Luke Roberts - Unspotted Clothes

Luke Roberts - Unspotted Clothes

Thrill Jockey will re-release the first collection of songs entitled, "Big Bells and Dime Songs" by now Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Luke Roberts who was born in Nashville, on November 8th. Last year it was previously released from Ecstatic Peace!, recorded by Kyle Spence of Harvey Milk at his studio in Athens, Ga.

Luke Roberts - Unspotted Clothes by thrilljockey

"I was born into a charismatic-nondenominational family in Nashville, TN.. My mother sang hymns and spoke in tongues. My dad played bluegrass. I hopped trains for the first when I was eleven years old under the Ben Allen bridge in East Nashville. At thirteen I was sent to live with my father in Cuhllowhee, NC. Neglected to be enrolled in school, I spent the year running through the backwoods of my father's government-housing-cabin. Soon I ran away from home and traveled around the United States on Greyhounds and trains, looking to start a band. In olympia, 2004 I formed hardcore band Spread Eagle 1979 with Judd Taylor of Sex Vid and filmmaker Brittany Pisano releasing two live cassette albums and a video. Over the past few years, inspired by folk and world music, I focused on the guitar and writing songs of my own. My greatest influences being southern folk, Delta and Appalachian Blues, I bought a pair of white shoes and moved back to the South. This past year, I have written and recorded my first collection of songs entitled, "Big Bells and Dime Songs", recruiting Kyle Spence of Harvey Milk to back me in his studio in Athens, GA.." Luke Roberts, April 2010."

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