satomi Matsuzaki) 02:28
13. Ring A Ring Of Roses (Featuring Karen Mantler And Yo La Tengo)
14. Hey Diddle Diddle (Featuring Annette Peacock) 01:33
15. Ride A Cock Horse (Featuring Norman Blake And Yo La Tengo)


Peter Stringer-Hye - Throw Away The Day

Taken from Peter Stringer-Hye's forthcoming "Sunday Girls" EP - out on December 4th via Trouble In Mind Records. Peter Stringer-Hye is a Nashville, TN multi-instrumentalist & a member of the bands Promised Land Sound & (Trouble In Mind recording artists) The Paperhead.

released October 2, 2015 via Paradise of Bachelors, order, HERE.

"Nashville’s finest purveyors of febrile root-work psychedelia return with a dizzyingly accomplished second album that highlights an expanded band (including members of the Paperhead and Fly Golden Eagle); bigger, bolder arrangements featuring more and louder guitars, squally strings, and Steve Gunn; and road-ripened songwriting that veers between the frenetic and tender, recalling Jim Ford, the Pretty Things, the Grateful Dead, Dennis Linde, and the Byrds at their most eight-miles-fried."


Donnie Fritts - Errol Flynn

"Oh My Goodness"
Donnie fritts' fourth and latest record is out NOW! via Single Lock Records.

Vocals, Wurlitzer: Donnie Fritts
Guitars, Background Vocals: John Paul White
Bass: Kevin Sledge
Pump Organ: Ben Tanner
Trumpet: Allen Bransetter
Trombone: Ben Griner

Undeniably Donnie
 - A Film About Donnie Fritts, The Alabama Leaning Man 


Cian Nugent - Things Don't Change That Fast

'Things Don't Change That Fast' is taken from the first single from Cian Nugent's third album "Night Fiction," out  on Jan 2016 via Woodsist. The album was recorded over a week beginning on Valentine's Day 2014 at the Bow Lane Studios in Dublin with Daniel Fox (Girl Band) and mixed by Brendan Jenkinson. The album's seven songs include solo ventures as well as full-band recordings feat. David Lacey on drums, Conor Lumsden on bass, Brendan Jenkinson on organ and piano and Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh on viola.

"Cian Nugent is a guitar player and composer from Dublin, Ireland who combines personal passions, such as suburban/coastal blues, traditional musics, late 1960s & '70s singer-songwriters, jazz ambitions, 20th century composition and the Takoma school into a deeply personal style. His music boasts an orchestrated and fully instrumented sound that is playful and eerie at the same time."

Cian Nugent and The Cosmos - The Houses Of Parliament


Bored Nothing - Ice-Cream Dreams

Taken from Bored Nothing's second album "Some Songs". via Spunk (AUS + NZ) // Caroline (UK + Europe).

released April 20, 2014


Sandy's "PROM"

artwork by Nat Russell 

Taken from the Sandy's latest EP "PROM" (released July 24, 2015). And "Prom" is due out on October 30th via Super Fan 99, (UK).


Korey Dane - Let It Be Just For Fun

Prufrock had the Emperor of Ice Cream in a headlock when the roar of a ’37 Triumph Speed Twin made them both forget what they were fighting about. In walked an Anglo-Cherokee-Japanese skateboarder. “I’m Korey Dane, and you’re both acting like children.”

He had ridden from Joshua Tree where his father was rebuilding a 1953 Chevy Hardtop. “I’ve put my board away, gentlemen, and I’ve picked up a guitar. I figure the board will never really let me say what I want to say, and frankly, nothing makes me cry like the 3 minor chord.” The table was cleared for a round of Old Pulteneys as Korey Dane began his tale of woe and redemption.

