Matt Baldwin/Nico Georis "Year of The Dog"

新世代 "バークレー・ギター" 三羽烏の一人、マット・ボールドウィンと往年のサーフ・バンド、

"Year of The Dog," a full-length collaboration between Matt Baldwin and Nico Georis, is now available on Psychic Arts' bandcamp (limited edition of 50 hand-numbered CD-R/Digital).

released 15 July 2011
1. Year of The Dog (Baldwin Unlimited/BMI)
2. Juan Carlos (a collective improvisation)*
Matt Baldwin - guitar, guitar-synth, looping and delay
Nico Georis - clavinet, Wurlitzer piano, Prophet 600, Microkorg and percussion
Shaun Elley - drums, percussion
*Peter Arrensdorf - bass, *Juan Carlos Morales Tablada - congas, percussion
Recorded and edited by Nico at Nico's House.
Matt dedicates Year of The Dog to Virginia Bennett, PhD.

Matt Baldwin - We Enter The Dream
    from "Night In The Triangle" (via)

On the 2006 compilation "Berkeley Guitar," dedicated to the long history of Takoma Records, which released landmark recordings by John Fahey, Robbie Basho, Leo Kottke and many others, Matt baldwin was featured along with Sean Smith and Adam Snider. His latest release, the double album "Night In The Triangle" have been available from American Dust, and his acclaimed debut album, 2008's "Paths of Ignition" have been uploaded to the Psychic Arts bandcamp, too.

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