Lloyd Cole + H. J. Roedelius

The upcoming collaborative album "Selected Studies Vol. 1" between an english singer and songwriter, Lloyd Cole and a legendary figure in krautrock and avant-garde electronic music / founding member of Cluster and Harmonia, Hans-Joachim Roedelius is set to release on February 22nd, 2013 on CD, 180g vinyl (+ CD), and for download via Hamburg's Bureau B.

What a collaboration! The British singer-songwriter Lloyd Cole has always been a Cluster fan, especially of the 1976 LP "Sowiesoso". Cole released his own heavily Cluster-influenced album "Plastic Wood" in 2001. Roedelius liked it and, over the next decade, Cole and Roedelius considered working together from time to time, but never actually got around to it. It was not until 2011 when they finally met in Vienna that they could finally begin in earnest. The album reveals mature, carefully composed music, as if Cole and Roedelius had been working together for years already. Both artists focus on electronic sounds in a selection of succinct, direct pieces, free of musical garrulousness. Cole neither sings nor plays guitar and Roedelius rarely touches the keys of his grand piano. Instead, both musicians have developed a subtle soundscape which only drifts towards pure noise on one track. -- Bureau B

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