“I’m twenty-five years old. My mother handed me East of Eden when I was twelve and I’ve never been the same since. Neither has she. Mom and Dad headed in opposite directions; academe called her name and Dad, well Dad drove into the desert until he ran out of gas. And there he hung his hat. I tumbled for a while…and grumbled. But four wheels brought me where I needed to go. I probably did a little too much of this and way too much of that, but that’s ok. I’m better for it. Lera says I’ve still got a long way to go. Hell, she’s from Ukraine, for Christ’s sake. She should know.  ---- Innovative Leisure

Korey Dane - Let It Be Just For Fun

Video by Joshua Makela, Lera Pentelute, & Korey Dane 
Taken from Korey Dane's forthcoming full-length "Youngblood" (produced by Tony Berg, mixed by Tchad Blake) via Innovative Leisure, due out on October 9th.


H. Hawkline - Spooky Dog

H. Hawkline - Spooky Dog
Directed by Casey Raymond

The song is taken from the third album "In The Pink of Condition", first album proper for Heavenly, by H Hawkline aka Huw Gwynfryn Evans (Cate Le Bon, Sweet Baboo, Foxygen). Recorded at Seahorse Sound Studios in LA and produced by his partner Cate Le Bon.

2011's debut album from Stacking Chairs aka. illustrator / filmmaker Casey Raymond and Louise Mason (The Victorian English Gentlemens Club). via Flowers of Phong.



taken from their upcoming debut full-length "Pacific Surf Line" 
(Expected Release: Oct 16, 2015, via Alive Records)
cover art : William Stout... (ライノ・レコーズのあのロゴも彼の作!)

GospelbeacH is Tom Sanford (drums), Brent Rademaker (vocals, guitar), Jason Soda (vocals, guitar), Neal Casal (vocals, guitar), and Kip Boardman (vocals, bass), with guest appearance by Nelson Bragg (vocal harmonies).

The five members of GospelbeacH possess a prestigious collective resume that includes membership in Beachwood Sparks, Further, The Tyde, the Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, and Everest. But one listen to the quintet’s warmly wonderful debut album Pacific Surf Line will instantly dispel any preconceptions about supergroup self-indulgence or side-project slumming.

The Bye Bye Blackbirds - Fixed Hearts (Deluxe Digital Edition)

Released 31 July 2014.
"Fixed Hearts" originally released by Rainbow Quartz in 2011. 

written by Robert Hunter & Jerry Garcia
from the Tour E.P. 2010, available on Fixed Hearts (Deluxe Digital Edition)

The Bye Bye Blackbirds is a Oakland five-piece band influenced by British Invasion guitar-pop with twangy Jangle Pop, the band comprises of Bradley Skaught (Belle Da Gama, Yuji Oniki), vocals, guitar; Lenny Gill, drums; Aaron Rubin, bass; Ian Robertson, guitar, vocals; Mike Derrick, guitar, vocals.


The Bye Bye Blackbirds - There's a Rugged Road
(Judee Sill cover - 2009)


The Domestics - Tower Blocks

From Portland, OR, The Domestics are: Michael Finn, Leo London, Kyle Moderhak, Matt Moore, and Brad Norton. Their self-titled debut full-length album is available via Tender Loving Empire, HERE.

ポートランドの注目すべきニューアクトという、マイケル・フィンとレオ・ロンドンの二人を中心に結成されたザ・ドメスティックスのファースト。マイケル・フィンはタッカー・マーティンのアシスタント・エンジニアとしてMy Morning Jacket、The Decemberists、Modest Mouse、Neko Case、Sufjan Stevensなど多くの作品に関わってきた人です。エリオット・スミスのトリビュート・ショーにも参加していたレオ・ロンドンはソロ・アクトとしても活動中。

The Domestics - Tower Blocks
[Official Music Video]
Animated by Leo London of The Domestics
From the album ‘The Domestics” (2015)  


Up Around The Sun

"Austin legends Tim Kerr (Big Boys)and Jerry Hagins’ new project of old time music is called Up Around the Sun. (2013)"

Big Boys Documentary Trailer


Love Tractor-Neon Lights-1-9-90 on KCRW

Love Tractor covered Kraftwerk's 'Neon Lights' on their1984 EP 'til the Cows Come Home (DB).

