"QUARTERBACKS started as a short-lived duo playing too-fast love songs backed by guitar and a single snare drum.  Basement style, old smelly carpets, house shows for punk and patch kids. This was in New Paltz, a college town at the bottom of a mountain in upstate New York. Dean (Dean Engle, the band’s songwriter/vocalist) worked at one of the town’s two record shops, as K Records-obsessed small town boys usually do."

QUARTERBACKS comprise of Dean Engle, Max Restaino and Tom Christie.
Visit the trio at the Team Love Records. Their first official long-player "Quarterbacks" is out on February 10th via Team Love. 12" pre-order, HERE.

『QUARTERBACKS』は、twee popやkレコーズの匂いがしきりに漂うDIY3ピース・バンド、クオーターバックスの初オフィシャル・フル・レングス。イーストヴィレッジからNYアップステートのカレッジタウン、ニューパルツに引っ越してきたTeam Love Recordsからのリリース。

(Tiger Trap cover)

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