A Conversation with the Allah-Las

BootsnKatz.com presents:
RVCA sessions vol. II :: the Allah Las Show + Interview
shot on location at the RVCA store in Los Angeles, CA
Camera - Jeremiah Flores, Joseph Sliker
Direction, Sound, Editing - Paolo Ferrari

The Allah-Las, a Los Angeles foursome consists of Miles Michaud (vocals/guitar), Spencer Dunham (bass), Pedrum Siadatian (lead guitar), Matthew Correia (vocals/drums). Their debut single PRS 45-802: Allah-Las ‘Catamaran’ b/w ‘Long Journey’ was recorded at the Distillery in Costa Mesa, run by Mike McHugh, with Nick Waterhouse as producer, available from PRES Record Co..

Allah-Las - Catamaran

In the beginning of the Allah-Las back in 2008 ....
"Spencer and Miles grew up together, and they met Matt in high school in Manhattan Beach. Spencer and Matt got jobs at Amoeba, where they met Pedrum. Spencer still works at the music emporium, but the other two quit a while back."

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