Iceland’s Grandma Lo-Fi

Grandma Lo-Fi - Trailer
2011. Iceland. Written and directed by Orri Jónsson, Kristín Björk Kristjánsdóttir & Ingibjörg Birgisdóttir with animation by Ingibjörg Birgisdóttir and Magnús Helgason and music by Sigríður Níelsdóttir.


The Basement Tapes of Sigríður Níelsdóttir
"At the tender age of 70 she started recording and releasing her own music straight from the living room. 7 years later Sigríður Níelsdóttir had 59 albums to her name with more than 600 songs – an eccentric myriad of catchy compositions mixing in her pets' purrs and coos, found toys, kitchen percussion and casio keyboards.

‘Grandma Lo-fi’ is a cinematic tribute to an amazing musician and her boundless creativity."


Three Sides Chicago : Squares, Squirrels and Dots

Sam Prekop

Three Sides Chicago : Squares, Squirrels and Dots
Sam Prekop, Eric Claridge, Archer Prewitt
サム・プレコップ / エリック・クラリッジ / アーチャー・プルウィット

The Sea and Cakeの来日公演にあわせ、3人展が開催されます。

東京:3月26日 ~ 4月8日
リブロ渋谷店・洋書ロゴス渋谷店 ショーウィンドー
渋谷パルコpart1 B1F

京都:4月4日 ~ 4月22日

The Sea and Cake Japan Tour 2012

April 6th: Billboard Live, Osaka
April 7th: Billboard Live, Tokyo

Eric Claridge

Archer Prewitt

And ..... The A.V. Club is now featuring an exclusive track 'Arizona' (below) by Sam Prekop from Tim Sutton's debut feature "Pavilion" which will premiere at SXSW 2012.

Willis Earl Beal

Willis Earl Beal - Monotony (via)

A Chicago-based singer/songwriter/artist,
Willis Earl Beal will release his debut full-length "Acousmatic Sorcery," due out on March 5th via Hot Charity/XL Recordings.

"The album’s 11 songs are taken from a series of recordings Beal made while living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After living in the Chicagoland area for his entire life, Beal felt compelled to be near the desert, an idea he had long romanticized."  --Leor Galil, CHICAGO READER

Willis Earl Beal - Evening’s Kiss
Illustrated and directed by Willis Earl Beal.
Taken from the first single from Willis Earl Beal's forthcoming debut album "Acousmatic Sorcery".

FOUND’s Magazine #7 contains the true-life tale of Willis Earl Beal, who’s responsible for perhaps the sweetest and oddest looking-for-love flyer ever created.

Sad Horse & 2UP Japan Tour 2012

Sweet Dreams and Toad Records Presents

3月30日(金) 東京・渋谷 エコー
3月31日(土) 山形・フランク
4月01日(日) 仙台・パンゲア
4月04日(水) 浜松・ズート・ホーン・ロロ
4月05日(木) 名古屋・KDハポン
4月06日(金) 金沢・Kapo
4月07日(土) 大阪・FLOAT
4月08日(日) 東京・幡ヶ谷 Forestlimit


Sweet Dreams Press / Toad Records Presents

Sad Horse on July 4th! Live in the Pony Room, pt. 3

LISTEN :: Live in Studio: SAD HORSE (via KBOO)

2up - Brain cop


Tashaki Miyaki - If Not For You

Tashaki Miyaki - If Not For You (Bob Dylan cover)

Tashaki Miyaki, a duo (Lucy - vocals, drums and Rocky - guitar) from California, has released a couple of new tracks on their bandcamp now. And their limited pressing of 500 Vinyl "sings the everly brothers" is available now though Rough Trade, HERE.

Ben von Wildenhaus "Instrumental Quaalude"

Ben von Wildenhaus - Week Sixteen: Mount Harissa

Duke Ellington's "Mount Harissa" with SG, bass, wurlitzer 200a, and Leatherpants playing dualing drum kits ala Party Favorites live recordings. Originally released as "Week Sixteen" on the 2009 podcast Instrumental Quaalude.

Ben von Wildenhaus - Week Three: Very Early

Bill Evans' "Very Early" with guitars, sine-waves, feedback looping the C pedal bass. Originally released as "Week Three" on the 2009 podcast Instrumental Quaalude.

