Sam Amidon w/Doveman

Sam Amidon w/Doveman "Mary Weeping"
from The Burgundy Stain Sessions (Fri., January 14, 2011) w/Doveman aka Thomas Bartlett & Guests, featuring Beth Orton, St. Vincent, Glen Hansard, Dawn Landes, Sam Amidon and Nico Muhly, recorded as part of The Burgundy Stain Sessions live from Le Poisson Rouge NYC.

Popcorn Behavior was hailing from Brattleboro, Vermont. The two principal members, pianist Thomas Bartlett and fiddler Sam Amidon, were 16 years old. Stefan Amidon, the group's percussionist, was 13 in 1998.

Noah and the Whale - “L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N”

Noah and the Whale - L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.
(Live from RAK Studios)

Noah and the Whale – Wild Thing

From the upcoming third album "Last Night On Earth" due out on March 7th.

WATCH :: 'L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.' (Official Video), the first single from "Last Night On Earth."


We Don't Surf - La Cuenta de Fernando Ramos EP

We Don't Surf - Yo No Quiero Luz

We Don't Surf - Que Desastre

We Don't Surf - Yo No Quiero Tu Depresion

These tracks are taken from "La Cuenta de Fernando Ramos" EP by We Don't surf, hailing from Bloomington, Indiana, tagged as garage lo-fi pop surf country mexican shit spanish. Written/recorded/produced at the Factory in Bloomington In on 02/15/2011, free downloadable on their bandcamp page.

Papercuts - Do What You Will

Papercuts - Do What You Will off Papercuts' Fading Parade album
Shot in San Francisco 2011 by YoursTruly

Papercuts - UFO (non-album track)

If you pre-order Fading Parade via SubPop.com before March 1st, you will receive a Sub Pop CDR of 3 brand new songs!  and Fading Parade is streaming in full all this week exclusively via NPR.com. The album was co-produced/engineered by himself and Thom Monahan, recorded with Frankie Koeller, Graham Hill (Roman Ruins, Beach House drummer), David Enos.


Sonny and the Sunsets "Hit After Hit"

Sonny ang the Sunsets "Hit After Hit"
Tahlia Harbour, Ryan Browne, Kelley Stoltz and Sonny Smith

Sonny and the Sunsets – I Wanna Do It

Fat Possum has announced the release of Sonny and the Sunsets second full length “Hit After Hit” which is due out on April 12th.  'I Wanna Do It' is the second track for the album. "Hit After Hit" follows up Sonny and the Sunsets last year's debut "Tomorrow is Alright".

Track List:
01. She Plays Yo-Yo With My Mind
02. I Wanna Do It
03. Home and Exile
04. Reflections on Youth
05. Girls Beware
06. The Bad Energy From LA Is Killing Me
07. Teen Age Thugs
08. Heart of Sadness
09. Don’t Act Dumb
10. Acres of Lust
11. Pretend You Love Me

Sonny and the Sunsets Story (... in the style of 100 Records?)

Sonny Smith began singing while a patient at Warm Springs Foundation Hospital in Texas, to amuse the other patients.
Quasi-mystical with a tendency to write about new-agey subjects such as hypnotherapy, extrasensory perception, fortune tellers, palm readers and channelers Smith has been given his own genre by the press as ‘pop supernaturalism’.
He was released from Warm Springs in the care of his brother and wife, Ryan Browne and Tahlia Harbour who soon became his backing band, Smith changed his name several times in this phase; Sonny Berger, Declan (Sonny) Burke, Sonny Smith and Dave Gil.
He left the band after a week and moved to San Francisco where he quickly landed back in psychiatric care. It was there at the Canyon Manor Rehabilitation Center north of San Francisco that he met Kelley Stoltz who became the drummer and third and final sunset. Stoltz sent for the other two sunsets and they arrived in San Francisco a week later.
On and off they lived out of a Browne’s Toyota van for the next three years. They embarked on a triple album in late 2009 but a hurricane hit the coastal studio they were recording in and most of the tapes were destroyed as well as their equipment. What’s left is Hit After Hit. They returned to Alaska, where Browne has a mother.

