Halasan Bazar - You Will Know

Halasan Bazar - You Will Know

Halasan Bazar is a what is known as a DIY psychedelic folk band originally started in the cosmos but now based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Halasan Bazar is:
Habi Halasan - vocals, guitar, organ, percussion, bass
Mr. Bazar - Lead guitar, vocals
Henry The Rabbit - Drums, Percussion
Dr. Grobbles - Percussion, vocals, Glockenspiel, Melodica
Monseur Monitor - Bass, vocals, banjo, guitar, harmonica

Their latest release, 'You Will Know' b/w 'Reverend Soul' 7" vinyl is available on OOAOO Records. Halasan Bazar Soundcloud site is HERE.


Halasan Bazar - Go Out In Joy
Demo for a forthcoming Halasan Bazar debut album, due recorded november 2011.
Video taken from Hans Richter "Rythmus 21" from 1921.

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