"Instrumental Quaalude, vol. 1" (2009) is now featured on Free Music Archive. "Instrumental Quaalude" was an online outlet for the compositional fragments, improvisations, and recording experiments of Ben von Wildenhaus in the three years during which WIldenhaus recorded, mixed, and released "Great Melodies From Around."
Stream or download, HERE or HERE.


MICT presents a new compilation featuring tracks by seven female artists from Tunisia - Ines Crack, Medusa, Imen Tnani, Nawel Ben Kraiem, Badiaa, Lina and Houwaidaas - as well as Remixes by José Gonzaléz & Kirikoo Des.



Lawrence Arabia - Toy Orchestra

Lawrence Arabia - Toy Orchestra

Here's a 2010's chamber toy pop music (appeared on the B-side of the Apple Pie Bed 7") from New Zealand's James Milne a.k.a. Lawrence Arabia, whose third album is almost complete, the follow-up to 2009's “Chant Darling” album (Mistletone/Honorary Bedouin, Bella Union). His forthcoming new album was recorded with Elroy Finn -- a son of Neil Finn (Split Enz and Crowded House), a younger brother of Liam, Connan Mockasin a.k.a. Connan Hosford, engineered by Joe Gubay and Nick Abbott.

taken from 2011's collaborative album "Unlimited Buffet" by Fabulous/Arabia -- Mike Fabulous (Lord Echo/The Black Seeds) and Jame Milne (Lawrence Arabia/The Reduction Agents).


Kindness aka Adam Bainbridge

photograph: Ellen Rogers (via)

Kindness - Cyan
taken from 2011's “Cyan” 12″ via Chris Taylor's Terrible Records (US), Female Energy/Polydor (UK)

Kindness - Swinging Party (The Replacements cover)
taken from 2009's debut single (b/w Gee Up) via Moshi Moshi (Sold Out)

Kindness, a one-man disco-funk project comprised of Adam Bainbridge who divides his time between London, England, and Berlin, Germany, will release his debut full-length "World, You Need A Change Of Mind," it was recorded and mixed with Phoenix producer Phillipe Zdar at his studio in Paris. He cites influences that include American disco icons Arthur Russell, Larry Levan, and Leroy Burgess. 

"World, You Need a Change of Mind" is due out on March 19th via Polydor-imprint Female Energy (UK) / on March 23rd via Modular (AUS), on May 8th via Casablanca/Terrible.
Pre-order through iTunes, HERE.

Track List: 01 SEOD / 02 Swingin Party / 03 Anyone Can Fall In Love / 04 Gee Wiz / 05 Gee Up / 06 House / 07 That’s Alright / 08 Cyan / 09 Bombastic / 10 Doigsong

Kindness - Gee Up (Directed by Jack Jam City)


Michael Dumontier and Neil Farber

Michael Dumontier and Neil Farber

Constructive Abandonment,
published by Drawn & Quarterly

Online exclusive interview
on The Believer magazine, HERE.


Hear Hums

Hear Hums - Am I

Hear Hums - Critters Canopy

Hear Hums is a Gainesville, Florida-based free experimental sound project consisting of Mitch Myers and Kenzie Cooke. They've just released their third album "Open," now available on Hear Hums' bandcamp.

"Opens" (Akashic Records, 2012)


Lint, the strip cartoon opera project


Lint, the new strip cartoon opera project from composer Walter Hus is the ideal way to get to know the greatest cartoon genius of the last twenty years, Chris Ware. The book of the same name sketches the complete life story of a Jordan Wellington Lint (Acme Novelty Library Volume 20), who is remarkable for his wrong choices and missed opportunities. It was the leitmotivs, counterpoints and other musical elements in this ingeniously constructed cartoon that caught the attention of Walter Hus. Together with Angélique Willkie and Spectra Ensemble, he converts this fabulous work into a real cartoon concert.

Walter Hus is artist in residence at Namahn.

(via KVS, Brussels, Belgium)

LINT: the legendary strip 'lint' by Chris Ware with music of Walter Hus
2 & 3 March - 20:30 - KVS_Box, Brussel

Mascara Snake

Mascara Snake - Family Portrait in a Landscape
taken from "Portraits and Scenes" cassette (Avant Archive, 2011)

Mascara Snake - Quiet and wise
taken from "Lonely as a Cloud" cassette (Zeon Light, 2012)

French artist Pacôme Genty has a way with scenes, and an album full of them, all painted in guitar loop and sprawling oddity, available on tape via Avant Archive and at bandcamp (alongside a handful of other releases). Not to be confused with the sometimes Captain Beefheart clarinetist of the same name, this particular Mascara Snake is the solo guitar, sample and synth arrangements of Paris.