I Wish That I Was Beautiful For You

"I Wish That I Was Beautiful For You" by Darren Hanlon

Music Video directed by Kevin Barker
Starring Eli Wallach and Anne Jackson - Frankie Rose (Frankie Rose and The Outs) - Darren Hanlon

Darren Hanlon is an Australian singer/songwriter who plays urban folk music. The song 'I Wish That I Was Beautiful For You' was originally appeared on his 2004 album "Little Chills," enlisting a few special guests including Doug McCoombs (Tortoise) and Nick Luca, recorded by Craig Schumacher (Calexico, Giant Sand, Neko Case).

Also..... "Last Kind Words"(2011) is a feature film written and directed by Kevin Barker, starring Brad Dourif (“One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest” and “Deadwood”), Sarah Steele (“Spanglish”) and Spencer Daniels (“Star Trek” and “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”). Summary: When Eli returns to the farm of his parents’ youth, he discovers that within its forests a different line is drawn between the living and the dead....

Wonder Wheel – Think Too Much

Wonder Wheel – Think Too Much  (via No Fear Of Pop)

Wonder Wheel is the Orange, California band and recording project fronted by Paul A. Rosales, SoCal psych-pop production mastermind (Tan Dollar, Pearl Harbor/Puro Instinct and more). 

Current members include Raul Esparza on bass guitar and Danny Gonzalez on drums. The combination of post-punk thuds, psychedelic swirls and krautrock rhythms (re)animates the colorful back catalog of Wonder Wheel. Over 20 solo albums have been reevaluated and songs redesigned to construct brand new pieces of pop galore.

Both tracks will appear on the first full-length WW band album "Total Bundy", Spring 2011 on cassette via Burger Records.


The Head and the Heart

The Head and the Heart - Winter Song

The Head and the Heart - Lost in My Mind (KEXP session)   (via)

The Head and the Heart is Seattle-based folk-indie-pop-rock sextet consisting of Charity Rose Thielen - vocals, violin, percussion, Chris Zasche - bass, Josiah Johnson - vocals, guitar, percussion, Jonathan Russell - vocals, guitar, percussion, Kenny Hensley - piano, Tyler Williams - drums.  Both songs are appeared on their 2010 self-titled debut album.  RIYL: Saint Bartlett, Fleet Foxes, Decemberists

Howe Gelb "Gelb Alegrias"

Howe Gelb - The Ballad of Lole y Manuel

taken from Howe Gelb's (of Giant Sand) upcoming album "Alegrias" out on March 21st via Fire Records.

In 2006, Howe Gelb embarked on a journey with a gospel choir with the result the astounding, critically acclaimed album 'Sno' Angel Like You'. This new chapter sees Howe embellish a troop of flamenco playing gypsies, including the virtuoso guitarist Raimundo Amador (collaborated with Bjork and BB King) and is mixed by the legendary John Parish (PJ Harvey).

Recorded atop a Cordoba roof with his 'Band Of Gypsies' in the Andalucía sun, ''Alegrias", is an exceptional new work from Howe Gelb. Originally only available in Spain (2010), where the record enjoyed considerable success due in part to the wondrous contribution from Flamenco guitar virtuoso 'Raimundo Amador', Fire is pleased to be releasing the latest jewel in the considerable crown of Howe Gelb's musical delights.

Melted Wires are:
Howe Gelb – piano, guitar, vocals
John Convertino (former Giant Sand and current Calexico) – drums, vibes
Thøger T. Lund (Giant Sand) – upright bass
Jacob Valenzuela (Calexico) – trumpet

Released 26 November 2010, available digitally on the bandcamp.
Recorded in Tucson, Arizona at Wavelab studio Nov./Dec. 2009 and mixed by Chris Shultz.