Love Tractor-Neon Lights-1-9-90 on KCRW (via)

..... then..... The Ocean Party vs Love Tractor


EZTV - Dust in the Sky

EZTV - Dust in the Sky (Official Music Video)
Director / DoP / Editor = Ian Perlman

レフト・バンクやエミット・ローズ、ポウジーズをも彷彿とさせるブルックリンのジャングリィ・パワーポップ・トリオ。先月Captured Tracksからリリースされたデビュー・アルバム『Calling Out』はウッズのジャーヴィスがプロデュース。

"It wouldn’t be entirely accurate to say that EZTV met while trying out for J. Spaceman’s latest US touring line-up of Spiritualized, but it’s not far from the truth. Songwriter and audio engineer Ezra Tenenbaum had been casually working on solo home recordings on his Tascam 8-Track in the vein of Shoes, Emitt Rhodes and Cleaners From Venus, and, in a desire to round out the songs, he enlisted bassist Shane O’Connell and drummer Michael Stasiak (formerly of Widowspeak). As it happened, the trio’s first chance to play together was an audition for the American touring version of Spiritualized (they didn’t get the job). But, the trio kept meeting and working, turning Ezra recording as a solo artist into Ezra, Shane and Michael playing as a band; thus, EZTV was formed." --Captured Tracks

Brooklyn three-piece, EZTV’s full-length debut "Calling Out" (produced by Woods' Jarvis Taveniere) is available via Captured Tracks.


Phil Cook "Southland Mission"

Phil Cook’s new album "Southland Mission" will be released on September 11th 2015 via Thirty Tigers and Middle West.  Listen his first single 'Great Tide' and the another new track '1922' (a cover of a song by his longtime friend Charlie Parr) from the album.

Sam Prekop - Weather Vane

Sam Prekop - Weather Vane (Official Music Video)
from the album "The Republic" (2015) by Sam Prekop, on Thrill Jockey Records
Courtesy of David Hartt and David Nolan Gallery, NYC

Greg Ashley's "Death of a Ladies' Man"

"Greg Ashley’s 4th album under his own name, his first since 2009’s Requiem Mass (Birdman), signals yet another change in direction for this multi-instrumentalist/producer/ arranger/singer/songwriter/bandleader. Death of a Ladies' Man is a reverential song-for-song treatment of Leonard Cohen’s least “reverential” album: the 1977 Phil Spector-produced album of the same name."

Available via Guitars and Bongos Records, HERE! Bandcamp, HERE!


Sandro Perri & Eric Chenaux

Kevin Parnell

Sandro Perri & Eric Chenaux - The Drums
- House Show - Toronto - 2005

"Skullsplitter" is the latest from experimental balladeer and outsider guitar hero Eric Chenaux. Available on Constellation.

真夏の昼下がりに ....


Fraser A. Gorman - Shiny Gun

Fraser A. Gorman - Shiny Gun

'Shiny Gun' is taken from Fraser A. Gorman's debut album "SLOW GUM" (Milk! Records). Clip directed by Sunny Leunig, featuring Courtney Barnett (Fraser was featured on Courtney's clip for "Avant Gardener") and Davey Lane.

"Fraser A. Gorman’s song-writing builds around his wry charm and offbeat storytelling. In recent years, Gorman has taken a sly sidestep away from the country-folk of his early releases; his sound is still steeped in Americana, but this time it’s somewhere between Transformer-era Lou and the joyous romp of early Big Star.  The forthcoming debut album showcases Gorman’s role as curator as well as songwriter – the record features choice contributions from Davey Lane (You Am I), Stu Mackenzie (King Gizzard), and Jarrad Brown and James Fleming (Eagle and the Worm). The album was recorded by Cal Barter and mixed by Dan Luscombe (The Drones)"

arigato arata-san....

taken from his self-titled EP, released 25 February 2013

JACKSON C. FRANK cover .....