Joan of Arc presents Joan of Arc

Chicago's Joan of Arc have written and recorded a complete soundtrack for the 80 minute classic French silent film "The Passion of Joan of Arc" (directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer, 1928). Recorded live on opening night of the 2011 Chicago International Movies and Music Festival, the new album "Joan of Arc Presents: Joan of Arc" is slated for release on April 10 2012. In this latest unexpected turn for the band, Joan of Arc have composed a dark, flowering sonic counterpart to the film's grim subject matter (which is a rather haunting depiction of savage religious persecution).

Released on vinyl and digital only, via Joyful Noise Recordings.

Scenes from “The Passion of Joan of Arc / 裁かるるジャンヌ・ダルク” appeared in Jean-Luc Godard’s “Vivre sa Vie / 女と男のいる舗道” (1962)

Primitive Motion "Home of the Future"

Primitive Motion - Coiled Spring

Primitive Motion - Path of Inconsequence

From Brisbane, Australia, Primitive Motion comprised of Leighton Craig and Sandra Selig, is an offshoot of Brisbane's Deadnotes. The duo have just released new EP "Home of the Future" (3" CDR + art book), in an edition of only 30 copies.
Available on Craig's Kindling Records, or Free Download on their Bandcamp page. (via Soft Abuse)

Primitive Motion - Interior Sea


Laura Gibson - La Grand (Live at WFUV)

Laura Gibson - La Grand (Live at WFUV)
Laura Gibson performs 'La Grand,' live in Studio A. Recorded 1/24/2012. (via the Alternate Side Org.) Watch more ... 'Feather Lungs' and 'Milk-Heavy, Pollen-Eyed' from the session. Her new full-length album “La Grande” is available on Barsuk Records (US), City Slang (EU) and HEADZ (Japan).

Lovers Without Borders at Dub Narcotic studio

Karl Blau and Calvin Johnson at Dub Narcotic studio (via)

Lovers without Borders on St. Valentine’s Day, 2012.
They've just recorded 4 songs at Dub Narcotic studio for the upcoming 7" on IPU (International Pop Underground) series. Engineered by Calvin Johnson and Eli Moore (of LAKE). The session includes cover of Lois song 'The Second Most Beautiful Girl in the World.' (via k Records)

Lovers Without Borders - The Second Most Beautiful Girl in the World (Lois cover)

LOVERS WITHOUT BORDERS is a latest combo of Karl Blau, K Records veteran and Anacortes resident. Karl sings and plays saxophone with Jessica Bonin (of Daffodils) from Edison on drums, Allen Peril from Bellingham on guitar. Their 2011 self-titled 7-song cassette is now available via Dog Daze Tapes.

Lovers Without Borders - My Harem Shall All Have Hashbrowns


Ed Askew

Ed Askew is a painter and singer-songwriter who lives in New York City. Born in Stamford Connecticut, he moved to New Haven ... more to study painting at Yale Art School. In 1963 he took up residence there. Around 1987 Ed moved to New York City, where he continues to write and record songs, and occasionally perform. Ed has recorded with ESP, DeStijl, Sub Pop and Drag City.

Yo La Tengo - I Saw The Light

Yo La Tengo returns to the WFMU Marathon on Friday, March 2nd from 9 to midnight! Ira, James, Georgia and pal Bruce play your cover song requests in exchange for pledges! ---WFMU


clips from side 2 of SUPER HITS OF THE 70's !

Yo La Tengo has covered Todd Rundgren's 'I Saw The Light,' it appears on Michael Shelley's 2012 WFMU Fund Raising Marathon DJ Premium CD "Super Hits Of the Seventies!" along with Stevie Jackson (of Belle & Sebastian), The Minus Five, Paul Collins, Joe, Dennis Diken with Bell Sound and more, as a reward for donating to WFMU's fundraising marathon. All songs were recorded exclusively for the compilation only. Full track list and the further information is HERE

And YLT will headline the Images Festival closing night gala on April 21 at the Toronto Underground Cinema, wherein they will perform "The Sounds Of Science," an original score for Jean Painlevé's films. They created the score for a screening at the 2001 San Francisco Film Festival.


