AON Sessions: Sharon Van Etten - One Day

AON Sessions: Sharon Van Etten - One Day
Produced by Raul Zahir De Leon; Audio recorded and engineered by Miguel Lacsamana; 2nd Camera Jonathan Luna.  Watch more, here.

On tour in support of her second full length, 'epic', Sharon Van Etten has been traveling with an excellent backing band that has helped her translate the fuller sound of the new album to the stage. Last they were in town, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Sharon and vocalist Cat Martino to record stripped down versions of a couple of tunes from the album.  (via all our noise)

Sharon Van Etten Japan Tour 2010
12月03日(金) 奈良 カフェ・サンプル
12月04日(土) 京都 アバンギルド
12月05日(日) 敦賀 ピニョン・ピニョン
12月07日(火) 名古屋 KDハポン
12月08日(水) 鎌倉 カフェ・ゴーティー
12月09日(木) 渋谷 セヴンス・フロア
12月11日(土) 松本 CAFE salon as salon (群青2階)
12月12日(日) 初台 近江楽堂(東京オペラシティ内)

Further Info. >> Sweet Dreams

Kurt Wagner & Cortney Tidwell present KORT

KORT is a brand new country duo project of Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner and Nashville-based singer-songwriter Cortney Tidwell, their debut full length "Invariable Heartache" (City Slang) features old country tunes from Nashville's Chart Records, run by Tidwell's family.

Kurt Wagner & Cortney Tidwell present KORT - Invariable Heartache by cityslang

Kurt Wagner & Cortney Tidwell present KORT - Mini Documentary

Giant Sand "Blurry Blue Mountain”

Blurry Blue Mountain (Fire Record, 2010)

"Between the crystal clear focus of your day to day and the luxury of sweet fuzzy sleep, we welcome you to the blurry blue mountain". - Howe Gelb

Giant Sand - Fields of Green

The new full-length "Blurry Blue Mountain” by Howe Gelb‘s alt-country project, Giant Sand, is out now on Fire Records.
Produced by Howe Gelb and Kent Olsen,
Howe Gelb - Vocals, Guitar and Piano / Thoger T. Lund Homemade - upright Bass / Peter Dombernowsky - Drums / Anders Pedersen - Slide Guitar and Steel / Nikolaj Heyman - Guitar and Wurlitzer / Lonna Kelly - Vocals.

Howe Gelb at the FirePlace - Erosion
Howe Gelb performs 'Erosion' from Giant Sand's 'Blurry Blue Mountain'. Recorded at the FirePlace in October 2010.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra New 7″ EP

Listen to a brand new EP from Unknown Mortal Orchestra, 7" EP (Limited to 300 copies) is due out on December 13th via a new UK label The Sounds Of Sweet Nothing.


Atlas Sound "Bedroom Databank" & Japan Tour

"Bedroom Databank Vol.2"

Bradford Cox's Atlas Sound has dropped his new recordings "Bedroom Databank Vol. 1 & 2" free via his blog. (via FMA)

B. COX: Electric Bass, Bells, Congas, Nylon Guitar, Mouth Organ, Vocals

"Bedroom Databank Vol.1"

Atlas Sound - Freak Train (Kurt Vile Cover)

"Bedroom Databank Vol.1" features 11 tracks including a couple of cover takes of 'Freak Train' (Kurt Vile) and 'This Wheel’s On Fire' (Bob Dylan & The Band).
B. COX: Harmonica, Synthesizer, Drums, Vocals, Computer
W.A.B. II: Maracas, Other Vocals

Download ::  "Bedroom Databank Vol.1" entirely on his blog.


contrarede presents 4AD evening

1/22 (sat)   Shinsaibashi, Music Club JANUS
1/24 (mon) Shibuya, O-EAST

4AD evening 番外編 

1/20 (thu)  Shibuya, O-nest
1/21 (fri)   Nagoya, club QUATTRO

Info: contrarede (03-5773-5061), epistula@contrarede.com

Hayvanlar Alemi's first release on Sublime Frequencies

Hayvanlar Alemi (means Animal Kingdom in Turkish) is a contemporary "improvisational ethnic surf-psychedelia" group hailing from the Turkish capital of Ankara. Formed in 1999, the band is led by Ozum Itez (electric guitar) and Isik Sarihan (percussion). "Guarana Superpower" is their first-ever vinyl LP, also debut release via Sublime Frequencies, founded by Alan Bishop (Sun City Girls) and Hisham Mayet. The LP includes reworked versions of a few tunes that were first heard on Hayvanlar's many free mp3 releases Demolar. (via FMA)


Twin Sister - All Around and Away We Go

Twin Sister - All Around and Away We Go (New Video)
[Double Six/Infinite Best]  Directed by Mike Luciano

'All Around and Away We Go' (b/w 'White Bread'), Twin Sister's first UK 7" single is out now via Double Six (Domino).

