Orca Team "Kissing Cousins"

Orca Team - I'm Waiting
From the EP cassette "Kissing Cousins"

Orca Team - Ill At Ease
From the Tour Tape "Full Moon" (limited)

ORCA TEAM is a 1960s Post Punk Beach Party from the confusing waters of the Pacific Northwest. The band began in Portland, OR, but has migrated up to Seattle, WA., now consisting of Dwayne Cullen, Leif Anders (Besties) and Jessica B. Top influences include Dusty Springfield, Young Marble Giants, The Flamingos, The Slits, Pylon, Del Shannon, The Smiths, Jan and Dean and The Raincoats. Their latest EP "Kissing Cousins" released on July 29th, is available from GGNLA Records.

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