Chuck Prophet "Temple Beautiful"

Chuck Prophet – Play That Song Again

California native and longtime San Francisco resident singer-songwriter Chuck Prophet has released his twelfth album "Temple Beautiful" which pays homage to San Francisco, via Yep Roc on Feb 7th. All the songs are San Francisco related, those cast of characters includes Willie Mays, The Mitchell Brothers, Castro District, Emperor Norton and more. The album was co-produced by himself with Brad Jones, and it was recorded with James DePrato (guitars), Rusty Miller (bass, vocals) and The Tubes’ Prairie Prince (drums, percussion), Stephanie Finch (vocals), Chris Carmichael (cello, violin), Jim Hoke (woodwinds, flute). The title track features Roy Roney, vocalist of legendary Bay Area band The Flamin’ Groovies, on guest vocals. 
Preview the album in its entirety on SoundCloud!

One of the driving forces behind cult heroes Green on Red and the influential L.A. Paisley Underground scene in the 1980s, Prophet's creative mold was actually cast in San Francisco. Recalls Prophet, "Temple Beautiful is the name of a long closed rock and roll club which was between Bill Graham's iconic Fillmore Ballroom and the tragic storefront church founded by the Reverend Jim Jones. It's where I saw my first gigs."

"There's a kind of rock and roll psych renaissance going on in this town at the moment with bands like Thee Oh Sees, Girls, The Fresh and Onlys, Kelley Stoltz and Sonny and the Sunset's. I'm very encouraged by all this stuff going on here."

Title track from "Temple Beautiful," Roy Loney (The Flamin' Groovies) on guest vocals.

Chuck Prophet's "Temple Beautiful" tour of San Francisco - Part 1


Street Gnar "Study Wall"

Street Gnar is Brooklyn-based Case Mahan, hailing from Lexington, Kentucky. Street Gnar's new 11-track album "Study Wall" is now available on his bandcamp. It was recorded by Case Mahan himself in Brooklyn and mastered and reinvented by Cyrus Shahmir (of N.E.C.). 2011's “Poking the World With a Stick” cassette is available on Night-People and free on his bandcamp.


About "The Clearing" by Bowerbirds

Little Documentary About The Bower Birds New Record
Film by Creato Destructo

"they returned to their cabin in the woods of North Carolina to nest--to make soup and walk dogs, to make art and write songs, to realize that this was their life and find contentment in it."

Bowerbirds - In The Yard (from "The Clearing")

Raleigh, NC-based Bowerbirds is set to release their third album “The Clearing,” recorded with Brian Joseph in Wisconsin’s treasured new studio, Justin Vernon’s April Base. Due out on March 6th, 2012 via Dead Oceans. Pre-order, HERE.


Chris Weisman / Ryan Power

Chris Weisman 1.20.12 Brattleboro, VT

Chris Weisman, of Happy Birthday along with Ruth Garbus and Kyle Thomas (aka King Tuff), both formerly of Feathers, has released a brand new full-length “Message From Work,” the follow-up to 2011′s “Transparency.” Available Now via Autumn Records. Full album streaming & buy physical/digital at HERE.

Ryan Power - I Don't Want to Die

Ryan Power - Mondo Rush

and from Brattleboro again... Ryan Power, who produced Happy Birthday's Sub Pop 2010 self-titled debut album, has US release of his fifth record "I Don’t Want to Die" on April 3rd from NNA Tapes, previously released from Japanese label Moorworks in 2011.


Oupa and Tony Crow Cover Porcelain Raft

Oupa and Tony Crow - Backwords (Porcelain Raft Cover)

Oupa, a solo project by Daniel Blumberg of Yuck, has covered a song 'Backwords' from Mauro Remiddi aka Porcelain Raft’s recently released debut album "Strange Week" (Secretly Canadian). It was performed for the live session, Oupa on guitar and vocal / Tony Crow (Lambchop, ex-Silver Jews) on piano, recorded by Mark Nevers (Lambchop) at Beech House Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. It will be released as a hand stamped limited edition run of 300 7 inch vinyl on March 12th. 
Pre-order, HERE.