Purling Hiss, Live at WFMU

Purling Hiss is known as the one-man project of Philadelphia’s Birds of Maya guitarist Mike Polizze.  Listen, Live at WFMU on Brian Turner's show Dec. 21, 2010 via FMA.






The Fresh & Onlys' Secret Walls EP

photos by Kristin Klein

The Fresh & Onlys - Do You Believe in Destiny

Following up the 2010 album "Play It Strange," The Fresh & Onlys' new "Secret Walls" 12" EP/CDEP is due out on April 26th via Sacred Bones.  Recorded at guitarist Wymond Miles’ San Francisco home studio.

Tracklisting: 1. Secret Walls  2. Keep Telling Everybody Lies  3. Do You Believe in Destiny  4. Wash Over Us  5. Poison Wine


Wurld (Deleted Scenes) - Elfin Saddle

Wurld (Deleted Scenes) - Elfin Saddle

An excerpt from "Deleted Scenes" of the Wurld film by Elfin Saddle (Emi Honda and Jordan McKenzie).  Appears as one of the video extras on the DVD release of "Wurld," available on Constellation.

Wurld - ELFIN SADDLE by Constellation Records

Spacemonster "Gills" EP

Spacemonster is Kenny Hamilton from Richmond, VA. His latest 5-track EP "Gills" is now available on bandcamp page.

Yarn Owl from Pullman, WA

Tim, Ted, Tyler, and Jav

Yarn Owl - The Wind

Hailing from the small town of Pullman, WA four became one as Yarn Owl emerged in the autumn of 2007, they are Javier Suarez, Tim Meinig, Tyler Armour, and Ted Powers. 'The Wind' is taken from their 6 song EP called “Stay Warm” (2010).  And 'Stare Into Night' is taken from Yarn Owl's upcoming debut full length album "Montaña Y Caballo" set to be available for download on March 1st, 2011, recorded in a barn just south of Moscow, Idaho in NOV. 2010 by friend Chris Early.


LAKE "Giving & Receiving"

LAKE - Roger Miller

LAKE - Roger Miller (with R. Stevie Moore)

Olympia, Washington's pop group Lake release their third proper studio LP "Giving & Receiving" due out on April 12th via K Records and on April 6th via 7 e.p. (+ 5 bonus tracks for Japan).  Astrud Gilberto-esque breezy song, 'Roger Miller' is the third track from the album which different version features R. Stevie Moore.

LAKE formed in 2005 in Olympia, WA.  Lindsay, Markly, Ashley, and Andrew all knew each other from Canada (California). Collaborators include: Your Heart Breaks, Typhoon, Karl Blau, Adrian Orange, and Half-handed Cloud.

Ashley and Eli from LAKE


Bonnie 'Prince' Billy and the Cairo Gang - New Wonder

Bonnie Prince Billy & The Cairo Gang will release an exclusive 10" single "Island Brothers" for supporting Edge Outreach’s efforts in Haiti providing them with pure water and education, the single features two previously unreleased songs (Island Brothers / New Wonder), out on February 22nd via Drag City.

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy and the Cairo Gang - New Wonder, from the single.
Directed by R. Alverson whose second feature film "New Jerusalem" starring Colm O’Leary and Will Oldham will make its North American debut at SXSW.

Kenneth Anger's Hollywood Babylon

Kenneth Anger's Hollywood Babylon part 1
BBC documentary for the Arena series directed by Nigel Finch. Kenneth Anger hosts this one-hour documentary based on his best selling book by the same title.  In the film "Wonder Boys" (2000, based on Michael Chabon's same-titled novel), you will find the book of Anger's "Hollywood Babylon" on James Leer's desk with Albert Camus' "The Plague", Truman Capote's "Answered Prayers."

Profile of Kenneth Anger, looking at the uproar his books on Hollywood scandals caused and journeying through the darker side of Hollywood's history, including film clips, and Anger playing a guide with comedian Mike McShane playing the God of Hollywood. It also includes a look at some of Anger's own work. 

