Aaron Roche - Cyclocardoray

Brooklyn based musician Aaron Roche's latest 7" 'Cyclocardoray' (w/ R. Stevie Moore and Dan Burns of Action!) b/w 'Synthessiahis' (w/Shahzad Ismaily) is now available via La Station Radar. 'Cyclocardoray' is taken from his EP "!BlurMyEyes," due out on July 3rd via New Amsterdam Records. The full-length follow-up to the EP is currently in the works and will see a release sometime in 2013. Aaron Roche bandcamp.

Aaron Roche w/ R.Stevie Moore and Dan Burns by lastationradar Limited Edition Of 300 copies


Aaron Roche - Death Is All Around
Death Is All Around" by Aaron Roche from the "!BlurMyEyes" EP.
Video by In Transit founder and Asthmatic Kitty artist Jonathan Dueck.  

recorded by Konrad Snyder at Brown Owl Studio in Nashville with R. Stevie moore, Aaron roche + Dan burns, Feb 2012

released 30 November 2010
Aaron Roche and Tim Hinck have taken folk and modern classical music to another dimension entirely. The 4-D result is Plainspeak, recorded with members of the Chattanooga Symphony, William Tyler (Paperhats, Lambchop, Silver Jews, etc), Chris Davis (The Cherry Blossoms), Sarah Masen-Dark, and Dan Burns (Action!).

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