Mighty Clouds

Mighty Clouds - Spell It Out

Mighty Clouds - Stay Single

Mighty Clouds is a new project from Fred Thomas (Saturday Looks Good To Me, City Center, Flashpapr, Swimsuit) and official Swedish transplant Betty Barnes (SLGTM) from Brooklyn.  'Spell It Out' is taken from their self-titled debut full-length featuring 10 new original songs and a Morrissey cover, 'Certain People I Know.'  Stream and purchase Limited 180 Gram Cloud Color Vinyl of "Mighty Clouds" through their bandcampage.

And City Center's second full-length "REDEEMER" is due out on K Records in March 2011.  Their latest tape "New Beginnings Academy," a companion piece/the other side of the forthcoming album, is available on Fred's tape label The Life Like.  It was recorded at the Redeemer sessions.

City Center - "Let's Go Die" @ Subterranean - (3/11/10)
The song appears on "New Beginnings Academy."


Leon Sommer

"Leon Sommer" is a musical project by David Robins. After releasing "How To Disappear Completely" in summer 2010 he resides and makes music in Montana. (11:03 Records)


Sweet Lights - Endless Town

Sweet Lights - Endless Town (via Delicious Scopitone)
Scenes from "Permanent Vacation" by Jim Jarmusch.

Sweet Lights - Are We Gonna Work it Out

Philadelphia's Sweet Lights is known as a one-man-band of Shai Halperin (of former Capitol Years, Daniel Johnston’s band), its self-titled full length, produced & mixed by himself with Jeff Zeigler (of Arc in Round/Uniform Recording, also known for producing/engineering War on Drugs, Kurt Vile) is available digitally on bandcamp.

Estate Sale Boat

Estate Sale Boat - Mindless Heartprints

Estate Sale Boat - Transmission Eyes

RIYL: Steely Dan, Brian Wilson, a 60s/70s pop influenced Yacht-Rock group from Orlando, FL., Eastate Sale Boat consists of Sean Moore (of Viernes), Carlos DeSoto (of The Rules) and Mike Ryan.  Their debut album "Coast" will be coming out soon. You can download the both tracks on their bandcamp page.

Sean Moore - I've Begun to Fall in Love (R. Stevie Moore cover)

Sean Moore - Ashley

'I've Begun to Fall in Love' appears on Volume 3, ‘Hey, pretty world” of the R. Stevie Moore Tribute box set via Sickoftheradio.com.

LISTEN :: Sean Moore's "2x5 Movement III: Fast (Phases in Sound Remix)" on his bandcamp page. This track is a rearrangement of Steve Reich's "2x5" for the Steve Reich remix contest.

White Fence "Growing Faith"

"Growing Faith"

White Fence - Lillian (Won't You Play Drums?)

White Fence (aka Tim Presley known as the guitarist for Darker My Love) is set to release the second full-length "Growing Faith" on January 10th, 2011 via Woodsist, following-up to the self-titled debut album (LP: Make A Mess/CD: Woodsist).

"Alchemy Vol. 1, 2, 3"  Tim Presley / Tusche/Paper, 2010


Son of Rams "Frolics in the Pink"

Jacques Hnizdovsky (American, b. Ukraine, 1915-1985)
Ram, Etching, 1979.

Son of Rams - Triple Eyed

'Triple Eyed' is taken from Son of Rams' new EP "Frolics in the Pink."  Son of Rams is Joseph Pruitt's solo project, he is known as a member of Family Trees. You can grab this EP, here.

Pianosaurus' Christmas

Pianosaurus-Merry Christmas Baby-Cicero's St. Louis 1987
New York's Pianosaurus, famous for playing toy instruments perform Merry Christmas Baby at Cicero's Basement in St. Louis for the TV show Psychotic Reaction.

Pianosaurus - Memphis (Chuck Berry cover)

Pianosaurus - Sun Will Follow

Both tracks are taken from their 1987 first album "Groovy Neighborhood" which was produced by Peter Holsapple (of The dB's), recorded October/November 1986 at Water Music Recorders, Hoboken, NJ, released by Rounder Records in 1987 (and French label New Rose in 1986  with a different cover art and tracklisting including a cover of the Box Tops'  'The Letter').