A Midsummer Nights Dream (1935)

The Mantles - Cascades

The Mantles - Cascades
Directed by Erren Franklin
from The Mantles "Pink Information" EP (2010) on Mexican Summer, following-up to their self-titled debut album from Slitbreeze.

The Mantles – Lily Never Married

from Mexican Summer’s Mexican Summer/Waterloo Compilation LP (2010), The Mantles consists of Michael Olivares (vocals, guitar), Drew Cramer (guitar), Matt Kallman (bass), Virginia Weatherby (drums).

Ducktails performs Killin the Vibe

Ducktails performs Killin the Vibe at Monster Island Basement, Brooklyn
on February 4, 2011

WATCH more :: Woods perform Suffering Season at Monster Island Basement, Brooklyn on February 4, 2011, and stream Downloads + Streaming Songs through nyctaper.


Little Wings "Black Grass"

Little Wings - How Come

'How Come' is taken from the new full length "Black Grass," by Kyle Field’s Little Wings, it comes out on February 26th via Marriage Records and March 9th via 7 e.p. (+ 3 bonus tracks for Japan).

Little Wings - Mr. Natural (from "Black Grass")

Sweet Dreams Press Winter Sale!
Full Dark Moon Skate Deck,
illustrated by Kyle Field

カイル・フィールドのイラスト「Full Dark Moon」を
..... 詳細はコチラ

Dignan Porch "Deluded"

This is the cover art of Dignan Porch's upcoming eight-song EP 'Deluded,' due out on March 8th via Captured Tracks.  Four tracks on the album were recorded in the studio with the full band and Henry Withers from Lovvers/ Human Hairon on production duties.  South West London’s Dignan Porch are Joe Walsh on guitar and vocals, younger brother Sam Walsh on lead guitar, Hayley Akins on Keyboard and vocals, Ben Goodwin on bass and Philippa Bloomfield on drums.  Their latest "Live Recordings" album is available on bandcamp page.

Tim Cohen - Don't Give Up

Tim Cohen - Don't Give Up

'Don't Give Up' is taken from the upcoming third solo full length "Magic Trick" by Tim Cohen known as the frontman of San Francisco's the Fresh & Onlys and also known for helping Sonny Smith's 100 Records project.  Joined by fellow soul searchers James Kim (Kelley Stoltz band), Noelle Cahill, and Alicia Vanden Huevel (Aislers Set), along with other supportive friends, "Magic Trick" is due out on February 22nd via Captured Tracks.  At the same day Captured Tracks release Cohen's double 7" with poster sleeve, an eight-song EP "Bad Blood."

Tim Cohen - I Come Alive
'Come Alive' is taken from Secret Seven Record’s San Francisco compilation "In A Cloud", released last year (LP is sold out, CD version will be available in March or April, 2011).



Directed & Edited by Peter I. Chang    Produced by Mitch Cullin
Cinematography by Mitch Cullin/Peter I. Chang
Music by Milca Adamczyk

Here's our short for the month of February 2011: MILCA. We've got more of Milca coming soon, so consider this an introduction to our amazing, beautiful friend.

This is a remarkable latest work of Worlshop Lo-Vi.

Timber Timbre - Black Water

'Black Water' is taken from the forthcoming full length "Creep On Creepin' On" by Montreal-based Timber Timbre, led by guitarist/vocalist Taylor Kirk, and the formation of the band is a three-piece, Kirk with Mika Posen on violin and Simon Trottier on lap steel, autoharp and synth. "Creep On Creepin' is due out on April 5th via Arts & Crafts. Pre-Order, here.

