Lizard Kisses "Tiny Island Teeth" EP

Lizard Kisses - Swell (with Sea Oleena)

Lizard Kisses - Runoff (with Mutual Benefit)

Both tracks are taken from the forthcoming new EP "Tiny Island Teeth" by Lizard Kisses, it was recorded in their Brooklyn apartment during the summer of 2011 with fellow musicians and friends including Charlotte Oleena (Sea Oleena), Ellen Johansing, Marie Clerel, Jordan Lee (Mutual Benefit), Matt Dallow. Along with "Tiny Island Teeth," you can purchase and stream a collection of demos for the album, "Tooth Notes," HERE.

Pre-order "Tiny Island Teeth" limited edition cassette via Cakes & Tapes (out Sept. 6th), HERE. Stream through Lizard Kisses' bandcamp.

Arigato Cory & Marc.

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