『早春(Deep End)』(1971)

Deep End is a 1971 movie directed by Polish director Jerzy Skolimowski. The movie starring Jane Asher, Paul McCartney's ex-lover and a sister of Peter Asher(Peter and Gordon). It features the song "Mother Sky" by CAN and "But I Might Die Tonight" by Cat Stevens. Never released on DVD!

イギリス映画 『早春』 DEEP END - 日本語吹替|ダイジェスト 【Part 1】

Helado Negro "Pasajero"

Pasajero (cover art by David Lekach The IV)

Helado Negro - Jurame (Roberto Carlos cover)

Helado Negro - La La (Eduardo Mateo cover)

Helado Negro - Deja

These songs were originally intended as a Christmas gift to Roberto’s parents but then he decided to share it with everyone. Just like an empanada, its quickly consumed but will linger in your memory.

Both tracks are taken from Helado Negro aka Roberto Carlos Lange's free EP "Pasajero" on his bandcamp page.  This eight-track EP featuring two original songs and covers of South American tunes (Roberto Carlos, Eduardo Mateo, Leo Dan, Los Iracundos), also “Adios Maldito Mundo,” translated version of Pink Floyd’s "Goodbye Cruel World.”  'Deja' is taken from his 2009 Asthmatic Kitty debut full-length "Awe Owe."

Iron & Wine "Kiss Each Other Clean"

Finally long awaited fourth full length - the first album in over 3 years, Iron & Wine's "Kiss Each Other Clean" is due out on January 25th, 2011 via 4AD/Warners.  Its first three-song single 'Walking Far From Home' is available on November 26th. The album was recorded in Chicago and Austin and produced by Brian Deck, and features Stuart Bogie (of Brooklyn’s Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra).

Tracklist: 1. Walking Far From Home  2. Me And Lazarus  3. Tree By The River  4. Monkeys Uptown  5. Half Moon  6. Rabbit Will Run  7. Godless Brother In Love  8. Big Burned Hand  9. Glad Man Singing  10. Your Fake Name Is Good Enough For Me

Iron & Wine - Kiss Each Other Clean

Stan Brakhage, "Mothlight" (1963)

Sam Beam's Top 10 films from Criterion titles.
#1 "Brazil" Terry Gilliam  #2 "Yojimbo" Akira Kurosawa  #3 "The Third Man" Carol Reed  #4 "Down By Law" Jim Jarmusch  #5 "By Brakhage: An Anthology, Volume One"  #6 "La Strada" Federico Fellini  #7 "The Battle Of Algiers" Gillo Pontecorvo  #8 "A Woman Under The Influence" John Cassavetes  #9 "Burden Of Dreams" Les Blank  #10 "Naked" Mike Leigh



Plume Giant - I'm On Drugs

Plume Giant - Fool Hall

Plume Giant is a retro folk trio from New Haven, Connecticut consisting of Nolan, Oliver and Eliza.  Both tracks are taken from the latest self-titled EP, which is available on their web site and digitally free download via their bandcamp page.

The Sandwitches - Summer of Love

The Sandwitches - Summer of Love

"Imagine a 60's Girl-group is on tour and their van breaks down near a gothic castle high on the hill, Dario Argento invites them in to perform a concert for his tweaked actors in a big dark red room inside and, if the dream is right, it’s the Sandwitches - they'd fit right in with those misfits and speak the same language. I'd like to be there to dance. Close your eyes and you'll see what I mean. These are fab, haunting tunes wrapped in tender weird pop. That's what we got here. A heavy party you want to hang out at."   Kelley Stoltz 

'Summer of Love' is taken from The Sandwitches' new 7" single (b/w My Teddy) which is due out on November 30th via 1-2-3-4 Go! Records, pre-order is available now, here.

Christmas Time is Here

A Charlie Brown Christmas - Christmas Time is Here Song
rest in peace, kaye tani


Akron/Family's fifth full-length album

The album was written in a cabin built into the side of Mount Meakan, an active volcano in Akan National Park, on the island of Hokkaido, Japan. It was recorded in an abandoned train station in Detroit with the blackest white dude we all know, Chris Koltay (Liars, Women, Deerhunter, Holy Fuck, No Age). Chris, on tour after finishing the record, commented: “this album will transcend the internet.”

Finally, Akron/Family's new full-lenrth album "S/T II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT" is coming out on February 8th, 2011 via Dead Oceans.