Timber Timbre - Black Water by Arts & Crafts

Grateful Dead Mix by Greg Davis


STREAM/DOWNLOAD :: a 56-minute GRATEFUL DEAD MIX Volume 1 by Greg Davis
 of Sun Circle, Autumn Records (june 28th, 2005)

MORE :: 79-minute GRATEFUL DEAD MIX Volume 2 by Greg Davis (April/May 2010)


Tape Deck Mountain - It Goes Down

Tape Deck Mountain - It Goes Down

Tape Deck Mountain - P.I.

Both songs are taken from the latest EP "Secret Serf" (out now via Lefse Records) which is the follow-up EP to San Diego, CA-based Tape Deck Mountain’s 2009 LP "Ghost."

WATCH more :: Tape Deck Mountain - Secret Serf, performed on TerrorEyes Session.

Julian Lynch "Terra"

Julian Lynch  "Terra"

Julian Lynch - Terra  (via)

This is the artwork for the new album "Terra" of Julian Lynch (New Jersey native and now in Madison, WI to pursue a double PhD in Ethnomusicology and Anthropology at the University of Wisconsin, also known for collaborating with his fellow NJ bands, Real Estate, Titus Andronicus, Ducktails, Family Portrait and Alex Bleeker & The Freaks), following up to last year's outstanding "Mare" album, "Terra" will be out this Spring via Underwater Peoples.

Tracklisting: 1. Terra  2. Clay Horses  3. Fort Collins  4. Canopy  5. Water Wheel One  6. Ground  7. On Eastern Time  8. Water Wheel Two  9. Disappointment  10. Back


John Wesley Coleman - Ohh Basketball

"Ohh Basketball" by John Wesley Coleman - Ohh Basketball
Directed by Daniel Hill

Who is John Wesley Coleman? He describes himself as "garbage collector, golden boy." Those four words might fit him best.

'Ohh Basketball' is taken from the latest album "Bad Lady Goes to Jail" by Austin's John Wesley Coleman (of Golden Boys, Spider Bags, Limes), the album is available via Goner Records.

R. Stevie Moondog

R. Stevie Moore - Viking 1 (Moondog cover)

R. Stevie Moore - Chaconne In G (Moondog cover)

R. Stevie Moore does Hardin. January 2011


FRANK FAIRFIELD - Official Trailer
Special thanks to KEXP and Thompkins Square Records.

"Frank Fairfield" is a short music documentary that will be premiering at SXSW in March.  Produced by American Standard Time and More Dust Than Digital.

A 25 year-old, old-time musician from LA, Frank plays to the timeless beat of eccentricity. But this is NOT an act. His unique world-view on the natural state of things includes playing songs "that have existed forever" with complete authority and collecting old 78s from around the world. His encyclopedic mind and crate digging is on display in this short film.

Mister Suit "Remember Me Last"

This is a (Ann Arbor, MI resident) Garret Jones aka Mister Suit’s newest EP on his bandcamp page.

Ryan Trott "SPIRIT HOME"

Ryan Trott - Some Days

Ryan Trott - Gentle Girl

Ryan Trott - Vacation Song

These tracks above are taken from the solo EP by Ryan Trott (of Brooklyn's Family Trees).  Self recorded at home, some inspirations were Jonathan Richman, Syd Barrett, Michael Yonkers, John Lennon, Brian Wilson, Nuggets, Amanda Finn, and Daisy Finn Trott.  Mastered by Chris Jennings in Brooklyn, NY.  Family Trees are currently working on new songs for a full length record.

"Spirit Home" is up for free download here.


Dengue Fever "Cannibal Courtship"

The Los Angeles-based Cambodian pop outfit, Dengue Fever has announced their new album "Cannibal Courtship" which is due out on April 19th via Fantasy Records / Concord.  Download a new track, "spiky-rock" single  'Cement Slippers' from the album, here.


Iron and Wine - Tree by the River

Iron & Wine - Tree by the River
from the album "Kiss Each Other Clean"

Directed by Tim Rutili (Califone) / Director of Photography - Kevin Ford
Super 8 Photography - Jared Varava, Tim Rutili, Paula Killen
Edit - Tim Rutili, Kevin Ford /  Actors - Jennifer Daley, Benjamin Hasko

Watch more from better angel films, music by Califone.

