Weird Dreams' debut LP "Choreography"

Weird Dreams - Little Girl

Weird Dreams - 666.66

Both tracks are taken from the first full-length "Choreography" by East London’s psych-pop four-piece Weird Dreams, due out on April 2nd via Tough Love Records. Pre-orders will be available early March. 
Weird Dreams are: Doran (Guitar and Vocals), Craig (Drums), James (Guitar and Backing Vocals), Hugo (Bass and Backing Vocals). The band was formed by Doran and Craig when they met working in a vintage clothes shop. Influences: The Beach Boys and David Lynch, Syl Johnson, O.V. Wright, Barbara Mason, Shirley Walton....

taken from the B-side of their "Holding Nails" 7" single, released on October, 2011 via Tough Love Records.

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