Anthony LaMarca "Songs I Wish I Wrote"

"Songs I Wish I Wrote" is the ten-song collection of Anthony LaMarca's favorite songs 
that he wish he could write...

Anthony LaMarca is a member of The Building and co-founder of Primary Records. He has also recorded and performed with Dean & Britta, St Vincent, David Byrne, Spoon, Aaron Roche, and many others on the Primary label. "Songs I Wish I Wrote" is OUT NOW on its bandcamp.

"So consider this my time to not be me, to take a moment and pretend I am a great showman, a broadway romanticist. Not worrying about a song's function but simply enjoying the melody, or the everlasting power of a love song." --AL

'I Don't Want to Live on the Moon' was written by Jeff Moss, and the song was sung by Jim Henson as "Ernie" (from "Sesame Street").

"Songs I Wish I Wrote"
released 15 January 2013
Performed / Recorded by Anthony LaMarca at home.
Cello on Crying by Megan LaMarca
Cover photo by David Pokrivnak

Just A Gigolo – Caesar/Casucci/Brammer
Tears On My Pillow – Bradford/Lewis
Crying – Orbison/Melson
I’d Love Just Once To See You – Wilson/Love
Maria – Bernstein/Sondheim
Pure Imagination – Bricusse/Newley
I Don’t Want To Live On The Moon – Moss
We’re Gonna Make It – Davis/Smith/Miner
Big White Cloud – Cale
Moonlight Serenade – Miller

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