Edith Frost on Chic-A-Go-Go

Edith Frost on Chic-A-Go-Go
Lip-syncing "Cars and Parties" on "Chic-A-Go-Go" with Ryan Hembrey of Sonoi, Boxhead Ensemble on bass; Rick Rizzo of Eleventh Dream Day on guitar; Mark Greenberg of the Coctails on vibraphonette; Bill Lowman of Bosco & Jorge on guitar; Adam Vida of U.S. Maple on drums; and Jim Becker of Califone on fiddle.



A film by Vincent Moon featuring Efterklang
Film Editing by Lucas Archambault & Vincent Moon
Audio Recordings by Anders Boll & Nils Frahm
Efterklang is Mads Brauer, Casper Clausen, Thomas Husmer & Rasmus Stolberg
featuring Niklas Antonson, Heather W. Broderick, Peter Broderick & Frederik Teige

An Island is an unconventional music performance film and an abstract documentary about a band and an island. The running time is 50 minutes.  In August 2010, French filmmaker Vincent Moon and Efterklang's 8 piece-live band met up on an island off the Danish coast.  The objective was to shoot a film. A film with the same length as an album, and a film full of performances, experiments and collaborations.  Over an intense period of 4 days Efterklang collaborated with more than 200 local musicians, kids and their own parents, creating new performances and interpretations of songs from their album Magic Chairs (4AD, Rumraket 2010).

AN ISLAND - 3rd TEASER - Vincent Moon & Efterklang

Peter Broderick + Nils Frahm Japan Tour 2011

4.16(sat) 自由学園明日館 (東京)
4.17(sun)  オヨヨ書林せせらぎ通り店 (金沢)
4.18(mon)  nowhere (富山)
4.21(thu) OIL (京都)
4.23(sat) 島之内教会 (大阪)
4.24(sun) Rainy Day Bookstore & Cafe (東京)

further information, cote labo!

Witch Gardens - Fiesta Texas

Witch Gardens - Fiesta Texas

Witch Gardens - Small Daring Boy

Witch Gardens are Seattle's young lo-fi quartet, the both new tracks are taken from their bandcamp page.  Recorded by R Stein (Flexions).


Dan Deacon & So Percussion

Ecstatic Music Festival:
Dan Deacon & So Percussion "Ghostbuster Cook: Origin of the Riddler"
(via Bmore Musically Informed)
On January 20th, 2011 at the Ecstatic Music Festival in NYC. Held at the Kaufman Center in Merkin Hall. This is a highlights reel of the work. For the full performance go to Vimeo page.

Oregon Bike Trails - A Summer Thing

Oregon Bike Trails - A Summer Thing

Oregon Bike Trails is lo-fi L.A. singer/songwriter Zach Yudin.

Big Eagle aka Robyn Miller

"Willow Creek" cover art by Steve Quenell

Big Eagle – Anywhere the Wind Blows

Big Eagle is a country/folk project of former Peels front woman, Robyn Miller from Willow Creek/San Francisco, California. Her first album, "Willow Creek" is available now via MRG recordings.  Produced by Dan Horne (Beachwood Sparks, Music Go Music) and Robyn Miller at Lone Palm in Echo Park, and Bart Davenport at Tuff Shed in Oakland. It was recorded with Dameon Lee Waggoner (The Black Apples), Amy Blaschke, Aaron Sperske (Lilys, Beachwood Sparks, Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti), and Richard Gowen (Robert Francis) and more. You can buy the album in its entirety on iTunes or mail order, here.


Big Eagle - Mississippi
Live at the National Hotel Lobby, Nevada City Ca,
with Amy Blaschke (harmonies)


The Luyas "Too Beautiful To Work"

The Luyas - Too Beautiful To Work

The Luyas are four musicians named Jessie Stein, Mathieu Charbonneau, Pietro Amatro and Stefan Schneider. They made a record called Too Beautiful to Work at 6 Nassau in Toronto, Ontario, and call Montreal, Quebec home.