Native SF: The She's - Cherry Red

Native SF: The She's - Cherry Red 

released 15 April 2014
Recorded at Different Fur Studios
Produced by Patrick Brown  Engineered by Sean Paulson

そういえば、クリストファー・オーウェンスのソロ・アルバム『Chrissybaby Forever』にもコーラスで参加してました

Zachary Cale - Sundowner

Stream the opening track from the upcoming new full-length album "DUSKLAND" by Zachary Cale which will be out on August 7th via No Quarter. Pre-order, HERE.

this cover track (of Brian Eno's 'Golden Hours' from the album "Another Green World") was premiered on Aquarium Drunkard's Lagniappe Sessions.


Kelley Stoltz

Kelley Stoltz - Full Concert
Recorded Live: 5/25/2011 - Wolfgang's Vault (San Francisco, CA)

Calls "Tiny Flowers"

artwork by: Will Gaynor

"Tiny Flowers" is the first full-length album by Calls (comprising of Kati Knox and Rebecca VanDeVoort from Oakland, California). It was recorded by James Finch (Jackpot, Sonny Smith, Kelley Stoltz, The Sandwitches) at Panoramic Studios in Stinson Beach, Ca. February 2014, and features their fellow musicians, Ed Masuga (Will Sprott), Brian Parks, and Heather Jovie for playing on the record. Available on their bandcamp site, HERE.

(The Seeds cover)

released 09 November 2014

released 06 March 2010


Andy C. Jenkins & Naoto Kawate

Alen MacWeeney, 1967

どちらもSweet Dreams Pressと縁あるアーティスト。

川手直人 「デモデモデ ーデモデとモデのパラレル・ワールド」より
Taken from the album "DEMODEMODE démodé and mode in parallel" , available NOW via Sweet Dreams Press, Tokyo, HERE!

Taken from Andy C. Jenkins' "Hazel Woods" Single, available on Paper Brigade, HERE!

Exchange editing project between Andy C. Jenkins and Kawate naoto. This project started in 2013. To be continued.



Michael O "Really?"

Listen! the first track from the first solo full-length by Michael O. (of The Mantles). Available on Fruits and Flowers, HERE.

"MICHAEL O. (Olivares) of beloved Bay Area psych-pop band THE MANTLES (Slumberland, Siltbreeze etc) has been secretly building songs in his basement in Oakland with the help of HORRID RED's Edmund Xavier for the past few years. The result is this affecting collection of cracked pop hits & tragic ballads. The Mantles are known to lay down a thick electric jangle, but with Michael's solo songs the focus rests on rough-hewn vocal melodies & lyrics, laced with synths, acoustics, noises & clarinet. Michael tumbles headfirst into MODERN LOVERS, JACOBITES, TRONICS, TALL DWARFS territory...home recorded & highly personal but not lo-fi, please. "

西海岸版ウッズか?な! オークランドのザ・マントルズのマイケル・オリヴァレスの初ソロ。Dick Diverもリリースしてる自身のレーベル、Fruits and Flowersから。

"FRUITS & FLOWERS digs into the home recording vaults of three cracked pop songwriters for a split cassette. Fans of 80’s UK D.I.Y. and/or 90’s Shrimper will appreciate these tracks by MICHAEL O. (of THE MANTLES), PIANO MOVERS (ex-NODZZZ) and THE REDS, PINKS & PURPLES (Glenn Donaldson of ART MUSEUMS/SKYGREEN LEOPARDS). "





“The Traveling Tapes – Portland” turned out to be a 40-minute video-mixtape featuring some of the best talent Portland has to offer at this time. Alela Diane performs a stunningly intimate, gripping version of “Lost Land” on the porch of her house. Radiation City brighten a shadowy appletree-garden with their jazzy, supersmooth blend of harmony-heavy folk. Barna Howard charms a sunny afternoon in Rose Garden with the longing beauty of the calm fingerpicking-tune “Lend Me A Moment”. Extraordinary drummer and lyricist Neal Morgan chips in with his unique spoken word poetry, performed in famous Tonalli’s Donut-Shop on Alberta-Street. Lost Lander give proof of the band’s very special chemistry and sense of catchiness while Ben Darwish of Morning Ritual croons a heartbreaking R’n’B-lamento in his studio at Falcon Art Community. Vikesh Kapoor contributes his gentrification-ballad “Ode To My Hometown” right off Mississippi-Street, PWRHAUS jump on a streetcar for an unusual live-performance of “Broken Man” and Houndstooth deliver “Emilia” of their current Album “No News From Home” with tequila-fueled intensity. 


