Amen Dunes - Song To The Siren

"Cowboy Worship is an attempt to give life to some of the music that didn’t make it past the scalpel. From a blown-out version of “Green Eyes” featuring Harvey Milk’s Stephen Tanner, to a darker and mellower “I Can’t Dig It” as Damon McMahon originally arranged it upon writing the song in China, many of the original intentions for the music that were lost in the Love sessions are revived. In addition is a band version of Through Donkey Jaw’s “Lezzy Head,” featuring Dunes mainstays Jordi Wheeler and Parker Kindred (Jeff Buckley), and most significantly, a shining cover of This Mortal Coil’s interpretation of the Tim Buckley classic, “Song to the Siren,” featuring Ben Greenberg (Hubble) on guitar."

Amen Dunes' upcoming new EP "Cowboy Worship" including 'Song to the Siren' (Tim Buckley cover), is due out on January 20th via Sacred Bones.

『Cowboy Worship』は、アメン・デューンズ(デーモン・マクマホン)が録音におよそ1年半の歳月をかけ5つのスタジオで16人のミュージシャンたちとともに完成した2014年のサード・アルバム『Love』からのロスト・レコーディングスを収録したEPとの由。エリザベス・フレイザー(コクトー・ツインズ)も歌いあげた(This Mortal Coil 『It'll End in Tears 』4AD, 1983)ティム・バックリィの「警告の歌(Song to the Siren)」のカヴァーも収録。

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