The Luyas enlist the help of many friends on Too Beautiful to Work. These friends happen to double as world-class musicians. (We love Canada!) Owen Pallett plays the violin and arranges the strings. Colin Stetson adds saxophone and clarinet. Sarah Neufeld (who plays in a band called Arcade Fire) also plays violin. John Marshman adds some cello, Daniel Tavis Romano plays the bass, Lisa Chisholm brings the bassoon and Leonie Wall plays the flute. Too Beautiful to Work was recorded by Jeff McMurrich, whose fingerprints can be found on fantastic recordings by Tindersticks, Constantines, Owen Pallett and countless others.

"Too Beautiful To Work" is due out on Feb. 22nd via Dead Oceans, now available for pre-order.

The Luyas | Secret Blindfold Show | Montreal, QC | March 30, 2010

Big Troubles - Georgia

Big Troubles - Georgia / Video: Alexander Iezzi

'Georgia' is taken from their latest album "Worry," available on Olde English Spelling Bee Records (2010). 

Half Japanese Live WFMU SXSW Showcase, 2008

Live WFMU SXSW Showcase (via FMA)
at Spiro's in Austin, TX on 3/14/2008

David and Jad Fair
Mark Jickling
John Moreman
Rick and John Dreyfuss

Jad Fair "His Name Itself is Music"

Jad Fair's new album "His Name Itself is Music" is due out on February 7th via Fire RecordsPrimavera Sound announced that their 2011 Lineup includes Half Japanese among others.

Jad Fair + Tenniscoats Japan Tour 2011

3月5日(土) 東京 渋谷オ・ネスト
3月6日(日) 東京 渋谷オ・ネスト
3月9日(水) 松本 hair salon 群青
3月10日(木) 名古屋 KDハポン
3月11日(金) 大阪 サンスイ
3月12日(土) 神戸 旧グッゲンハイム邸

further information : Sweet Dreams
mail: info.sweetdreams@gmail.com


Zak Mering aka Raw Thrills

My name is Zak Mering, I come from a family of musicians and entertainers. My father was Sumner Mering, and had a band titled Sumner in 1978-1980 and put out an album on Asylum/Elektra. My mother Pamela Mering releases albums, and my sister plays shows and releases music as Weyes Blood. I create music as a solo project under the name Raw Thrills, and used to go by Insted when I lived in Los Angeles which is where I was born and raised. Once I moved to New York I changed my alias to Raw Thrills.  (via COCO'S OCD)

Zak Mering aka Raw Thrills, is also known as Greatest Hits (current band with Tyler Thacker), The Sweethearts (with Sam Mehran of Outer Limits Recordings) and WARP with James Ferraro.  "SHAKEDOWN" is the Raw Thrills' debut LP, available now on Japanese label Sixteen Tambourines and "So Post" is a 13 track unreleased bonus (cassette) album including covers of Harry Nilsson and Surf Punks, for the first 50 copies of "Shakedown" LP (or directly from Gunk TV for $10, limited to 15).  Grab more from his new Gunk TV Records.

Raw Thrills - So Post by Raw Thrills

Both ways by Raw Thrills

なんだか ....
Robert Maxwell, His Harp And Orchestra - Song Of The Nairobi Trio (Solfeggio)

Originally released as Robert Maxwell's MGM 7", 1957, vocals: The Ray Charles Singers
WATCH :: Ernie Kovacs' Nairobi Trio


Melted Toys - Come On

Melted Toys - Come On

Hailing from San Francisco, Melted Toys are a PowerPop band consisting of Daniel, Steven, Brian. 'Come On' is taken from their first EP "Washed & Dried", due out on February 22nd via Underwater Peoples

Melted Toys performing "Come On" live at Silent Barn 02/04/11.  (via PIXEL HORSE)

The Bongos - Bulrushes

The Bongos - Bulrushes

Most of this was filmed at the Peppermint Lounge, NYC, 1982. Rob Norris on bass, Frank, Giannini drums, Richard Barone guitar, James Mastro guitar.


