Sandro Perri "Impossible Spaces"

Sandro Perri - Changes

Sandro Perri - Love and Light

Both tracks are taken from the new full-length "Impossible Spaces," Sandro Perri’s long-awaited follow-up to his 2007 LP "Tiny Mirrors". "Impossible Spaces" comes out today from Constellation.

Sandro Perri is a music maker from Toronto, Canada. Within the broad spectrum of his work are variations on new song, folk, electronic, dance, minimalism, jazz and rock. He has released more than a dozen solo and collaborative releases under his given name as well as Polmo Polpo, Glissandro 70, Dot Wiggin and Continuous Dick.
RIYL: Tim Buckley, Fred Neil, Arthur Russell, Owen Pallett .....

by Pedro Maia

music: Sandro Perri · video: Pedro Maia
for "Impossible Spaces" (Constellation Records/2011)

WATCH more :: John K. Samson, Christine Fellows and Sandro Perri - Bruce Beckons, for the National Parks Project (2011). The soundtrack album is available from Last Gang Records.

Sandro Perri Tiny Mirrors (2007) CST047 by Constellation Records

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