Tracklisting: 1. Silly Bears 2. Island 3. A AAA O A WAY 4. So It Goes 5. Another Sky 6. Light Emerges 7. Cast a Net 8. Tatsuya Neon Purple Walkby 9. Fuji I (Global Dub) 10. Say What You Want To 11. Fuji II (Single Pane) 12. Canopy 13. Creator

LISTEN to the sound frangments from the new album HERE.


VOLCANO CHOIR @O-West, Shibuya, Tokyo 08 Nov 2010

Thanx! Contrarede. ありがとう。


Julian Lynch covers Nirvana

Julian Lynch - Come as You Are (Nirvana cover)
Live at the Project Lodge in Madison, WI on 11/4/10. via Urban Agrarian

Julian Lynch with Joel Shanahan on guitar, Austin Hays on bass, Nick Turko on keys and Brandon Kenney on drums.  Watch more, here.

Manfred Mann - My Name Is Jack

Manfred Mann - My Name Is Jack

'My Name Is Jack' was written by John Simon, his own recording appeared on 1968 film OST "You Are What You Eat," directed by Barry Feinstein / musical director: Peter Yarrow. John Simon's 1970 Warner Bros. masterpiece solo album "John Simon's album" has been available in Japan on re-mastered CD/Paper Sleeve jacket format. You can get it, here.

You Are What You Eat (1968 / OST)


Monopoly Child Star Searches

Monopoly Child Star Searchers Nigtlife Band Presents: Bamboo For Two
Promo Video

This is a promo video for the full-length "Bamboo For Two" by Monopoly Child Star Searchers aka Spencer Clark (Skaters, Vodka Soap, Black Joker), due out on November 15th via Olde English Spelling Bee. The band features Spencer Clark with Lieven Martens (Dolphins Into The Future), Eva Van Duren (Orphan Fairytale) and James Ferraro (Skaters, Lamborghini Crystal, CEO of Airhead Entertainment).

Pregnant - Wiff of Father

Pregnant – Wiff of Father

'Wiff of Father" is taken from "Regional music" 12" by Pregnant (aka Daniel Trudeau from Placerville, California) described as a "hillbilly savant."  "Regional Music" is now available on Life's Blood and also "Ike Wimin" 12" is available on KDVS Recordings. You can get/stream/download his recordings, here and here.

Pregnant - Someone's Going to Love You

A new video for a track from Pregnant’s second album “Ike Wimin."

MICHAEL HURLEY Blue Navigator 8-Track

Michael Hurley - Who Ever Heard Of You

Secret Seven and Mississippi Records have joined forces to reissue Blue Navigator, one of Michael Hurley's rarest and most enjoyable albums, on 8-Track cassette--a fitting format for a former 8-Track repairman.  Blue Navigator was originally released on LP in 1984 on Rooster Records and quickly went out of print after a fire destroyed the Rooster offices and BN master tapes, making it one of Hurley's most sought after albums. Transferred from the original vinyl to virgin tape, and housed in a recycled cartridge.  This 8-Track tape release is limited to 50 copies. Sold Out Now.

Songs: Blue Navigator, Who ever heard of You?, Dices Dices, Werewolf, Wolf Dispatch, '54 Chevy, Code of the Mountains, Ghost Woman Blues, Somebody to Say Bye Bye To, Open Up (eternal lips)  / original release: Rooster Records, vinyl. 1984

Earth Girl Helen Brown - Story Of An Earth Girl

Sonny Smith's 100 records project
Earth Girl Helen Brown - Story Of An Earth Girl

Story of An Earth Girl .....
Check out this new composition by one of our favorite singers, Earth Girl Helen Brown. Helen tells us that the amazing video was put together by the talented Mr. Ben Montero and Ms. Sophie McInerny.

Earth Girl Helen Brown was created by Sonny Smith (of Sonny & the Sunsets) with help from his fellow artists including Heidi Alexander and Grace Cooper (of The Sandwitches), John Dwyer (of the Oh Sees), Kelley Stoltz, and others. And the track will be featured on the forthcoming album.



GETAWAY 2010, Premiere Version (NYSFF 2010)
Filmed by Joey Gallagher
Score by Calvin LeCompte of Tough Knuckles with songs by Ducktails (aka Matt Mondanile of Real Estate) and Julian Lynch

The forthcoming official third full-length "Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics" is due out on January 10th via Woodsist.  Julian Lynch's next full-length "Terra" will be released early next year via Underwater Peoples.  It was recorded mostly at Evan Brody's house while Jullian was recording Evan's band Family Portrait.  READ :: recent interview at Octopus Windmill Blog.

