Jonti - Firework Spraying Moon

Jonti - Firework Spraying Moon
Taken from the first 7" single from the debut album "Twirligig"

Jonti - Firework Spraying Moon

Jonti Danilewitz aka Jonti (formerly Danimals / Djanimals) is an Australian (moved from South Africa) multi-instrumentalist, arranger, producer and vocalist, his debut full-length "Twirligig" is due out on October 7th via Mistletone (through Inertia, Australia) and Stones Throw (US).

Twirligig draws inspiration from many of Jonti’s favorite artists, Madlib, Stereolab, Free Design and The Beach Boys. But Twirligig’s main inspiration came from cartoonist/ filmmaker Norman Mclaren. Jonti explains, “His films are complex, but they’re still fun. You can feel his enthusiasm for techniques and experimentation. I try make simple pop songs with that same mentality.”

Jonti - Hornets Nest  another track from "Twirligig"


Norman McLaren "Blinkity Blank" (1955)
featuring a soundtrack combining improvisational jazz from composer Maurice Blackburn along with graphical sounds created by McLaren scratching onto the film's optical soundtrack.

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