Advance Base - Summer Music

Advance Base - Summer Music

Owen Ashworth, formerly of Casiotone for the Painfully Alone and currently of Advance Base, is set to release the first full-length "A Shut-In's Prayer" under the name Advance Base, due out on May 1st via Ashworth Brothers' imprint Orindal Records (vinyl/digital) and Caldo Verde Records (CD) for North America, and via Tomlab Records (CD/vinyl) for Europe/UK. It was recorded at his home and the Chicago Public Library's piano practice rooms.

Taken from Advance Base (Owen Ashworth with Jody Weinmann, Nick Ammerman & Edward Crouse) / Concern (Gordon Ashworth of Oscillating Innards & Knelt Rote) "Traditionals" Split 7" covering The Cater Family songs, released from Orindal Records (2011).

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