Brazos - How The Ranks Was Won

Brazos - How The Ranks Was Won (Official Video)
Directed by Martin Crane

Originally hailing from Austin TX., currently Brooklyn resident, Martin McNulty Crane a.k.a. Brazos set to release his Dead Oceans debut full-length " Saltwater" on May 28th. It was recorded with his new bandmates Spencer Zahn (bass) and Ian Chang (drums), and mixed by Sandro Perri.

from Brazos' self-released debut album "Phosphorescent Blues"
‘The Observer’ is the 1969 Rich poem Crane put to music.
released 10 November 2009

The Observer (by Adrienne Rich・アドリエンヌ・リッチ)

Completely protected on all sides by volcanoes
a woman, darkhaired, in stained jeans
sleeps in central Africa.
In her dreams, her notebooks, still
private as maiden diaries,
the mountain gorillas move through their life term;
their gentleness survives
observation. Six bands of them
inhabit, with her, the wooded highland.
When I lay me down to sleep
unsheltered by any natural guardians
from the panicky life-cycle of my tribe
I wake in the old cellblock
observing the daily executions,
rehearsing the laws
I cannot subscribe to,
envying the pale gorilla-scented dawn
she wakes into, the stream where she washes her hair,
the camera-flash of her quiet

Brazos - Charm
Live at Braund Sound Studio on Feb 25, 2013 in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

released 20 January 2012
Brooklyn's "Zombie Jazz" group, Father Figures comprise of Spencer Zahn, Jas Walton, Adam Schatz, Ian Chang, Ross Edwards.

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