Spinning on Air: Mother & Son: Molly & Nick Drake

Molly Drake (photo: Alimentation Records)

Listen :: Mother & Son, Molly & Nick Drake
(Spinning on Air, hosted by David Garland)

"While Molly Drake raised her two kids Nick and actress Gabrielle Drake during the 1950s, this sociable, beautiful, happily married woman wrote introspective poetry and delicate, melancholy songs, which she sang, accompanying herself on piano. Though she apparently had no ambition to publish or promote her songs, her husband recorded them on a home tape recorder for the family's enjoyment. Sensitive and articulate, Molly Drake's songs are, as Nick Drake's original producer Joe Boyd recently observed, the "missing link" in understanding Nick's music." 

Molly Drake's album which was released as a privately-pressed CD including a collection of poems by Molly Drake via Alimentation will be coming out via US label Squirrel Thing Recordings this summer.

WATCH :: Nick Drake Documentary - A Skin Too Few

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