Leapling - If You're Patient

Artwork by Jenny Brown

Leapling is a Brooklyn, NY-based is pop/experimental/rock quartet comprising Dan Arnes, Yoni David, R.J Gordon, Joey Postiglione, "Losing Face" EP is their first official debut via Father/Daughter Records.

Leapling - If You're Patient
taken from their latest 5-song EP "Losing Face" (out now via Father/ Daughter Records)

Leapling began as home recordings, written by singer/guitarist Dan Arnes over the course of several months. From there, Dan and drummer, Yoni David, edited the tracks down to what would ultimately become Losing Face and also assembled a live band, which includes bassist R.J. Gordon (who also mastered the EP) and Joey Postiglione on lead guitar. Aside from the addition of some drums and effects on "June," the EP is largely unchanged from those solo home recordings.

The project is fairly new to the scene but the players are not -- they are the hearts and minds behind the Bushwick DIY venue/art space Big Snow Buffalo Lodge and the artist collective known as American Buffalo Recordings. You'd be hard pressed to find a group of people more committed to the local music community than these four dudes. Since their inception in early 2012, Leapling has performed live with friends and comrades Twin Sister, Ava Luna, Each Other and Total Slacker.

  Seventeen by Leapling
released 11 September 2012 
Mixed & Mastered - Dan Arnes & Yoni David at Big Snow Buffalo Lodge
American Buffalo Recordings 0012

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