Laundro Matinee presents Kurt Vile

Kurt Vile - Hey, Now I'm Movin
Recorded and Mixed by Jeff DuPont and Corey Barnes at Lovebird Recording
Filmed and Edited by Joe Wallace, Michelle Castillo and Doug Fellegy
This is a part of a six-song, solo in-store set Kurt Vile performed at LUNA Music Midtown in Indianapolis late in 2010, presented by Laundro Matinee.

Kurt Vile - Classic Rock In Spring (live)

Watch more and download In-Store Session MP3, HERE.

Kurt Vile‘s upcoming full length “Smoke Ring For My Halo,” due out on March 8th via Matador Records.

Papercuts - Do You Really Wanna Know

Papercuts - Do You Really Wanna Know
Directed by: YoursTruly

'Do You Really Wanna Know' is the opening track from Papercuts' forthcoming first album for Sub pop "Fading Parade" which is due out on March 1st.  Papercuts is music by Jason Robert Quever with help from David Enos, Frankie Koeller, Graham Hill and others.


Julian Lynch, live on WFMU

New Folk Sounds of Julian Lynch, live on WFMU

Julian Lynch made his WFMU debut with a special acoustic set on Talk's Cheap. He was joined by Ian Drennan of Big Troubles on bass, and Evan Brody of Family Portrait on electric guitar & synth. Julian brought along his new 12-string acoustic, which he swapped for an effect-laden clarinet (á la the aforementioned Karnatic saxophonist Gopalnath) on the last drone piece.  (via FMA)

'Terra' will be the title track of his forthcoming 3rd full-length via Underwater Peoples.

WATCH :: Julian Lynch - "Travelers" (Part 1) at Subterranean A on January 9, 2011.

Casiotone Compilation 2

Casiotone Compilation 2
' casiotone compilation 2 ' featuring; casiotone for the painfully alone, love of everything, greg davis, eddie marcon, kawashima circulation bus line, dydsu, hiroki misawa, takashi hishigaki, tetsuro yasunaga, aze, kyosuke fujita (3000ndl), helll, tonio, ueno takashi (tenniscoats), rima kato, yuki kaneko, thomas, sanchan, suzueri, will long (celer), shibata & asuna, cover drawings by casiotone for the painfully alone (aka Owen Ashworth).

3" CD compilation called CASIOTONE COMPILATION 2, available soon from Aotoao, further information HERE.

Night People #09: My Pal Foot Foot

Night People #09
"Central Park/100" by My Pal Foot Foot w/Julian Patterson (Kes Band)
a film by Shuhei Hatano, March 27, 2010 during Kes band Japan Tour hosted by My Pal Foot at Penguin House, Koenji.

My Pal Foot consist of Kei Takeshita (Moon Face Boys), Yuko Kono, Koji Takeuchi (Fukurahagibatake).

Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues

Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues

Fleet Foxes Announce the Release of Second Album, Helplessness Blues, Out May 3rd (U.S./Sub Pop), May 2nd (UK/Bella Union) 2011 & Tour Dates in North America, London and Europe.

Helplessness Blues is the new full-length from Fleet Foxes. Helplessness Blues was recorded over the course of a year at Avast Recording, Bear Creek Studios, Dreamland Studios, and Reciprocal Recording. The album was mixed by Phil Ek and co-produced by Fleet Foxes and Ek. The piece that appears on the album cover was illustrated by Seattle artist Toby Liebowitz and painted by Chris Alderson. Fleet Foxes is Robin Pecknold, Skyler Skjelset, Christian Wargo, Casey Wescott, Josh Tillman and Morgan Henderson.  (Sub Pop)