Dump "Superpowerless" reissue

painting by Sue Garner

Morr Music set to reissue 1993’s "SUPERPOWERLESS" (as 2LP/CD) album by Dump, a lo-fi home recording project by James McNew (Yo La Tengo)! Available on March 19th. Stream the album on PopMatters, HERE. Also, 1994's "I Can Hear Music" (as 3LP/2CD) and a collector's 5LP-Box ("Superpowerless" 2LP and "I Can Hear Music" 3LP) is available.

Dump -Superpowerless

"The year was 1994. Americans thrilled to the latest episodes of "Friends" and "Frasier," assholes smoked cigars in public with impunity, the New York Knicks lost to the Houston Rockets in the NBA finals, and Lo-Fi music was sweeping the nation!
Largely due to the astronomical success of Dump's debut album, Superpowerless, the music world shifted dramatically away from the grandeur of Grunge and the pomp and circumstance of Alternative Rock. Following Dump's lead, bands had turned away from the bloated, inaccessible recording studio system and embraced 4-track cassette recording as the industry standard. In his memorable article for Rockpool, Steven Hawking described this new musical phenomenon as "Lo-Fi."
--an excerpt from the Liner Notes by James MacNew himself

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