Richard Swift "Walt Wolfman" EP

Richard Swift - Whitman

Richard Swift has announced the release of his forthcoming new EP "Walt Wolfman," due out on October 18th via SECRETLY CANADIAN.

“I’ve got my own Whitman…Farewell, farewell/I hope it did you good/To say the things/My father never could,” Swift pines. The song is a cryptic salute to Walt Whitman, whose American lineage of primal, urgent art can be traced to include Kerouac and Dylan, Bo Diddley and Beefheart – right on through to modern outsider-pop wunderkinds like Swift. And according to Swift, “Whitman” is a nice taste of what we can expect from his next longform recording."
(Secretly Canadian)

Walt Wolfman Tracklist
01. “Whitman”  02. “MG 333″  03. “Laugh It Up”  04. “Zombie Boogie”
05. “Out & About”  06. “Drakula (Hey Man!)”  07. “St. Michael”

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