Tough Knuckles – Is It What I Said

Tough Knuckles - Listen to the Thunder

Elizabeth Mitchell "Sunny Day"

Elizabeth Mitchell - Oh, John the Rabbit

A true family affair, Sunny Day features performances with Mitchell's husband and musical partner, Daniel Littleton, their nine-year-old daughter Storey, and Storey's cousins and friends.

"Sunny Day" is Elizabeth Mitchell's newest children's music CD, released by Smithsonian Folkways Recordings and Wind Bell (Japan/different cover art with bonus tracks).  It was recorded by Mitchell and her partner Daniel Littleton (both are known as Ida), the songs include Chuck Berry’s “School Days” performed with Levon Helm (of The Band) and Chris Wood (of Medeski, Martin and Wood), Moondog's 'Tell It Again' with covers of Augustus Pablo, Bill Withers .... and the songs from Alan Romax archives among others.  Other guest artists include Dan Zanes, Jon Langford, the Children of Agape Choir of South Africa, Jean Cook and Karla Schickele (of Ida).

'John the Rabbit' by Elizabeth Mitchell from "Sunny Day"

Sam Prekop & Archer Prewitt at the Strobe Session

Strobe Session #29 10/29/10 - Sam Prekop

Sam Prekop and Archer Prewitt of the band Sea and Cake perform live at Strobe Recording in a monthly open session.


The Flips via Hozac

The Flips - I Just Don’t Know Where I Stand Anymore

The Flips are the Milwaukee-based six-piece girl group featuring members of Plexi 3, Sticks ‘N Stones, Sugar Stems, Cry Coyote, Ramma Lamma, The Spectras, and Jane Doe & the Cophaters. 'I Just Don’t Know Where I Stand Anymore' is taken from their 3-Track 7" EP on Hozac.

Hey Marseilles - Cigarettes

Hey Marseilles - Cigarettes
Sound recorded live by Nick Ward and Sam Anderson / Video edited by Nick Simmons

Originally the song 'Cigarettes' appears on Seattle’s Hey Marseilles, debut full length "To Travels and Trunks." At this new video all takes are live and recorded in different locations along tour from farmlands outside Davis (CA) to a warehouse in San Francisco to a back alley in LA.


Sharon Van Etten Japan Tour

Sharon Van Etten - Love More

Sharon Van Etten Japan Tour 2010

12月03日(金) 奈良 カフェ・サンプル
12月04日(土) 京都 アバンギルド
12月05日(日) 敦賀 ピニョン・ピニョン
12月07日(火) 名古屋 KDハポン
12月08日(水) 鎌倉 カフェ・ゴーティー
12月09日(木) 渋谷 セヴンス・フロア
12月11日(土) 松本 CAFE salon as salon (群青2階)
12月12日(日) 初台 近江楽堂(東京オペラシティ内)

Further Info. >> Sweet Dreams

Sharon Van Etten - Shaking Through Session Jan. 2010

Tradi-Mods vs. Rockers

Deerhoof - Travels Broaden the Mind (Kasai Allstars Cover)

Tradi-Mods vs. Rockers : Alternative Takes on Congotronics

The Congotronics series has spawned a fervent following in the world of indie rock and electronic music... and now that world answers back in musical form. Crammed has asked a carefully chosen list of musicians (including Animal Collective, Deerhoof, Andrew Bird and many more) to come up with their own personal take on Congotronics. The result is this epic double album, consisting of 26 brand-new tracks from a wild mix of artists. They include covers, reworks and original compositions inspired by the electrifying sounds of Konono N°1, Kasai Allstars and other bands who play electrified traditional music (also known as "tradi-modern").   (Crammed Discs)

Deerhoof – The Merry Barracks

This cool track is taken from Deerhoof's new full length "Deerhoof vs. Evil" which is due out on January 25th, 2011 via Polyvinyl Record Co..

WATCH :: Konono Nº1 at Empty Bottle in Chicago / Recorded July 20th, 2010 (via Acid Marshmallow)


MGMT covers R. Stevie Moore

The Winner (version 2) – James Richardson (MGMT)

There Is No God In America – Penn Jillette

Sick of the Radio has releaseed  Volume 8  of the R. Stevie Moore Tribute box set entitled “ATE TO THE BARRE, NUN!”  This volume  includes tracks from James Richardson (MGMT), Penn Jillette (of Penn and Teller), TV Coahran, Hoochie Mama, Molly Andrews, Riot Control, Mark Gendel, Tony Ezzy, Michael Townsend Wright and more. Now the entire album is exclusively available for FREE DOWNLOAD at here.


