Freak Heat Waves

"Sounds like those early Rough Trade/Postcard Records singles. Haunting baritone vocals, hypnotic bass lines, and guitar experimentation. For fans of Joseph K, Wire, and Joy Division. Also check out the Funs ( pre-Freak Heat Waves) for more of a strung-out VU feel."

from "Freak Heat Waves," released 12 September 2012
album art by Julije Knifer 

Freak Heat Waves are the art, ambient, krautrock, post-punk influenced three-piece band from Victoria, BC, the band comprises of Steve Lind, Thomas Di Ninno and James Twiddy. Their self-titled first full-length which was recorded / produced in summer 2011 with the late Christopher Reimer (a founding member and guitarist of Calgary band Women) has been available on their bandcamp.

from "Freak Heat Waves," released 12 September 2012

Freak Heat Waves - "3 7 4" aka "Instructing"
Live in studio November 12th, 2011.
CFUV Basement Closet Sessions

Released 01 February 2010
Recorded and Produced By Arran Fisher
All Songs By Thomas Di Ninno

Released 13 August 2012
All tracks recorded and mixed by Chris Reimer. All artwork by Chris Reimer. Design by Marc Rimmer and Rena Kozak. Mastered by Chad VanGaalen. 

R.I.P. Christopher Reimer (1986-2012)

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