Deleted Scenes

Deleted Scenes - Baltika 9
2nd single off of "Young People's Church of the Air"

Deleted Scenes, a four-piece indie band from Washington D.C., has released their second full-length "Young People's Church of the Air," follow-up to the first full-length "Birdseed Shirt" in 2009. It was recorded at the Garden Center in Hockessin, DE, with Nick Krill (The Spinto Band) and "Birdseed Shirt" producer L. Skell, out now from Sockets Records. Stream the album in its entirely through their bandcamp.

"The album title comes from a 1930s radio-church hymnal Scheuerman found in an old piano bench at the Garden Center, and evokes the elusive and sometimes illusory nature of hope."

Deleted Scenes are Daniel Scheuerman (guitar, vocals), Matt Dowling (bass, keyboards), Dominic Campanaro (guitar, keyboards, samples),
and Brian Hospital (drums).

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