The Sandwitches "Our Toast"

(cover painting by Deirdre White)

Listen! The latest Sandwitches' tracks from their forthcoming full-length album "Our Toast".

Recorded by Kelley Stoltz and mastered by Mikey Young, Our toast, by The Sandwitches, is available on LP/CD/Digital via Empty Cellar Records and Revolver USA. The LP edition is packaged in a deluxe gold-foil stamped jacket featuring artwork by Deirdre White and The Sandwitches. The first pressing will include a limited edition run of 200 LPs in decadent "oxblood" vinyl. Due Out on June 9th.

All songs by The Sandwitches, with James Finch Jr on bass, Nicolas Russo on piano (Dead Prudence), and Rusty Miller on piano (Sleeping Pracitce).

The Sandwitches are Heidi Alexander (Guitar, Vocals), Grace Cooper (Guitar,Vocals) and Roxanne Young (Drums,Vocals).

The Fresh & Onlysのバックアップ・ヴォーカル、ソニー・スミスとのSonny & The Sandwitches、Thee Oh Seesなどなどサンフランシスコのアート・ガレージ・バンド界隈では言わずと知れた粋な姐さんたちデス。録音は大好きなケリー・ストルツ。サンセッツのミュージシャンたちも参加してますが、ラスティ・ミラーといえばJackpot!なつかしいなぁ。


The Watersons "30 Foot Trailer" (1965 Doc.)

The Watersons "30 Foot Trailer" (1965 Doc.) (via)

from the 1965 BBC TV documentary about the Watersons' life and music, 
directed by Derrick Knight
The Watersons (Norma, Elaine, Mike & John) with Louis Killen & Anne Briggs. 

The Watersons "Hal-An-Tow" 


Dr Cosmo's Tape Lab

"Disappointing Todd Rundgren gigs, Tascam 4 track cassette recorders, animal oddities, The Monkees, cider, children's tv shows from the 80's and sci-fi movies (good and bad) are all ingredients to the sounds of Dr Cosmo's Tape Lab."

Released 30 March 2015 via Sugarbush Records, vinyl available from HERE, and their bandcamp, HERE.

Dr Cosmo's Tape Lab, hailing from Glasgow, UK, comprises of Stuart Kidd (ex. Owsley Sunshine, vocals/drums/guitar) and Joe Kane (one time BMX Bandito, vocals/casiotone/bass synth).



Khun Narin's Electric Phin Band

"Khun Narin’s Electric Phin Band’s membership is always in rotation and spans several generations, from high school kids to men well into their 60s. A standard engagement has the band setting up at the hosting household during the morn- ing rituals, playing several low-key sets from the comfort of plastic lawn chairs occasionally working in a cover version of a foreign classic (The Cranberries ‘Zombie’ is a recent favorite) while the beer and whiskey flow freely. After a mid-day banquet, they start up the generator and lead a parade through the com- munity to the local temple, picking up more and more partiers along the way."



Joe Pisapia "Nightvision"

"Joe Pisapia is a singer, songwriter, mulit-instrumentalist, recordist and producer, sometimes known as the Joe from Joe, Marc’s Brother, living and working in Nashville, TN. His production and/or songwriting credits include K.D. lang, Ben Folds, Guster, Drew Holcombe, The Silver Seas, Josh Rouse, William Tyler.  Also, Joe has been a member of Guster for the last 7 years or so and co-produced "Ganging Up On The Sun" and "Easy Wonderful." He also traveled far and wide with the band and filled his journal with interesting stories."

On March 19, 2015, Joe has released his latest solo album "Nightvision" which was co-produced by Nashville artist and musician Sam Smith.


