Brokeback - The Wire, the Rag and the Payoff

Brokeback - The Wire, the Rag and the Payoff

'The Wire, the Rag and the Payoff' is taken from Brokeback's first new album "Brokeback and the Black Rock," since 2003's "Looks at the Bird". A new version of the band since 2010 comprises of Douglas McCombs with the three new guys, Pete Croke (Tight Phantomz, Head of Skulls!, Reds and Blue), Chris Hansen (Pinebender, Head of Skulls!), and James Elkington (the Zincs, the Horse’s Ha). "Brokeback and the Black Rock" was recorded with McCombs' fellow engineer John McEntire (of Tortoise) at his Soma Electronic Music Studio.
Pre-order is now available on Thrill Jockey. 
(Release Date: January 22, 2013)

Brokeback is the longstanding project of Douglas McCombs. McCombs is a member of Tortoise, Eleventh Dream Day, and Pullman, and has worked with Tom Ze, Azita Youseffi, Will Oldham, Calexico and Yo La Tengo.

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