Megan Reilly - Sew The Threads Into Your Heart

Megan Reilly - Sew The Threads Into Your Heart

"Like her past few albums, Megan's enveloping music, a cross between emotive Irish fatalism and Southern Gothic macabre, comfortably camps in these darkest of corners."

The Memphis native, now New Jersey-based singer/songwriter Megan Reilly is set to release her first album in six years since her 2006's album "Let Your Ghost Go" (Carrot Top), "The Well" is due out on April 24th via Carrot Top Records. The band for "The Well" consists of James Mastro (The Bongos, Health and Happiness Show, Patti Smith, Ian Hunter) on guitar, Steve Goulding (Mekons, Waco Bros) on drums, and Tony Maimone (Pere Ubu) on bass, and the guests include John Wesley Harding (a duet on 'Old Man and the Bird' written by Harding himself) and Lenny Kaye who plays guitar on the first two tracks of the album. Also there's a cover of Iris Dement's song 'After You're Gone.' Take a listen 'Sew the Threads Into Your Heart' off her upcoming album. Digital single is available now on the iTunes.

Track listing:
1. To Seal My Love / 2. The Lady of Leitrim / 3. Little Angel / 4. Sew the Threads Into Your Heart / 5. The Old Man & the Bird / 6. Throw It Out /
7. Under the Waves / 8. After You're Gone / 9. The Rise + Fall of Sleep

Megan Reilly & John Wesley Harding - 'Old Man and The Bird'

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