Horse Lords at $ITU@TI0N$

ZONE VISION 04: Horse Lords at $ITU@TI0N$ on 6.21.14

Horse Lords from Baltimore, Maryland comprise of Andrew Bernstein, Max Eilbacher, Owen Gardner, Sam Haberman.  Their latest second LP "Hidden Cities," is available now from NNA Tapes, HERE.

Track A1 from NNA075: Horse Lords "Hidden Cities," available on NNA tapes.


Marker Starling - Husbands

Marker Starling is the latest project by Toronto’s Chris A. Cummings already known as Mantler for many years. Recently he has been supported by a band consisting of Jay Anderson (drums) and Matt McLaren (bass), both of whom play a prominent role in Marker Starling’s new album "ROSY MAZE," out NOW via Tin Angel Records.

あのトロントの宅録クルーナー、クリス・カミングスのプロジェクト、マントラーあらためマーカー・スターリングとしての初アルバム『ROSY MAZE』がようやく4月あたりにリリースされる模様。去年コラボレートしたドイツのバンドVON SPARの新作『Street Life』ではヴォーカルと作詞で4曲参加してます。

Von Spar - Try Though We Might (Official Video)

In 2014 Chris Cummings collaborated with the German band Von Spar, contributing vocals and lyrics to four songs on their album "Street Life" (ITALIC recordings).


Tom Brosseau "Perfect Abandon"

“The title comes from a page in the long-forgotten Delmore Brothers autobiography, Truth Is Stranger Than Publicity. In it Alton Delmore writes about J.L. ‘Joe’ Frank, one of the first big-time country music promoters and managers in Nashville, and specifically how he wore his hat ‘with a perfect abandon.’ In the Delmore book there are no photos of Joe and his hat, so you must use your imagination. Me? I envision the crown of the hat to be pushed way back on the head, so that the peak of the hat is up beyond the hairline, exposing the forehead, the facial features, like James Dean in Giant. While the hat may appear to be getting away, it never fails. A person in this fashion could be perceived to be without restraint. Life is not a care, life is not a worry.”

Tom Brosseau's new full-length album "Perfect Abandon" is due out on March 3rd via Crossbill Records / Tin Angel Records.  It was produced, engineered and recorded in Bristol, England by John Parish (PJ Harvey, Sparklehorse, Peggy Sue) and Ali Chant, features a 2-piece drum kit, double bass and Stratocaster guitar.

LISTEN more :: NPR "Feet On The Coast, Mind On The Prairie: Tom Brosseau's Rootless Sound"


Eerie Wanda - Volcano Lagoon

Eerie Wanda - Volcano Lagoon

"Eerie Wanda began as the music project of Dutch singer/songwriter Marina Tadic. Born in Zenica, Bosnia and raised in The Netherlands, Marina joined the Amsterdam group Earth Mk. II on guitar after graduating art school in 2012. Finding inspiration in bands like The Velvet Underground, Beat Happening, & Young Marble Giants, Marina decided to try her hand at writing her own songs."

The band comprises of Marina Tadic (songwriting, vocals, guitar),
 Jasper Verhulst (bass, production) Bram Vervaet (guitar),
 Nic Niggebrugge (drums).


R.I.P. Christopher Rainbow

R.I.P. Christopher Rainbow (1946-2015)

"Chris’s real name is Christopher Harley and he changed it to Rainbow to avoid confusion with Steve Harley of Cockney Rebel fame. After Home of the Brave he released Looking Over My Shoulder and White Trails – both excellent albums. The standout tracks on second album is ‘Dear Brian’, a tribute to Brian Wilson – arguably the greatest Beach Boys tribute record of all time."


