Cinema Red & Blue

Cinema Red & Blue .... Comet Gain + Ladybug Transistor + Crystal Stilts

Cinema Red and Blue - Same MIstakes (Vic Goddard & The Subway Sect cover)

Cinema Red & Blue is an offshoot of UK indie cult heroes The Comet Gain (of London), featuring The Comet Gains' front man David Feck and Anne Laure, Crystal Stilts' Andy Adler and Kyle Forester (also known as The Ladybug Transistor), Gary Olson (The Ladybug Transistor), former The Comet Gain/now Soft City, Philip J Sutton, via myspace information.  Now they have finished recording an album recorded at Gary Olson's Marlborough Studios in Brooklyn.  This project is due for a sometime in late spring release.

Flac and MP3 Downloads @nyctaper : Crystal Stilts,  March 27/2010 Maxwell's

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