Nico Georis / Sky Country

"Nico Georis is a truly rare and extraordinary musician / visionary / poet and one of the most original keyboard players of our times. His musical talents have taken him from Big Sur, to New York, Paris, Romania and back to the San Francisco Bay area while carrying on a legacy of California grooves that his father, Walter Georis laid down as a founding member of the legendary surf band “The Sandals” (Endless Summer Soundtrack)."

Nico Georis / Sky Country "Songs From Nowhere" (released 05 May 2011 via 4th Street Records) is his debut full-length, self-produced in his San Francisco basement of analog relics. Sky Country is Nico's new collaborations with Shaun Elley, Peter Arensdorf, Emily Poile and Matt Baldwin. 
RIYL: Vetiver, Brightblack Morning Light .... and Doc Seuss

United States of My Mind - Nico Georis by 4thstreetrecords, from "Songs From Nowhere"

from "Songs From Nowhere"

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