Ill Fits - Blood & Devotion

'Blood & Devotion' is the first track from Ill Fits, NYC's new musical project formed by Simon O’Connor and Don Devore of Amazing Baby, Will Berman of MGMT, Johnny Hunt of Foreign Islands, and Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson as a singer.

Blood & Devotion by Ill Fits

Simon O’Connor describes.....
(An excerpt from THE 'CAC’s interview)
"I would say, with this particular project, we draw a lot from some the “Paisley Underground” bands that were popping up around the late 70′s and early 80′s… But, there is also a strong early 4AD Records vibe going on. I guess, if you fused the shimmering guitar and new wave psychedelia of the Pale Saints and early Modern English with the joyful, 60′s throwback power-pop of bands like the Distractions, The dB’s, and the Flamin’ Groovies, you could end up with something like Ill Fits… or maybe the Cleaners from Venus… "

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