Chris Rainbow - Love You Eternally


MusicNOW: 10 Years compilation

"The MusicNOW: 10 Years compilation is set for digital release just prior to the 10th edition of this eclectic music festival of the same name founded in 2006 by Bryce Dessner of The National. MusicNOW Festival set out with a mission to present the best in contemporary music, offer artists an opportunity to take risks, commission new work and attempt innovative collaborations." ---BRASSLAND

Sounds of the South (featuring Justin Vernon & Sharon Van Etten): "Trials, Troubles, Tribulations"

ブライス・デスナー(The National)によって2006年に立ち上げられ10年に亘り続けられてきたミュージック・フェス『MusicNOW』のコンピレーション(デジタル・リリースのみの模様)です。Dirty Projectors, Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Grizzly Bear, My Brightest Diamondなどなど、未発表のパフォーマンス音源を収録。10周年を祝う今年は3月に5日間に亘って開催され、The National, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Caroline Shaw, Sufjan Stevens, Nico Muhly, Will Butler, So Percussion, Mina Tindle, Perfume Genius、他が参加するとの由。

MusicNOW: 10 Years  
01: Sounds of the South (featuring Justin Vernon & Sharon Van Etten): "Trials, Troubles, Tribulations"
02: Robin Pecknold (of Fleet Foxes): "Silver Dagger"
03: Sufjan Stevens: "The Owl And The Tanager"
04: eighth blackbird: "Omie Wise"
05: My Brightest Diamond: "I Have Never Loved Someone"
06: Dirty Projectors: "Emblem of the World"
07: Tinariwen: "Imidiwan Ma Tenam"
08: Tim Hecker: "Chimeras (Live) 2011"
09: Colin Stetson: "Nobu Take"
10: Owen Pallett: "E Is For Estranged"
11: Erik Friedlander: "Airstream Envy"
12: Bonnie "Prince" Billy: "Love Comes To Me"
13: Richard Reed Parry: "Duet for Heart and Breath"
14: Grizzly Bear: "While You Wait For The Others"
15: The Books with Clogs: "Classy Penguin"
16: Andrew Bird: "Section 8 City"
17: Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver): "Love More"

Sounds of the South @ MusicNOW, May 13th 2011
organized by Megafaun, 
featuring Vernon, Sharon Van Etten, Megafaun, Matthew E. White and Fight the Big Bull
"Trials, Troubles, Tribulations" 
written by Estil C. Ball, originally entitled 'Tribulations' and was recorded in 1959.


SEX AND BROADCASTINGa documentary about wfmu

Trailer for Tim K. Smith's new documentary of the beloved New Jersey Radio Station WFMU!


John Reilly & Friends: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

John Reilly & Friends: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

John Reilly with Tom Brosseau, Becky Stark (Lavender Diamond, The Living Sisters), Andru Bemis (banjo and fiddle), and Soul Coughing's Sebastian Steinberg (upright bass). 
February 03, 2015

Set List
"It's Never Too Late" 0:00
"Wayward Traveler" 3:40
"Rock Of Ages" 9:12
"Blues Stay Away From Me" 3:13

released 06 January 2015

Andru Bemis: Nobody to Keep Me Down

"This is a short documentary I made for school. In early November of 2014 I went to South Haven, Michigan to profile Andru Bemis. He has been a musician for most of his life, releasing several folk albums and touring the US and Mexico. But Andru has also been running a music and arts community center called Foundry Hall for the last seven years in his hometown. The building that Foundry Hall has occupied during that time had been donated for it's use while the owner determined whether to keep or sell the building. I went to Michigan to learn more about Andru and Foundry Hall."


The Shivers - Puppy Dog

The Shivers - Puppy Dog
first single off new album "Forever Is A Word" coming any day at FOREVERISAWORD.COM and ITunes, Amazon etc....  Starring Tessa Thompson of Sundance Winner "Dear White People" and Oscar nominated "Selma".  Directed by The Shivers own Keith Zarriello.

数年前にKickstarterで制作費を募ってましたが、遂に完成か? かつてレディング・ハンター(Peter and the Wolf)が惚れ込んで自身のレーベルWhiskey and Applesからリリースしたシヴァーズの2004年のアルバム『Charades』も、去年リマスターの限定盤としてリイシューされてマス。

10th anniversary remastered / limited edition of “Charades” is available through Keeled Scales. Order, HERE.