Porcelain Raft - Unless You Speak From Your Heart

taken from Porcelain Raft's debut record "Strange Weekend" for Secretly Canadian, now available.

Oupa - It's Rough
Music by Oupa / Song by Smog (Bill Callahan) from his album "Wild Love" (Drag City, 1995) / Video by Porcelain Raft


Puta Madre Brothers

Puta Madre Brothers preview of their new shocking album
"It's A Long Long Way To Meximotown"

Puta Madre Brothers are three gringos hailing from Altona in the western suburbs of Melbourne in the early 1980s. Their second album "It's A Long Long Way To Meximotown," featuring 14 bonus tracks of mexicali-disco-garage-hi-speed-soul-dance gunslings, will be coming soon, on February 10th via Baboso Records/Fuse Distribution. 


"The Manual of Detection"

"The Manual of Detection" Jedediah Berry
「探偵術マニュアル」ジェデダイア・ベリー (創元推理文庫)


"The Age of Dreaming" Nina Revoyr


Papercuts "Mockingbird"

Papercuts - Poor And Free

Antenna Farm Records has announced the upcoming release of Jason Quever's Papercuts, its 2004's first proper album "Mockingbird" for the first time available on vinyl in a limited edition deluxe LP package with a bonus 7″ featuring two previously unreleased tracks from the Mockingbird sessions. Re-mastered by JJ Golden. Due out on on Valentine’s Day. Pre-order, HERE.

Also ..... Antenna Farm will co-release Bart Davenport’s new 7″ 'Someone2Dance' b/w 'Cheap Words' with San Francisco’s Smile! Records, on Valentine’s Day.

Beach Fossils - Shallow

Beach Fossils - Shallow

'Shallow' is taken from the upcoming new 7" by Brooklyn's Beach Fossils, due out on February 21st via Captured Tracks. A follow-up to last year's What a Pleasure EP, they've been working on the new full-length, which is due for release in 2012.

Beach Fossils is a Brooklyn-based group, formed in early 2009 by Dustin Payseur. Payseur takes influence from music, poetry, art and philosophers (Don Cherry, Ravi Shankar, Rumi, Lao-Tzu and Jean Cocteau), having an equal and crucial impact on his work. Steady members of the band have actively formed their own groups, guitarist Cole Smith with DIVE and John Peña with Heavenly Beat. Both of which have signed to Captured Tracks.


Gym, Deer - Darlings

Gym, Deer - Darlings

Gym, Deer is Robert Lee, and the band comprises of his fellow Brooklyn musicians including Angelo Spagnolo and Mallory Glaser from In One Wind, Ross Gallagher, and Anthony Lamarca (co-founder of Primary Records) from The Building, also Dean & Britta / St. Vincent. Gym, Deer's debut 12-track digital album "Other, Ways" (Primary Records, 2011) is available, HERE.

I told Rob it reminded me of Arthur Russell, to which he responded, “I don’t know who that is. This is me trying to be Nick Drake and Bobby McFerrin.” -- Anthony LaMarca

Claude Rosen - 3

In One Wind - Go Follow John

The Building - Twenty Years

All tracks above are taken from "Primary Records Sampler Vol. I" (2011), available free on their bandcamp or HERE.

Claude Rosen:
What’s this? Jazz? Some strange French soundtrack? Is that a Casio MT-100? Where’s the solo? His own compositions began in a traditional jazz context but now are evolving into a more simple form: leaving out the improvisation and focusing on sonics and melody. He has shared with me some even newer recordings in which we hear some singing from Mr. Rosen. What I love best about his music is that it floats between two well known genres yet defies them both.

(thanks to thiswholeworld)

Lorena Álvarez - Mejor Acompañado

Lorena Álvarez - Mejor Acompañado
the song from the album "La Cinta" (Sones, 2012).


Narrow Sparrow - Spooky Head

Narrow Sparrow - Spooky Head

A Chicago-based experimental electro-pop project, Narrow Sparrow has released a new video (featuring spooky footage from the 1920s) for the song 'Spooky Head,' off their four-song EP "Synthworks."
Download Synthworks EP for free, HERE.

Narrow Sparrow - Glow (from "Synthworks")


Hans Richter - Vormittagsspuk 
(Ghosts Before Breakfast / 午前の幽霊), 1927
One of the Narrow Sparrow's favorite short films ... (via).