Filardo "Falling Up"

Filardo is the artist moniker for Tom Filardo (Total Noise, Bouquet, Key Losers, Asleep In the Sea), former Tempe, currently Los Angeles-based experimental pop singer songwriter. His latest full-length "Falling Up" is available now via (his brother Christian's label) Holy Page Records.

"Drawing inspiration from the Beach Boys and Wendy Carlos, Filardo pushes contemporary pop music to its limits leaving no sonic field untouched. From the pink panther esque movie score that is "Falling Up" to the noisy motorcycle that haunts "I Still Get Around" Filardo displays his true talent for songwriting. This piece is not to be overlooked!, get psyched!" -- Holy Page Org.

released 15 March 2013
"Falling Up" was written, performed, recorded, and produced by Tom Filardo at The Tempe Museum of Contemporary Art, and mastered by Ryan Butler at Arcane Digital in Chandler, AZ.

Filardo - I Can Love You More
off of Filardo's debut LP "Enter the Edit Suite"

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