Mpala Garoo "On Ou Du Monde"

Mpala Garoo is a Moscow multi-instrumentalist Ivan Karib who also plays in a duo Kon Tiki Gemini (with Sergey Dmitriev) and Sunbells Fennimore. "On Ou Du Monde" is his 10-track album which was originally released on cassette via Sweat Lodge Guru. Now Available via Belgian Label Aguirre Records, HERE.

from Ou Du Monde, track released 05 January 2012

Sweat Lodge Guru described the recordings as "Music crafted for the sunny and tropical paradises of our minds. Seasonal temperament is shared via magnetic vibes; we can all exist in the same balmy and tropical headstate no matter what our physical locale may be. Pure vibrations that ebb and flow on the appeal of tidal moons."

from Ou Du Monde, track released 05 January 2012 

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