NOVELLER is the solo project of Brooklyn-based guitarist and filmmaker Sarah Lipstate. She has performed in Rhys Chatham’s Guitar Army, and as a member of Glenn Branca’s 100 guitar ensemble. Noveller has toured the U.S. and internationally, at times supporting acts such as Xiu Xiu, the Jesus Lizard, Man Forever, and Emeralds. unFact is David Wm. Sims from NYC, the bassist for the legendary noise rock band The Jesus Lizard. Noveller/unFact - Live at CKUT double-split 3" CDR (100 Limited), with a digital download code with bonus tracks, is available via TQA Records. And Noveller/unFact "Bleached Valentine" split LP (Saffron + Ox-Ghost Recordings) Edition of 500 is available as high-quality digital download on its bandcamp page and the LP will be available at their European tour dates and here.


Persian Underground

Takkhalha - Play With Fire (The Rolling Stones cover)

This track is taken from the compilation album "Persian Underground" compiled from the '60s~'70s Iranian garage scene, released by Persianna label (Spain).  (via International Tapes/Altered Zones)

Woofing Cookies - Annie

Woofing Cookies - Annie
Documentary footage of Woofing Cookies performing "Annie".

Woofing Cookies were 80's indie guitar-oriented pop band from Yonkers, NY.  Their second 7" single 'In The City' (1986) via Midnight Records was produced by Peter Buck. The Cookies were: Scotty - Vocals, Joe - Bass, Len - Guitar, Chad - Drums.

Emily Flake "Mr. and Mrs. Fatty a-sail"

Emily Flake "Mr. and Mrs. Fatty a-sail"

Emily Flake "Lady Biker"


Shimmering Stars' first 7" vinyl

Shimmering Stars - I'm Gonna Try

Vancouver garage-pop outfit Shimmering Stars' first 4-Tracks 7" is coming out on November 15th via Almost Musique, 500 limited edition.

Pigeons' new release

Pigeons - Race

Pigeons - The Postcard

Dusty psych pop 'The Postcard' is taken from the new 7" single "Visions of the Valley" by Pigeons, the duo from Bronx, NY, in conjunction with their 2010 US tour, in an edition of 200 with hand-printed sleeves, out now on Soft Abuse It was recorded by themselves (Wednesday Knudsen and Clark Griffin) in Bronx and in Paris (during their brief relocation).  And 'Race' is taken from the duo's forthcoming full length LP "Liasons" which is due out on November 16th on Soft Abuse.

Listen ::  PIGEONS JUKEBOX on Soundcloud page uploaded by Olde English Spelling Bee.

Real Estate & Woods, Now On Japan Tour

REAL ESTATE @O-nest, Shibuya, Tokyo 02 Nov 2010

WOODS @O-nest, Shibuya, Tokyo 02 Nov 2010

Today, final day at O-nest, Shibuya.
Aso, their extra show of Ducktails and Nonhorse (G. Lucas Crane) are coming on Nov. 5th at Echo Shibuya and Nov 8th at Vacant Harajuku.

Volcano Choir Rehearsing for Japan Tour

Volcano Choir - Still / video: Kris Hunt

contrarede presents

11/8 Mon Tokyo @ Shibuya O-west
11/9 Tues  Tokyo @ Shibuya O-nest
11/10 Wed  Nagoya @ Huckfin
11/11 Thurs  Osaka @ Sunsui


Big Star's Jody Stephens with Stary & Micey

Big Star's Jody Stephens with Stary & Micey
via Nothing Can Hurt Me: The Big Star Story

Van Duren & Jody Stephens - Andy, Please (demo)
1975 demo prod. at Ardent Studios

Brandon Thomas De La Cruz

"Everything Is New" is the debut EP of Brandon Thomas De La Cruz from California. It can be shared now on bandcamp.

Soda Shop - Farewell

Soda Shop - Farewell

50's Brill Building pop/Girl Group sounds inspired Brooklyn-based duo, Soda Shop is the new project formed by Drew Diver (from Horse Shoes formed by Drew and Jacob Graham of The Drums) and Maria Usbeck (from Selebrities).  'Farewell' is taken from their first 7" single which is due out in Jaunuary 2011 via Shelflife Records.